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Thread: Big Brother Recap 3/11 - Superheroes And Penises...Or Something Like That

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    Big Brother Recap 3/11 - Superheroes And Penises...Or Something Like That

    Last week, couples were split and Allison was the first to be evicted as an individual. Even though the houseguests are now playing as singles, Matt can’t get Natalie out of his bed. She declares that he knows he loves having her in his bed. The girl really has it bad for him…in a Fatal Attraction kind of way. As the new HoH, Ryan made a pact with Josh not to nominate each other. James suggested putting Chelsia up against Sharon so Ryan took him up on the offer. Who will win the POV? And will it be used to remove either Chelsia or Sharon from the block? Grab that Extra-Strength Tylenol and your bottle of wine, my Tuesday night requirements for Big Brother watcing, and let’s find out.

    Penises Stick Together

    Joshuah admits that he was nervous throughout the nomination ceremony. He wasn’t sure if Ryan would actually keep his word and honor their deal. Now that his partnership with Sharon is broken, he can’t think of anyone else but himself in the game. Sharon is disappointed about her nomination and now knows who she can trust. She isn’t giving up but plans to fight to win the game. Chelsia isn’t happy at all about being nominated. She’s already on slop this week and now she feels as if she has to kiss everyone’s asses for votes. She should be kicking James’ ass since it was his bright idea to put her up there in the first place. James thinks he had to do it for strategic reasons so that no one thinks he’s still playing with Chelsia. Of course, he doesn’t want her voted out. Dumb, dumb risky move. The game is too unpredictable to put someone up unless you really want them gone.

    Sharon points out to Sheila, Josh, and Chelsia that the guys are going to stick together. She knew it’d be girls nominated because penises stick together. Josh feels being gay can work to his advantage in this case. He can bond with the guys and the girls trust him as well. Win-win for the resident gay guy. Josh gets reassurance from Ryan that he will not be put up if the POV is used. They agree to tell each other everything and watch each other’s back. Josh is concerned, however, because Ryan and Matt are as thick as thieves. He isn’t sure that Ryan can be completely trusted as long as Matt is in the picture.

    In the storage room, Chelsia is nervousing about her nomination. She doesn’t trust everyone to keep her there. James tells her that he has her back this week and she can get his next time. He even pinky swears that he won’t let her go home this week. Another thing James hasn’t learned…in Big Brother, the pinky swear is a mark of death. They hug and smooch and he tells her to trust him.

    Don’t Be A Dick

    Up in HoH, James says that one of them will be rocking a half million dollars. Natalie says she’d put it in the bank for a couple years and just sit on it while it grows. Matt thinks that’s boring and tells her she better just hope she doesn’t get evicted next week. Natalie’s upset because he’s always putting her down and raining on her parade. She tells him to quit being such a dick and tosses a ball at him. He throws it back at her pretty hard so she leaves the room. Ryan feels bad for her because Matt tossed the ball at her so hard and tells Matt that she’s going to end up sticking it to him. He and Chelsia laugh that all he’ll have to do is say he’ll make out with her and she’d once again be happy with him. Downstairs, Natalie cries to Sharon and Sheila about how sick she is getting of the way Matt treats her. He’s rude and inconsiderate to her and she doesn’t care if he goes home. Sheila, who thrives on the drama, points out that Matt is busy working everyone. Josh gets the brainstorm to take advantage of how upset Natalie is at the moment. He and James go to her and propose a plan. They'll go to Ryan and offer him two weeks of safety in exchange for backdooring Matt if the POV is used. Natalie agrees and promises not to say anything to Matt.

    She keeps the secret alright, until Matt hugs her and tells her that no matter what it’s the two of them until the end and she’s still his partner. She tells him that she doesn’t like the way he treats her and he promises to be nice to her since she’s fragile. “We’re still partners,” he tells her. He thinks they just need to play the part and act like they don’t like each other. That’s all she needed to hear. She spills the whole plan to backdoor him and makes him promise not to tell. Matt assures her that he’s only going to talk to Ryan about it. He wonders why they’d evah tell the girl who’s obsessed with him their plan. It’s time for Matt, the playah, to take ovah. He goes up to HoH where he tells Ryan of the plan. They plan to keep getting info from Nat and Matt promises a reign of terror should he get HoH.

    Joshuah goes to Ryan with his deal. He informs him that the entire house is freaking out thinking that he and Matt are in an alliance. This makes Ryan a target next week. However, the house is offering him two weeks of safety to get rid of his boy, Matt. Ryan tells Josh that he already knew this proposal was coming because Natalie leaked it to Matt. If they all meet to discuss the plan, he doesn’t want Natalie involved because she can’t hold water. Josh runs to the bathroom to let the other girls know that Natalie told Matt everything. Sheila can’t believe how blinded Nat is by Mattie because there won’t be any backdooring now.

    Matt goes up to HoH and Ryan tells him he can’t keep running up there. They have to keep their relationship on the DL. Matt is there because Natalie told him Josh went up to pitch the proposal to backdoor Matt. Ryan lies and says Josh was only there because he’s worried about being backdoored himself. He’s lying to Matt because with all of the house against him, the best plan might be to put him up on the block and have him evicted. Ryan isn’t sure what to do.

    Playing With Big Balls

    Now that they’re playing singles, the veto rules have changed. Ryan is met with a collective “Oooooooooo” as he makes this announcement. The HoH, the two nominees, and three players selected by random draw will compete for the coveted veto medallion. Ryan pulls the “Houseguest’s Choice” chip from the bag and chooses Adam. Joshuah isn’t thrilled about Ryan’s choice because Adam isn’t on board with the plan to evict Mattie. He isn’t sure what would happen if by some fluke, Adam wins the veto. Chelsia pulls Sheila’s name from the bag and Sharon pulls Joshuah. Natalie whines because she won’t get to play. While waiting for the competition to begin, the Evict Mattie Club meets in HoH. They all promise Ryan two weeks of safety. He says that if everyone wants him out, he’ll go with them. They realize they may not get this chance again and bash Mattie’s game play for the way he tells everyone he has their back.

    Time for POV! The backyard is set up like a pool hall with a huge pool table and tables with barstools. Let the hustling begin! Players must shoot the volleyball sized ball as close as possible to the veto pocket. In each round, the player farthest away will be eliminated. However, the eliminated player will receive a fabulous prize from Big Brother. Prizes will include the POV. Each subsequent player eliminated may choose to keep their prize or trade for someone else’s prize. The last player at the pool table has the ultimate choice! He or she may choose any prize in the game.

    The Color of Veto game begins and Sheila is eliminated in the first round. Her elimination prize is the POV. In the second round, Sharon is eliminated and wins a brand new motorcycle. This causes Chelsia’s stomach to sink because she’s wanted a bike for so long. Sharon wants the POV more than the motorcycle so she trades prizes with Sheila. Joshuah is eliminated in the third round and gets a letter from home. He’s a mama’s boy *big surprise* so this prize means a lot to him. He asks that no one take it from him. Now me? I would have taken it. But I can’t stand Josh and I’m mean like that. In the fourth round, Adam is knocked out. His prize is ten grand. He trades prizes with Sheila for the brand new motorcycle. He feels she can use the money because she’s a single mother. How nice and how surprising of Baller! Sheila is definitely surprised and now looks at Adam differently. Maybe there’s hope for these two after all. Ryan wins the final round and Chelsia’s prize is a slop pass. It’s a no-brainer for her. She trades Sharon for the veto. Ryan gets the final prize and it’s Jen’s red unitard from last season. I hope Big Brother had it sanitized. No way is Ryan willing to wear it for a week so he trades a disappointed Sheila for the ten grand. Sheila was devastated being that she’s a single mother and all. Don’t think she’s done talking about it either.

    Everyone is relieved that Chelsia has the POV. Josh and the Evict Mattie Club are thrilled for obvious reasons. Ryan is happy the monkey is off his back. He didn’t want the veto. Matt isn’t concerned at all because he thinks Ryan has his back. Should Mattie be worried?

    After the competition, Sheila is still belly-aching about the ten grand that Ryan took from her. She’s crying and moaning about how disappointed she is about it. While her disappointment is understandable - we are talking ten thousand big ones here - Sheila would have taken it if she was in Ryan’s position. James and Chelsia meet in the storage room and this time, the mood is a lot lighter than the last. They jump around and smooch in celebration of her win. She can’t believe that she got it but is absolutely relieved. They high five and proclaim “Game on!” Sharon and Josh join the storage room victory celebration and wonder if Ryan is actually putting up Matt. Sharon is slightly freaking out and Josh assures her that Ryan has to go along with their plan. Ryan comes in and shakes Sharon’s hand. He tells her he is going through with the plan to backdoor Matt and that she is fine.

    Never Jerk Around With A Super Hero

    Sheila slides into the unitard and doesn’t think she looks bad at all for a 45 year old who has had a child. Hey! In case you missed it, Sheila is a 45 year old single mom! She’s wearing a pair of black panties and black boots over the unitard and looks a little like Mrs. Incredible. All she needs is a haircut and a black mask. She parades through the kitchen while the houseguests cheer and says that Jen must be so jealous right now. She wanted the letter from home or the ten grand but will take the unitard like a good sport. Both Sharon and Sheila commend Adam for giving Sheila the 10 Gs the way he did. Chelsia jumps in and opens her big mouth. She says that no one played the POV selfishly. Sheila says she could have used the letter or the money because…yep, she’s a single mom. Chelsia calls her on playing that card because it will piss people off. Sheila is the one pissed over Chelsia’s comments. She thinks Chelsia is a kid and she’ll wash her mouth out with soap. That, I’d really like to see!

    Sheila runs to Adam and tells him what Chelsia dared say to her. She fills his ear with paranoid ramblings about the Josh/Sharon/James/Chelsia alliance. She’s certain one of them will be the next to go. Later, she catches Natalie up on Chelsia’s sins. It doesn’t take much persuading to align Natalie’s way of thinking with her own. She pumps her full of the same ideas about the other group picking them off one by one. Ryan comes out and she pulls him aside to tell him not to backdoor Mattie. She gives him the same rundown on why he shouldn’t trust the others. She also tells him that they’re all using him because he’s a nice guy.

    Josh is thrilled about the upcoming POV meeting. He brags that he’s pulled off the biggest strategic move of the game and the HoH is no longer running the game. He thinks the house is running the game and HE is the house. Therefore, delusional little HE is running the game. At the POV meeting, Chelsia naturally uses the veto on herself and she is no longer on the block. Ryan stands and blows them all away by replacing her with...James. They’re all shocked and Matt sits with a cat-that-ate-the-canary grin. Matt gloats to everyone. He pats Josh and lets him know that he’s sorry it didn’t work out for him. He then tells James that if he has something to say to him he should come say it to his face. Matt then proclaims to Joshuah, “It’s on!” Ryan says that he’s no one’s bitch in this game so we should get ready for war. Josh feels he got played so he’s ready for war. Sheila thinks she’s the mastermind behind James’ nomination and loves that Chelsia could lose her buddy, James.

    Who will be evicted? Who will America vote to return to the house? Check out the live show or save yourself the headache and just read MsFroggy’s kick ass recap!

    Which superhero would you resemble in the unitard? PM me
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    Re: Big Brother Recap 3/11 - Superheroes And Penises...Or Something Like That

    In case you missed it, Sheila is a 45 year old single mom! She’s wearing a pair of black panties and black boots over the unitard and looks a little like Mrs. Incredible.
    She's a single mom? That's incredible!

    Thanks for a great recap!! Balls and all.

    PS. Loved the titles!
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    Re: Big Brother Recap 3/11 - Superheroes And Penises...Or Something Like That

    I think we should just go on strike and not recap this trainwreck anymore!

    Some of my favs:
    Grab that Extra-Strength Tylenol and your bottle of wine, my Tuesday night requirements for Big Brother watcing

    Ryan gets the final prize and it’s Jen’s red unitard from last season. I hope Big Brother had it sanitized.
    I loved the theme of your headings too!

    Thanks for the recap!!
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    Re: Big Brother Recap 3/11 - Superheroes And Penises...Or Something Like That

    Your subtitle theme suits this group perfectly. Excellent recap, lil!
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