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...I also hate that they are doing the Veto so early in the week, but we don't see it on TV until 3 days later. I've totally already come to FORT to find out the winner. Same with the endurance challenges. The TV show needs to go back to at least Sun/Tues/Thurs.
this is one of my HUGEST complaints. i think it should go like this:

saturday: nominations
sunday: show nominations on tv
monday: veto competition
tuesday: show veto on tv
wednesday: veto ceremony
thursday: show veto on tv, and then evictions

oh ... and i'm SOOOO tired of actors/models that have never seen the show and who get sent to casting calls by their agents there's already plenty of REAL PEOPLE that want to play.

i also agree with the comment about everyone being in the HOH room when the hoh isn't there. that should not be allowed. same with the basket of goodies... everyone starts pigging out on stuff that isn't even theirs! how rude! ugh.