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Thread: Big Brother 11 - Premieres July 9th - Spoilers & Speculation

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    Re: Big Brother 11 - Premieres July 9th - Spoilers & Speculation

    Oh Lord... Please let the Jesse rumor be wrong!

    I have this uneasy feeling that it isn't though. That is making my excitement slightly diminsh about tonight...

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    Re: Big Brother 11 - Premieres July 9th - Spoilers & Speculation

    I hear ya Just Sayin'....(Glad to see you, btw!) But I can't help but be excited....I wait for this every year. I'll just hope he gets booted soon.

    Only half an hour!! YAY!
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    Re: Big Brother 11 - Premieres July 9th - Spoilers & Speculation

    Quote Originally Posted by illusions;3555629;
    I would be embarrassed to be brought back as a "reject". Do these former HG's have no pride and sense of self-worth after hearing what everyone said about them in the past? Obviously not! I don't want to see any of these HG's back. Once was enough for me. I guess it is all about face time on tv.
    Exactly. These people have tasted small-time fame, attained a minimal level of face recognition and earned money for practically doing nothing. Some of them can't let go even of this small peanuts kind of fame with any dignity. In addition, the time for contemplating possible embarrassment was before they ever signed on to be part of the circus, so it would be silly to start caring at this point about what people said or will say. Now, I think, it's just a question of can they at least milk the situation for more cash.
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    Re: Big Brother 11 - Premieres July 9th - Spoilers & Speculation

    Here's something to speculate: (possible live feed spoilers, but this news has already been covered widely by outside news outlets)
    'Big Brother' ratings slip after editing controversy

    While CBS leaves the most interesting parts of "Big Brother" on the cutting-room floor, the show's ratings continue to slip.

    Despite (or because of) drawing headlines for a few controversial editing decisions, CBS' "Big Brother" continued its modest performance, slipping another tenth on Sunday from its last episode and down a couple tenths from its time-period premiere last week. The episode tied as the show's lowest-rated ever.

    "Big Brother" (5.6 million viewers, 1.8 preliminary adults 18-49 rating) was still the highest-rated show that wasn't an animated repeat last night. But after 11 seasons, "Big Brother" is edging into a ratings territory where many broadcast reality programs don't come back from.

    Which makes this editing flap all the more perplexing. Fans are bashing CBS for editing out several comments from the broadcast version -- a racial slur, a homophobic term and a "sexually insulting word" to describe host Julie Chen.

    On one hand, "Brother" is in a uniquely difficult position here. They're the only broadcast reality show where fans critique the editing process by watching live streams online. Normally producers can alter stories to a ridiculous degree. On "Brother," every decision gets second guessed by obsessive fans. Still, that's the price a network pays for offering those streams to begin with.

    CBS' explanation for the cuts is weak. From the AP: "CBS said the statements were removed from the broadcast because they were offensive and did not meet the network's standards... The network said in a statement Friday that 'any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a houseguest appearing on 'Big Brother,' either on any live feed from the house or the broadcast, are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.'"

    Well, duh. Since when do viewers think reality contestants are spokespersons for Les Moonves?

    Reality shows are driven by conflict. None of what was said was unsuitable for bleeping-but-you-can-still-figure-it-out on a broadcast show. The fact CBS is leaving out the most headline-worthy parts of their program won't help its sagging numbers. If the network really doesn't want racists or homophobes on the air, great -- don't cast them. The screening process for these shows is pretty extensive, experienced producers generally have a fair idea of a person's opinions and boundaries.

    One "Big Brother" contestant, Chima Simone, had it exactly right when she told producers on the show's live feed: "'If someone's a racist, they should be portrayed as one. You shouldn't edit it to make them look good."
    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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