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Thread: 7/23 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 7/23 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by tapper01;3142559;
    Put Jessie and Michelle UP

    I hate them
    Me too. I hated it when they replayed her mangled words from last night, where she said she decided not to use the power of veto "for reasons that I feel as though the nominations remain the same ... and I hope you both understand that."

    How could anyone understand that?? She was not speaking English, or the syntax of any known language for that matter, so her babbling just made her sound like a total moron.

    I also hate Ollie the Judas, who had the nerve to tell Stephen he was on the block because "it all started with Brian," as if Ollie was not one of the first to align with Brian before he stabbed him in the back! What a rotten hypocrite.

    And as for the alliance of those four with Libra, I cannot stand how they go around telling everyone else what to do, but the minute Michelle was asked to do something for the larger alliance with the veto, she refused. Do they think they are better than everyone? I can only pray that Keesha has the backbone to stand up to them and get some of those despicable people out of the house before I have to cancel my season pass and stop watching BB after having stuck with it all these years. This season's cast has too many revolting players. I had to fast forward through the show and get to the end just to see who won HoH, hoping it wouldn't be one of them. Please please let them be voted out soon!!!

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    Re: 7/23 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I have to watch the Wednesday shows on the internet since CBS decided to stick with the Wednesday time slot and put it against SYTYCD. Ugh.

    Well I was sad to see Steven go, but happy to see Keesha win, especially since she was up against Libra in the last round. She has to pick sides now, and I hope she picks the one she seems to like more (Memphis/Angie's side). I don't have the feeds or anything, so I'm only saying she probably likes their side more after all of the bad things she has said about Libra and April in the confessional.
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    Re: 7/23 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by ThinkPink;3142526;
    you see libra grab her when she won....
    Not before she almost walked by her. Also, just prior to the final round Libra chose to put Keesha against Memphis. Clearly, Libra is just using Keesha as a warm body. Keesha will be the first to go from that alliance.

    I defended Michelle's decision to leave the nominations as they were at the Veto Ceremony. After watching the beginning of this episode and seeing how the alliances are falling, I have to revise my opinion. Michelle made a massive blunder by not going after Libra. And, I can't help but think she's going to pay for it soon.

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    Re: 7/23 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I didn't get to see it last night either because I watch SYTYCD, but I will say I hope they get rid of Jesse - and quick! What a jerk! Ugh! He makes me not even want to watch.

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    Re: 7/23 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    These people make me want to slash my wrists. This is, without a doubt, the lamest gaggle of "Big Bro" contestants in the history of the game. I quit!!!!

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    Re: 7/23 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I just caught up after being on vacation..ITA Michelle made a mistake..whiny Libra gets on my nerves.

    Keesha has some good potential but IMO she is going to be a lemming and listen to the alliance she doesn't like...tonight should be revealing.

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