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Thread: Your hopes for season 13...

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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    I agree MFWalkoff that the hgs need more tasks to so all week. That was one of the things about the forgotten Season 1 that I really enjoyed watching. This year there was even less comps since they didn't do the food comps many weeks because the Have Not was tied to the HOH comp. BB1 also did air a half hour show each evening with I think the eviction night was 1 hour. I don't like the uneven 3 shows per week - from Sun to Thurs is so long without a show.

    They should also have mandatory daily cleaning time...the house is disgusting this year! Also let them earn food choices or money to purchase food again. I don't think they had any comp where they had to earn food choices this year. Those comps were always fun, messy and people really played to win. Get rid of the Have not room and slop.

    It is also time for a new house layout. It was in Season 6 that they changed from the 1 floor to the current 2 floor design. I would say season 13 might be a good time to change it again.

    Also they need to find a way to stop people from throwing comps especially during the early HOHs. I think that is why they tried to do with the Have Nots this year. Maybe they need to get rid of the HOH right to nominate those for eviction and somehow tie the nominations to comps.

    And start casting real people...young and old, thin and heavy, etc.

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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    MFW Excellent thoughts on the whole thing.

    I also would like to see them have activities during the each day. Little comps or more stuff like hiding coins. The prizes wouldn't have to be grand. Maybe special food items for the winners (fave ice cream or a sandwich from their favorite restaurant chain), a letter from home, a picture of a loved one, a REAL slip and slide....something of that nature. Just something to keep them motivated. It wouldn't cost a lot.

    I'm over the slop. It makes them sluggish and it's not fair for the comps they have to compete in with people who aren't on slop.

    Mandatory cleaning time each day. Not only is it necessary, it would give them something to do. Also give them board games. Not Monopoly type games, but ones where they have to 'get to know each other'. Like Imaginiff or which would you choose...Those would be entertaining for us feed watchers.

    Stop giving them prizes like $10,000. It just puts a target on the winners back. Spend that money on a better house or amped up comps. And make them earn the pool and hot tub again. Just give them the stupid grill.

    And I agree....stop casting wannabe actors. There are enough fans of the game who just want to play.
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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    I agree with most people on here. I'm tired of all the same people playing each year. Also tired of the same competitions. BBAD is boring to me, I can't imagine what you feed watchers are going through everyday. I also hate that they are doing the Veto so early in the week, but we don't see it on TV until 3 days later. I've totally already come to FORT to find out the winner. Same with the endurance challenges. The TV show needs to go back to at least Sun/Tues/Thurs.
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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    My main complaint is the constant blocking of the feeds. Don't dangle "Live, uncensored 24/7!" to entice people when it's a far cry from that. I don't care if they talk about production, I don't care if they're prepping for a show or comp, leave the feeds alone and let us watch what we paid for. Before we get sick of it and stop paying.

    And amen, MFW, the fun has gone out of the house. I'm sick of watching people cry. Kick up that boring house decor a notch, make it crazy, give them tasks/pets/a garden, anything to get them going. Little puzzles or things to do that earn small rewards. Lose the stupid slop, it's tired. Make them earn their favorite foods and treats.

    Go back to changing the HoH room up for each winner, that was fun. It can't be that hard to individualize it a bit for each HoH.

    And for crying out loud, limit the cast to two mactors a season. Cast some regular folks.
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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    I'd love to see them cease the Have Not business.
    I think it's too extreme and it also makes for uninteresting food comps if you either get to eat or don't.
    I like the old food comps where they'd all be playing for different food groups or for different days of the week.

    I also think they should have chores that they have to do and penalties if they don't do them on time or correctly.
    I'm tired of seeing the house look such a mess.
    There's no need for all the bedrooms to still be open at this stage of the game and it irritates me to see the bed covers strewn all over the place and switched between the rooms and the hg's getting into unmade beds every day.

    Alliances and strategy have taken over this season, even if Ragan thinks it was a season of "friendships". It wasn't so much that alliances ruled, but that one alliance was allowed to rule without much opposition. So far there has only been three non-eviction votes cast, one from Kathy for Kristen and two for Monet (Kathy and Britney). It's boring to watch them stream into the DR to almost all vote the same way, even when they do add a comical comment along with their vote.
    There were too many people willing to go along with the concensus, I do think that is due in part to the great job the Brigade did in nurturing side alliances though.

    I don't mind that the hoh room decor doesn't change, but it would make for a more interesting room reveal if it did.
    I also don't like how everyone uses the hoh room even when the hoh isn't in there and they all just attack the basket of goodies.
    I would like the hoh room to be off limits if the hoh isn't there.
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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    I guess my biggest pet peave would be others in the HOH room with or with OUT the HOH

    I think it should be HOH and only hoh

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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd;4056311;
    Go back to changing the HoH room up for each winner, that was fun. It can't be that hard to individualize it a bit for each HoH.

    And for crying out loud, limit the cast to two mactors a season. Cast some regular folks.
    I agree with both your statements. The HOH room is so boring now. Why couldn't Britney have a pink palace similar to Janelle's, an NFL team for Lane, NBA for Hayden and Hello Kitty for Enzo (well we wouldn't have seen that room anyway).

    Also, I would like to have more houseguests; like 17 instead of the usual 12. That way if 5 of them are dull and useless, we still have 12 entertaining players. BB could also do 2 or 3 double elimination episodes. That would definitely shake things up.
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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    No more have nots. They need to earn different foods.

    Give them more in the back yard. Heck, give them a swing set...that could be fun.
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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    They should start the season with 15 people instead of 13 and have two extra weeks of double elimination, with the first double elimination taking place in the first week. This would make the group realize this is a game for a half million dollars.
    I would have the eviction take place Wednesday and leave the evicted house guest in the home for 24 hours, leaving Thursday. They wouldn't need to show the eviction Wednesday. They could show it Thursday, talk to the house guests, and Julie could interview the evicted house guest Thursday. By leaving the evicted house guest in the home for 24 hours would change the game. If you back stabbed someone, they would be in a position to spill all your secrets to the group. Anything you said could come back and haunt you. The only exception would be double eviction weeks.
    Each week the HoH should pick the teams for luxury and/or have/have not competitions. This could expose any alliances. I would also like to see fewer have/have not competitions. As stated earlier the food comps were so much more enjoyable as it forced the house to work together for a common goal.
    And I like the idea of having real people in the house instead of models/wanna be reality tv stars. It would be nice if they posted the top 50 or so and America got to vote who comes into the house that season or the producers just pulled names from a hat instead of trying to cast it. The last few seasons have suffered because of this.
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    Re: Your hopes for season 13...

    To be honest, I'm hoping for an entirely new production team to step in, and for Alison Grodner & Co. to step down. This show needs an overhaul badly.
    This about sums up my feelings. Also agree with the comment more outspoken people who are good conversationalists. Stop the flow of young immature wannabe stars. More older people (at least over 30) and a mixture of interests. Immaturity and predictability are destroying this show. It's nice to see great male abs and nice bikini bods but even that gets boring to watch when there is nothing going on upstairs, a few are fine but not everyone. Case in point, one alliance getting a strangle hold because the other HG's are too dumb to realize it. Alliances are fine but put enough intelligent people in there to recognize what is happening. A more imaginative producer would have used a twist to break up a predictable situation that keeps getting worse and more boring for the viewer.

    The bedrooms look like a pig's sty they should be required to at least clean up after themselves. What's wrong with at least making up the bed after they crawl out of it? Sick of seeing clothes strewn all over the place. No one should be allowed in the HOH room except the person that is HOH. Everyone gathering there and laying around is ridiculous.

    Most viewers enjoy funny entertaining people even outspoken controversial people. Few enjoy vicious mean attack dogs like some this season. Backstabbing is fine as long as it's used in game play. I didn't enjoy the backstabbing and vicious mean remarks a couple people made about evicted HG this season, unnecessary those HG were no longer competing. Mature people would be less likely to go for the juggler constantly. That type behavior gets old and boring fast.

    I'd rather see more people participating and more double evictions, most of all less editing and scripted occurrences, people are at their best (if they are intelligent enough) unscripted.

    This season has drug out far too long. It started getting boring when everyone in the house decided to vote together instead of voting their choice. This could be a good show with more imaginative producers forestalling predictability.

    The saboteur could be useful to change the course of the game but instead it was a total washout.

    The biggest problem with BB for the last few years is producer Alison Grodner. Maybe a fresh new producer with a lot of imigination would save this show from coming to an end. Another season like this one will end it for BB.

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