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Thread: 2/26 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    hi all, i too wondered if amanda was faking it. i have fainted and it seemed different.
    does anyone know if BB is on tonight? it doesn't show on our guide.

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Amanda faking her illness kinda makes you wonder if her father actually killed himself or is that a lie as well, I wouldn't put it past her.
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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I know first hand that when it comes to low blood sugar a) it happens that quick and b) you have no recollection of it afterwards and c) you don't want help and get completely belligerent.

    I was driving, didn't feel well and KNEW I should have something. I even had a candy bar in my purse and said, nahhh, I'm a 1/2 mile from home. Then, I woke up 2 miles away from my house, crashed into a guardrail. I have no recollection of the previous 2 miles, including passing my own house and making turns.

    It comes on really really quick and it's the scariest thing ever. I don't remember most of it, except for not feeling "right" right before it happened and once I had sugar, I was back to feeling okay, but sweaty and shaking. I was so thankful nothing happened except for $6000 damage to my car, but it was the most frightening thing EVER.

    After watching Amanda and feeling a knot in my stomach because it's happened to me, there is no WAY she was faking it.

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    You have a serious problem, and you have definite signs when trouble is on the horizon. You, in all liklihood, even look differently when your problem is coming on (probably sweaty and pale, probably confusion). If she were feeling badly, she would not have gotten up off that couch for whatever meddlesome reason she did, and then the poorly performed actress swoon would have been a thud to her knees, and not a delicately planned movement, and she would have thudded over to the floor..not caught herself on her hands and faked passing out. You don't "catch yourself" when you pass out. Your description of what you experienced is extremely on target. I've spent many years dealing with clowns like Amanda, with her "drama for a purpose" behavior. I can spot that behavior from down the block and around the corner. Many people would be surprised by how much medical drama there is out there that is "see through" behavior. It is foolishness like this that wastes valuable time and redirects valuable resources away from people who really need them.

    Unfortunately for her, the other girl really was in trouble, and needed immediate medical attention (I'm sure she would have preferred not to have gone through what she did) and follow-up. Since the ambulance was tied up, anyway, taking care of the legit girl (I can't remember these people's names to save myself!), taking Amanda along wasn't any big deal. It's not hard to spot the real from the fake, once you get used to seeing the drama.
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