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Thread: 7/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 7/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    if anyone was related

    BB sleuths would have uncovered it along time ago

    i liked the "Matt and Ragan are both gay... and are the ones that know each other" that made me chuckle, i don't remember which guy came up with that scenario but i was thinking he might be right

    "Scotch Free" another unintentional gem for producers... but noone will every beat that chick from Joe Millionaire wanting to become a mercenary

    last show was a lil more entertaining but still subpar, the whole Enzo thing is getting on my nerves and I think the whole "4 horsemenesque" supergroups the men keep trying to form early on to "rule the house" is getting tired, imo

    and does whatsherface speak? ... producers may need to *guide* an HOH her way so that we know she exists

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    Re: 7/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Remember, we have great recappers here for anything you may have missed.

    They are naming the saboteur tonight.
    Wake up and be awesome

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