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Thread: BB USA v BB UK

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    Re: BB USA v BB UK

    Quote Originally Posted by airmcnair06;3584257;
    how are you all able to watch BB UK is what I dont understand? I've wanted to give it a try but have no idea how to watch the episodes since I'm not in the Uk....
    go to mininova site and search for BB UK and there you have episodes to download and watch

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    Re: BB USA v BB UK

    Quote Originally Posted by dlsize;3555662;
    I have been watching the current season of BB UK and find it a much better show than the version here in the States. More like BB1 was here - HG's nominate and the public votes to evict. The lack of HoH, alliances, backstabbing, etc... seems to make for a much better show. Anyone else who has seen both want to chime in?
    I agree, the UK version is better, more true to the original concept. Taking the audience completely out of the game was a bad move imo and why it's no longer a hit. Noone wants to watch bullies call the shots the entire show, that's what Survivor is for.
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    Re: BB USA v BB UK

    I'm glad BB is the way it is with voting each other out and not having the audience participate. If they had, Dr. Will, Allison, Danielle, Drew, Jase, Dan, Jun, Dick (thank God), and the like never would have made it as far as they did. Will Mega and Jordan were the only two interesting people in the BB1 house who were interested in playing the game and making things interesting. They all had the idea at the end to make sure everyone got voted for so it'd be fair for America to be able to choose everyone. BB was willing to pay someone to leave just to put someone interesting in there, and didn't seem to stand in their way when the HG threatened to walk out of the house. The house was just too worried about giving a good impression to America and not being seen as nasty, horrible, backstabbers. I think BBUS needs a lot of changes (can they fire Allison Groedner?) but I like the way the voting process goes.

    They can change up the game all they want, but they really need to do a better job of casting (same could be said for Survivor as well) if they want to make the show more entertaining to watch. You need to have more of the type of HG's that are likable and you can root for (i.e. Janelle) and more of type of HG's that you love to hate (i.e. Maggie) in the same season.
    I completely agree BB needs to re-think their casting. Last season I enjoyed because it had a nice variety of characters (Renny, Libra, Jerry, Dan, Memphis, Steven-and of course April and Ollie). They need to go more along the lines of getting a variety and not looking for the hottest, horniest contestants they can find. I also wish they'd stop with the twists of putting people in groups like this year, or pairing together people (like season 9), or bringing back former contestants (this season) especially one as hated as Jessie, and bringing back estranged family members/friends/twins/exes. If they want to do a twist, do it with the house, make some new rule about nominations and the veto. I think they need to think up some better challenges, and bring back America's Choice every week. I don't like that the jury gets sequestered (thank you jurors of BB3), and I would love for Julie to stir up drama and let the HG know what America is saying about them and how they rank in fan favorite polls.
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