Episode 6 Recap by Bravo Fan

There's a new King in town
We step into the BB3 house for Saturday's nomination episode and learn that really not much has changed since Lori's ousting. Other than Marcellas, nobody seems very concerned or affected by her departure. Marcellas is tortured over his decision to vote out Lori pointing out that his vote alone could have been the difference in the 5-4 split. The biggest surprise is the closeness of the vote. Everyone is sitting around speculating as to the 4th person who voted to evict Amy. They have already identified Jason, Danielle and Gerry as the HG's that voted Amy out over Lori. The 4th vote, however, is something they are both confused and skeptical of. Chiara corners Roddy in the bathroom and accuses him. For an innocent man, Roddy sure acts guilty to me. Several of the houseguests sit outside speculating with Amy. Josh is among this group and has a look of horror on his face, but still nobody seems to guess that he is the mole...oops, wrong show.

Marcellas as HOH
Marcellas is extremely happy about his HoH status, and is taking it in stride. In some humorous clips we get to see the other HG's following him around kissing his ass. In the DR room, Amy explains how she is "so proud" of Marcellas and happy that he got it -- oddly I believe her. Marcellas doesn't want anyone else talking to him about his nomination choices and actually states that doing so may cause him to put that person up on the chopping block. Jason says "good for you", and Chiara pouts like a spoiled brat that was forced to invite an unpopular kid in school to her birthday party.

Marcellas opens up to Danielle and explains that he has no allegiance to any one person as everyone has lied to him. Danielle tries to persuade Marcellas to put up Gerry. (Danielle...what part of "I do not want anyone talking to me about the nominations" was difficult to understand?)

Gerry in the meantime feels "very comfortable" and also states he feels like he has made a friend for life.

Life sucks to be Gerry
The rest of the house piles on the I-hate-Gerry bandwagon. Seems like using that Veto power didn't really work out for him. The HG's feel he is trying to relate to everyone on way too personal of a level and they are ignoring him and treating him as if he doesn't exist. That seems more of a reward than punishment to me.

Gerry's nest partner Amy seems to hate him as well. This appears to have come out of nowhere and there's really no explanation for it. Next, we see Gerry climbing into bed putting some mask-type contraption on his face. Either this is a secret code to his agent that he wants to audition for a part in Outbreak II, or a brilliant scheme to get the room all to himself. After the commercial break we learn that Gerry suffers from sleep apnea and the fighter pilot oxygen mask is there to help keep his snoring to a minimum.

Who is the biggest slut?
Tonya suggests that the HG's perform in a bikini contest and Amy (because of her vast pageant history) decides that it should be a pageant. The "twist" to this pageant is that nobody can use any type of material for their bikini costumes. So the sluts start threading together flowers for their garments. After 3 hours of this, the strings break and they decide to improvise with peanut butter... In a jif, the 3 whores (Chiara, Tonya and Lisa) appear with their flowers glued on their bodies ala peanut butter. Eric's eyes widen, and Jason looks very uncomfortable as they skippy around. Lisa's PB starts to fall off in the heat so thankfully they go back inside. I was hoping by the end of this summary tonight I might be able to answer that popular question posed for BB3 (who is the biggest slut?). Unfortunately, it appears we are still in a 3-way tie.

The men also decide to participate in the pageant, but show slightly more class. I don't notice Josh at all, but I think he is in the event. Jason wears a beautiful array of straw that Marcellas helped him design, Gerry appears in a paper towel diaper (shudder), and Eric wears a bunch of vegetables that make him look like a tossed salad. Roddy struts around in a full length white robe, but then opens it to reveal his fully nude body with the framed picture of Marcellas strategically covering...well, you know.

Ultimately, Roddy and Chiara are crowned Mr. and Ms. BB3.

Ain't love grand?
Roddy and Chiara are cuddling in the hammock when she asks if he is going to cheat on her with someone in the house. Roddy (jokingly) says yes. I think this is a great strategy for Roddy! Now when he does, he can say that he was truthful from the start. Roddy says he's got a crush on her and really likes her. He gives her a hug and they hop into bed together. Through this entire encounter we are treated to some sappy love song music playing in the background. In bed they talk about dating on the outside. Chiara says to Roddy, "I trust you". Ah, foreshadowing at it's finest. Roddy tells Chiara when she meets his parents that she cannot tell them she's Italian and she should make something up. Well, too late for that cover story. Chiara asks Roddy how badly he wants to kiss her. He leans over and pecks her on the lips with a kiss about as romantic as kissing my 96 year old Aunt Bess at Thanksgiving.

Time for the food competition:
The team captains are chosen by selecting ping pong balls out of a basket. Danielle and Roddy select the red and blue ball and divide into teams. Once outside, we see a huge brownie house in the middle of the yard. The teams are to weigh themselves, binge on the brownie for 15 minutes, and at the end, weigh themselves again to see who has gained the most weight. The winners get food for the week, the other team is forced to endure PBJ for 7 days. We can only hope that the losers get to open a new jar of PB after the earlier bikini competition fiasco. At the 7 minute mark everyone looks as if they are about to vomit. Josh starts stuffing brownie into his pants with his hands. Tonya after claiming she is about to blow chunks, starts shaking her head up and down to fluff her hair - yeah, that's brilliant.

The red team (Lisa, Roddy, Josh, Jason and Amy) wins, even after Josh's weight gain is nullified by BB because of his cheating. Jason is crowned MVP as the player who gains the most weigh, and is happy about it -- well, it looks good on you sweetie.

Danielle is complaining to Marcellas about having to eat the PBJ as if she is the ONLY one in the house that has to do it.

Marcellas' choice
Marcellas HATES Josh. You don't have to watch the live feeds to know at this point that he's in a lot of trouble. Marcellas and Amy are chatting in the Hoh room when Josh stops by to suck up. He looks really serious and begs Marcellas for his life. He says he deserves to be nominated and tries to convince Marcellas that Gerry is a racist, sexist, anti-Semite that should be put up against Josh so the house can decide. At the finale of his Oscar worthy performance, he tells Marcellas that if Marcellas would help him, than Josh would never nominate him or vote to evict him. After Josh leaves, Marcellas says it was a brilliant move on Josh's part and in a way it would be smart to keep Josh around. Josh continues his campaign effort and approaches Danielle who is STILL playing cards in the bathroom with Jason. I wonder to myself if they have been there since last week. Josh tries to get Danielle riled up by accusing her of aligning with Gerry. Danielle tells Josh to stand down and stop talking to her. Later Danielle confronts Josh in the kitchen and says that she has been told by many people that if they didn't align with him they would be voted out. Josh tries to put seeds of doubt into her head about what others are saying. Says he took on the responsibility for the meeting and flat out lies to Danielle by saying he was not the first to throw Marcellas' name out. They depart, but Danielle doesn't believe him at all. Now Danielle goes straight to HOH to spill the entire contents of that conversation with Josh. Danielle tells Marcellas that it's a problem if the others think they are on Gerry's side. Marcellas privately comments that he doesn't trust Danielle and notes that because she sees the money as life changing, she is dangerous. Marcellas tells Danielle that one of the 6 has to go.

The 2 princesses
An interesting relationship has evolved between Marcellas and Amy and others in the house also notice it. Jason says it's interesting, and they really have seemed to click. They are ONE odd couple, I think. Someone comments that they are both princesses and can share beauty secrets. Amy says they are both kind of snooty and are gossip queens. Marcellas says while they never would have met on the outside, he cannot imagine being in the house without Amy. Now it's Roddy's turn to chat with Marcellas. Too bad he doesn't have the information about Marcellas' crush on him. Marcellas says Roddy is a triple threat as he is good-looking, smart and well liked. He comments that Roddy is the one to watch.

The HG's want exercise equipment and BB promotes America's choice so we can decide what competition they will do to win the equipment. Only $.99 per call. Rah. I guess I'll save my buck as "give them nothing" is not one of the options.

Nomination time
It's finally nomination time and Marcellas picks up the box and the keys for the ceremony. Marcellas seems a little tortured with his duties and kisses Lori's photo as he heads to the room to take care of business. Everyone gathers in the kitchen for the ceremony. Now, for those of you who keep confusing Eric and Roddy, here's another clue. Roddy is the one that wears that same green shirt and white baseball cap nearly every time I've seen him. Marcellas moves the nominations along with a speech saying if they can look at each other after this is over it's worth more than $500k. I think it's worth more than $500k if they can get the hell out now and pretend this was all a bad dream. The nominees are... Josh and Tonya. Josh yells out "surprise, surprise" and Marcellas explains that his choices have nothing to do with the original 6 or the alliance. He said he looked at Josh's behavior and thought it was disruptive and his actions spoke louder than words. Tonya is thrown in as the other nominee and labeled just a pawn. In the DR, Josh says that neither Marcellas nor Gerry will win the game because they are two spineless bitches. Pretty easy to act tough when you're behind closed doors, yes?