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Thread: 7/28 show discussion ...spoilers...

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    Re: 7/28 show discussion ...spoilers...

    It would be nice if the announcement was Casey/Jordan gets to take someone out of the game with him/her. I could only wish!

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    Re: 7/28 show discussion ...spoilers...

    So, BB is going to turn the house upside down on Thursday?

    I like the idea of letting Jordan and Casey stay and just the two of them having to compete for HOH. Now THAT would turn the house upside down.

    Unfortunately, they will probably either disband the cliques entirely since Jordan is a clique of one, or mix 'em up.

    Jessie hiding behind his glasses with his little power speech makes me want to and Ronnie's little this house is his makes me want to barf too. Somebody put BOTH of these guys up next week. PLEASE!!
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    Re: 7/28 show discussion ...spoilers...

    Jordan: "I'm not THAT dumb."

    Umm... yes you are, Jordan!

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    Re: 7/28 show discussion ...spoilers...

    Oh gosh, 2nd.worst.nominations.ever. The only one that was worse was last week's.

    Love both Casey and Jordan, but I prefer Jordan, so I hope she stays. It'll be sad seeing either one of them go.

    Thank you, Michele, for not falling into Jessie's trap! For a second there, I was scared that she would join his side of the house. Now hopefully, Kevin and Lydia switch it up a bit next week.

    Quote Originally Posted by tapper01;3621510;
    huge announcement...maybe they will drop the clickes since they realize that no one will watch the roid click plus ronnie
    Aw, that's probably it. The cliques are done. I was hoping that it would be America voting in someone that has been evicted.
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