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Thread: 8/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 8/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**


    I only saw the last 10 minutes - looks like I missed everything.
    I would have loved to see Rachel square off against Ragan.
    That must have been a hoot.
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    Re: 8/18 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden;4042438;
    A PhD in any field definitely indicates more years of study than an MS or MA. Depending on the field, an MA or MS can be earned in two years. A PhD takes an additional four to five years. I believe Brendon said he had his masters, but does Rachel? Or does she simply have a BS? As for whether degrees in some fields are more impressive than others, there will always be people that argue that, but obviously people go into the fields in which they have some talent--in other words, into fields which are easier for them personally and in which they have some interest. I think it's pretty evident that Rachel would not have done well in an English program, and perhaps Ragan would have been at a loss in a biology program as well. Besides, it's almost impossible to compare the impressiveness of degrees, because so much depends on what a person does with a degree. Is someone with a degree in chemistry who is only a mediocre professor or produces unremarkable research necessarily more impressive than a music professor who directs an excellent choir or produces extraordinary choral arrangements? Yes, people with chemistry degrees may often make more money than people with degrees in music, or any area of the humanities, but that doesn't mean they or their degrees are more impressive. As for Rachel yelling that her degree in chemistry made it clear she was an intelligent woman, I don't think a degree in anything necessarily means you're intelligent. It indicates an ability in a particular field, though without knowing someone's GPA in that field, it's difficult to assess how much ability. But I've known people with advanced degrees who are very good in their fields but who literally couldn't follow a fairly basic recipe or make tea without instructions (and I'm talking about someone who didn't understand how to use a teabag until someone explained it to her). Unfortunately, I've also known some people who are accomplished in their fields who are utterly socially inept. They may be unusually gifted in one area, but they can't figure out how to have an effective conversation with someone if it doesn't relate to their work. On top of all of that, while we know when someone's lying about his/her backgrouns, the other house guests really don't know who's telling the truth and who isn't. Why would anyone be impressed by another hamster announcing his/her degree(s) when that person could be lying for all the other hamsters knew?
    Rachel doesn't have a master's degree. I think that a master's degree in physics is more impressive than a PhD in communications, because I think that anyone who got any degree in science is "smarter" than someone who got a PhD in communications. Of course, being smart isn't an "accomplishment." If someone spends 4 to 5 years working on a PhD, it's a real accomplishment... but, I think of subjects such as communications as not particularly challenging. I know that Brendon wanted the houseguests to think of him as just a swim coach, so that they wouldn't think of him as a threat in the game. I'm disappointed with Rachel and Brendon's lack of game-playing skills. Also, just because Rachel's grammar isn't the best, doesn't mean that she doesn't have writing ability. I read that the journals that most professors publish in are maybe just read by maybe about fifty other professors. Also, what people do, or don't do, with their degrees is important. Rachel is a cocktail waitress. Brandon is a swim coach. I know someone with a PhD in philosophy who is a househusband. I don't know how common it is for people with degrees to do nothing with their degrees.

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