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Thread: BB10 recap 8/17: The Godmama At Work

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    BB10 recap 8/17: The Godmama At Work

    Hello dear readers! Tis I, Iguanachocolate, taking a break from the Olympics to do hamster watch with you marvelous people. Unfortunately, it’s not an episode of Phelpsian proportions, but let us see what we can make of it, shall we? When we last saw these intrepid souls, Queen Renny had ascended her throne much to the delight of all. Well, all of those who are not in her sights for nomination, that is. Unless they are in the same room with her and then there is much kidding of butt as usual.

    Keesha says that at least she knows the House likes her more than April, though I think it is more a matter of the lesser of two evils in the House’s eyes as well as America’s. April back tracks and says she wasn’t sure she had the votes to evict Libra so she decided to vote with the house. Yet another failed coup. Michelle laments the lack of a hug from Libra on her way out – not.

    In the warm fuzzy beginnings of Renny’s reign, she is worried about the memory wall – her pictured is surrounded by evictees and she thinks that may make her a target. Not yet, Renny – first you get your day in the HoH sun. The thing she is most excited about in winning HoH is getting to see the pictures of her parents. Though both have passed on now, she holds them dear to her heart as evidenced by the overwhelming sobbing that takes hold of her when she sees her HoH room for the first time with her parents photos prominently placed. She is so overcome that the male hamsters run for the hills and even the females seem to not know what to do. She pulls herself together enough to read her family letter from her husband and children.

    In the pre-HoH room reveal happenings, Ollie and April commiserate and Jerry lurks. April complains that she and Ollie and can’t get a moment alone. If you watch the feeds, you know that that entire crew is thanking Jerry for this feat. Keesha and Memphis are celebrating in the Pink bedroom and as soon as April and Ollie clear the room in their flight from Jerry, Memphis wants to know if they think they are going up. Keesha hopes so. Later on in the Hippie room, Renny quizzes Keesha on an alleged partnership with Memphis, warning that he is very sly. This causes alarm bells to rattle poor Keesha’s underused brain and she hopes Renny is keeping her sights on April and Ollie.

    Now, back to the HoH room – I love the Godfather music – Renny is quizzing Michelle on whether she would put her up if she were to win HoH again. Michelle swears on everything she can think of in order to prove her loyalty to the Godmama. Renny reveals her concerns about the Memphis-Keesha partnership and Michelle nods along. Ultimately, they agree that the Ollie/April angle is foremost for consideration, but there is a healthy dollop of Memphis caution in the mix.

    Oooooh, its Food Competition time! The house divides itself into two teams, blue and red. Renny hosts and is the server for the blue team and Keesha is the server for the red team. And what we’ll they be serving? Why the hamsters choice of food du jour – as long as they choose slop, crickets or pigs ears. In this comp based on Rock, Paper Scissors, Slop trumps pig ears which trump crickets which trumps Slop. If you ‘win’ you must eat the food you chose for one point. First team to 4 points, wins. First up is Dan for the red team and Memphis for the blue. Dan chooses crickets which trumps Memphis’ Slop and Dan makes short work of them earning his team one point. Next up are Ollie for the blue and Michelle for the red. Michelle trumps Ollie earning herself a nice place of crickets, which she eats handily. Score: Red 2, Blue zip. Jerry beats April in the third round earning himself a heaping bowl of Slop. You’d think he’d be used to Slop after he has been on it for weeks on end, but he has a surprisingly hard time getting through a bowl of the stuff. But he does and he earns his team one point. Memphis then beats Dan and earns himself a plate of the tiniest pig ears I have ever seen. They must have been from pygmy pigs. He downs them no problem and we have a tie. Michelle beats Ollie and earns herself a tiny helping of pig’s ears as well and downs them fast enough to make her momma proud. When April overcomes her alleged vegetarian ways for the sake of a game, the red team earns food for the week and the blue team has to slop it. The only joy for the blue team is that America has chosen a special food for them to supplement their slop diet with! America chooses lollipops making me wonder if perhaps I should move to Canada. Oh well.

    In Chez Renny, Dan is next up for the Renny interrogations. He strikes first by asking if he is in danger. Renny tells him no, but he might be needed as a pawn. So much for safety. Pawns go home, Renny! Big Brother Rule #1. Dan is not pleased with that prospect and when Memphis comes into the room, Renny flies it by him. He says a hell no to that and then Keesha and Michelle join them to voice their unity for the no pawn idea. Renny then wants to feel out Ollie and sends Michelle out to bring him up. The other hamsters leave the dona alone to do her work. Ollie ditches April and says he is there for the game, not a showmance. Ollie pitches Jerry as a nominee saying that he is annoys everyone and must go.

    And it is nomination time. Renny, with very little prelude, pulls out Dan’s key and says he safe. Hehehehe – anyone else catch the look on Keesha’s face when that happened? Can you say PISSED? Dan pulls out Keesha’s key and it goes on down the line in no apparent ranking order until finally Jerry and April are left on the block. She does not nominate Ollie, leaving April thrilled that her boy toy may be able to play knight in shining armor and save her ass. Yeah, because he has won so much thus far, April. Well, whatever keeps you going, blondie.

    And that’s a wrap, FoRTer’s. Who will win the Power of Veto? Will they use it? Do we care? Stay tuned for Tuesday’s show and/or Yardgnome’s recap which will be much better than the show. I guarantee it.
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    Re: BB10 recap 8/17: The Godmama At Work

    Great recap, ic! Thanks so much!
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