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Thread: New House!!!

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    Brian S.

    New House!!!

    My friend and myself just learned that for BB4, there will either be a totally brand new house, or a reconstructed house. Check bigbrotherstation.com for details!!!! I can't wait!

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    Brian S.
    House is Under Construction Exclusive Story
    April 10th, 2003

    Big Brother Station contacted CBS earlier this afternoon regarding a request that we put in with them a few days prior to find the status on.

    When we inquired about the status of the request a CBS Media Relations personal gave us this answer "I don't even have an answer for you yet, they haven't even built the house yet. It's really premature".

    That simple line says a lot about what is happening with the house. To some it may seem that the house is moving, and to others it may mean the house has been totally gutted and being re-built.

    In both cases this may suggest that the Big Brother house is being split apart by the now infamous "bars". That first started in the Netherlands two years prior, and then traveled to Britain and most recently to Germany and at the end of April will be in the Big Brother Australia House.

    The splitting of the house will create a rich and a poor side, with the rich side having all the amenities including a hot tub, a bathroom and some extra perks. The poor side is just that, poor. They won't have a proper bathroom, no luxuries for them to have. During the season, people on the poor side will have a chance to go to the rich side and the houseguests on the rich side might have the unfortunate move to the poor side.

    This is currently a developing story and we are absolutely 100% sure what that one line says to us. But it does sound like Arnold may be splitting the house in two. Stay tuned to Big Brother Station for updates on this exclusive story.

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