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Best line of the night... and, it come from one of the "crazy" houseguests!
Hubby was in the other room and heard all the shrieking, and honestly I cannot justify to him why I watch this show, because other than Dan they are all despicable this season. But I did try to explain to him that the reason Keesha was shriekingly crazy is that the other houseguests are worse and she cannot help but react to them.
He surmised that the show had "jumped the shark," but I think that refers to when a show resorts to stupid gimmicks to attract viewers. I am not sure that casting a bunch of nasty, immature (yes, Jerry, age has not stopped you from being a whiny little bitch!), bottom-of-the-barrel, shrieking Jerry-Springer-Show types constitutes a "gimmick." I think it is just a very bad decision. Must have been the same people who cast Evil Dick and Danielle, and Boogie before that.