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Thread: applications available for BB9 in 2008

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    applications available for BB9 in 2008

    I was on the BB website today trying to find info about the CBS Morning Show interviews and saw that they're posting the application forms and eligiblity criteria for next summer's show. CBS.com Big Brother 8

    If you look at the website, the dates all indicate this will take place in the summer of 2008 and be Big Brother 9, even though the link itself still says bigbrother8.

    So, who knows, looks like our favorite summer guilty pleasure may be back again with a new group of hamsters next summer. Love the questions in the huge application about how often do you drink, and how do you act when you are drinking, etc. It's no accident how they pick these people.
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    Re: applications available for BB9 in 2008

    There's no guarantee that they'll have the show, but they're putting up the applications up now anyway. I guess it makes sense since this is when there is the most interest.

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    Re: applications available for BB9 in 2008

    They should hire me to format that Word doc into something that looks professional. It looks like an 8th grader typed it out...
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