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Thread: BB4 - One man's theory about what's going on.

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    BB4 - One man's theory about what's going on.

    Hi all,

    I was talking to a friend of mine, who, as an actor, has a little
    experience with the casting process. I told him about my trip to CBS, in LA, for the BB4 casting call. He thinks that when the casting director came out to introduce herself to the group, a red flag went up in his mind. He says that the casting director usually will not be the one to brief the applicants. The theory is that since she came out first, there is a possibility that they may not have a complete casting team for this project just yet, and these cattle calls are primarily used as a PR stunt to promote the show, as well as collect additional applicants to fill out the applicant pool. This friend also believes that a recent article, "House is Under Construction - Exclusive Story - Is the Big Brother house being moved? Or just re-constructed." http://www.bigbrotherstation.com/ certainly sheds some light on the fact that they may be taking it right to the wire. They may start calling applicants in May-June. My friend says that they really only need 3-4 weeks to produce the show, build the house (set), and find their cast.

    There's still hope.


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    Brian S.
    Yup, my friend and I at BBStation strongly believe that the house is reconstructed or totally moved because of the e-mail we got from CBS. She simply said "The house isn't even built yet." Now she either doesn't know what she's talking about...or she does. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

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