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Thread: 8/15 Show Discussion ***West Coast Spoilers***

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    Re: 8/15 Show Discussion ***West Coast Spoilers***

    This show was stale from the moment this season started.
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    Re: 8/15 Show Discussion ***West Coast Spoilers***

    As incredibly boring as these house guests are, you'd think BB would provide something for them to do, simply to see if they could or would do it. Didn't they provide modeling clay or Silly Putty last year? I seem to remember Jeff or somebody making little clay figures. This season, no one's even playing chess. They play pool and work out and that's about it. Remember when Jeff was gardening or several seasons ago, when they had to do laundry outside with that weird cranked machine? They don't even have interesting luxury competitions, where what they win is something we get to watch, as opposed to Enzo winning a flat screen to enjoy later.

    I had the oddest dream last night that BB locked down the regular kitchen appliances and replaced them with things like Easy Bake ovens, so they had to use the toys to make their meals. Enzo was very confused by the Easy Bake oven, and Lane was just annoyed that he was going to have to make so many teeny-tiny cakes to get one Lane-sized snack (I don't know that we've seen Lane eating huge portions, but given his size, I'm making the assumption that he doesn't just nibble during meals). Actually, compared to what little the hamsters have done to amuse us this season, that's not the worst idea in the world.

    Here's another thought: how about a mechanical bull? If it were part of an upcoming competition--or the hamsters thought it was--they'd try to practice on it. Then at least we'd get to watch various people fly through the air as opposed to sitting on their butts.

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