Episode 3 Recap by BravoFan

Vetos, barnyard games, and bed swapping -- oh my!

"A twist so unexpected it will change the face of the game." That was the teaser promo that CBS ran in the days leading up to Episode 3 on Saturday. Seemed to me like they were setting the expectation bar a little too high.

The show opens as usual with the obligatory Previously on Big Brother recap where we see highlights from the first two episodes climaxing in the replay of Lisa's nomination of Lori and Marcellas for eviction in week 1. As they leave the kitchen table, Marcellas and Lori embrace and he whispers to her, "I would take the cut before I would let you go." Uh, yeah. If anyone's buying that I have some WorldCom and Enron stock I'll sell you real cheap.

Next we are treated with post nomination diary room (DR) confessions where we learn that:
- Lisa is very proud of herself -- for what, nobody knows.

- Roddy is upset that Lori has been nominated because he "loves" her. Have they even spoken? We also learn that he wasn't 100% sure he was safe until he received his key at the nomination ceremony. Well, duh -- does someone need to explain the game to him again?

- Lori, her voice quivering, explains "I'm not done here" and the "game is on". Good lord, I was really hoping that phrase would have died a death as rapid as the bogus Booger and Krusta engagement.

- We also learn that while not a teacher like Gerry, Lori has amazing spelling skills as she proclaims that paybacks can by U-G-L-Y, ugly.

Life outside the DR is equally compelling and the games begin again.

Danielle makes a visit to the Head of Household (HOH) room and tells Lisa that "I'm glad you are very professional." Lisa is not sure what the visit is all about, and I have to say, she's not alone.

Josh corners Jason and asks him to work as a team with him. At first I think Jason is on to him, but then he comments that he is going to trust Josh at least initially. Josh thinks Jason will go along with him because Jason wants to be like him. One second... Okay I just had to pick up my jaw from the floor at this asinine comment. Later in the show Jason spills the beans about the encounter with Josh to Danielle with whom he seems to have a secret alliance. Danielle comment that Josh "ain't fooling nobody". Hopefully Jason is included under that umbrella.

Next we see Lisa, Chiara and Gerry powwowing on their next move and trying to determine who will take the "Lori position" next week. Gerry suggests Jason. The girls laugh and Chiara comments that Jason would be confused because he knows she wants to deflower him. For the remainder of this recap, I will be referring to Chiara as super sleaze (or SS for short).

Ah, now we're talking. The female contingent is treated with a portfolio of hard body shots outside reminiscent of Hardy's exercise routine in BB2. With the cheesy porn music playing in the background we watch Eric's bench pressing technique and get a shot of Lisa gawking at him. In the DR she comments about his great body and how she has her eye on him. Everyone is impressed with Eric's talents with the hose, his morals, and the fact that the household lizards seem to like hanging out on his shoulder.

Food competition prep
Lisa gathers the group in the living room and informs the HG's that they are to name 5 foods that they are craving.

Gerry goes first and says garlic. Garlic? Gerry, if you were a woman I would suggest E.P.T. The HG's start yelling out random foods and finally Josh points out that they are supposed to be naming foods that they are craving, not foods that are necessities. In the DR, he proclaims that this process was like that of "a tooth extraction without anesthesia". And for once I agree with Josh. "One stupid idea comes out and everyone jumps on the bandwagon of retardation." I think to myself that quote by Josh about the food challenge could be inserted in several places throughout the show. Josh wishes aloud that this would end, and thankfully it finally does.

Food competition challenge
The HG's have 3 minutes to change into bathing suits for their game of "chicken". The backyard has been transformed to a barnyard and all the girls have their best Ellie Mae look going.

All of the requested craved foods have been written on raw eggs which will be thrown over a wall, first from all the men to the women, and then from the women to the men. Each group has 60 seconds, and all unbroken eggs that make it to the collection basket represent food that they will get for the week.

Lisa, with her amazingly stupid game show host impression asks if "everyone is fried up for this". Honey, don't quit your day job...or your night one for that matter.

Gerry wants to come up with a strategy. Eric suggest that the teams match up with their nest partner. Roddy with the male pig sexist comment of the night suggests that the men throw the nonessentials to the women as more of the eggs would be dropped. He says the important stuff should be saved for when the men are doing the catching. Turns out he might be right as the women have a pathetic showing. We'll never know for sure, but things might have turned out better if Tonya (who caught one whopping egg) had been more concerned with the game than her $7,000 breasts falling out. And the look on Amy's face coupled with the fact that she stood in the same spot the entire time made me think BB should give the instructions in visual format next time. On the flip side, the men do well and the HG's get food. As the HG's go through the basket of goodies we find out that Amy eats pounds of cheese a week. Uh, I could comment here but I won't.

Amy and Josh get into a playful egg fight with the busted remains, and Josh cops a feel as they rinse off in the shower outside.

Apparently Amy's obsession with cheese is very serious and we are forced to endure some stupid practical joke where they hide the cheese in the storage room from her. She gets really upset, Jason apologizes, and they all (minus Amy) think it's hysterical. I'm really glad to see THEY were entertained. Moving on....

Time for bed
It's time for bed and we find out that hunkie firefighter Eric wants to sleep in the smaller bedroom because it's "darker". He will sleep between Lori and Chiara in the big bed. Chiara, I mean SS, talks about the prime orgy situation as Eric settles in. For some reason, Lisa is not in the HOH room but instead is snuggled up with Roddy in this room. We receive no explanation of who (if anyone) is in the HOH room. Marcellas, the self proclaimed gay black man is in a bed by himself and jokes that if he gets anyone to spoon with him it will be Gerry. Lori, in apparent sudden concern at what her kids will think of her sleeping in bed on national TV with 2 total strangers, switches places with Marcellas who gladly hops in with SS and Eric.

The next morning SS and Roddy are out on the lawn talking about when they are going to kiss. At this point I had to refer back to my notes to verify last night's bed pairings. As I suspected, Roddy was in bed the prior night with LISA. SS was sharing hers with Eric and Marcellas. There's more swapping going on in this house than spit at the Millennium New Year's celebration.

Analogies with games and food

The HG's are so bored that they have started making analogies between the BB game and board games and food. Jason and Josh play chess and super sweet Jason in the DR compares the game of chess to the BB3 game. Jason also admits he wants to align with Roddy and Eric because he feels they are strong. He also says he is fearful that Josh is going to stab him in the back.

Gerry and Marcellas in the meantime are talking in the kitchen. Gerry performs some sort of card game to demonstrate the strategy in the BB game. Either that or he's practicing to become a dealer in Vegas if any Hollywood aspirations he might have don't work out.

Gerry's tangled web
We see Gerry moving around the house so much that we know he's probably lost track of how many alliances he involved with. This man puts Vee (Survivor 4) to shame! Gerry tells Danielle that people feel threatened by her and says she needs to charm Eric. He also tells her that he has her back. Gerry thinks she is more useful as an ally than Josh. Josh warns Gerry that Lori is working people, and Gerry announces he is going to vote out Lori. At the same time, Gerry tells Lori that if he has anything to say about it, it will not be Lori's last week. Dude....don't you know these guys get to see the footage before coming back to vote? Gerry finally worries about getting involved into too many things. Too late bud, you have so many webs going on right now I'm going to start calling you Wilbur.

The Twist
Lisa, gathers everyone in the living room for the 3rd time of this episode for the riveting moment. Everyone looks nervous as she opens the big brother (drum roll please)....Veto! The veto is really just a silver no smoking sign which hangs on the end of a red ribbon like a necklace. This is the power to take a nominee off the chopping block and save them from possible eviction. We learn that each week they will all compete to use the veto and save one of the 2 HG's. Using the veto will force the HOH to nominate another person for eviction...and it can't be the veto holder. Everyone will compete. If one of the nominees wins they cannot save themselves but can spare the fellow nominee. If HOH wins, that person can leave the nominations as is or change them. The HG's are all in shock. Me...I'm still waiting for the "huge surprise".

Marcellas thinks the veto is brilliant. Lori is just speechless. Amy thinks it's cool. Gerry is upset and scared. Lisa feels good. Amy and Gerry discuss voting out Marcellas and say they are only doing it for the sake of "the group" not because it's what they want to do. Gerry comments that he doesn't know if the group exists any more.

The Veto challenge
The HG's retire to the back yard where they stand in front of a life-size cutouts of themselves. Each HG must fire balls at the cutouts and get them to land in the attached basket of the HG they don't want to win the veto privilege. When the HG gets 3 balls, they are out of contention. After a really boring 3 minutes and 20 seconds TV time, Gerry wins the veto power. Marcellas immediately gives Gerry a hug and claims they together can reek havoc on the power structure that has emerged in the house. Lori thinks Gerry is controlling enough to seize the power and throw everyone for a loop. However Lisa notes that if Gerry changes the nomination, he is simply screwing himself (which quite frankly, sounds more appealing than the alternative).

Will Gerry veto the nominations of either Marcellas or Lori? If he does, who will Lisa nominate in their place. Find out next Wednesday.