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Thread: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

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    Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    I know this season hasn't been the best, but there has gotta be some moments that you just loved. Whether it was someone's eviction, or smaller things like the background music that played during the episodes.

    I really like the background music for some of the players. The rock 'n roll music that plays during Dick's antics is a nice touch. The gospel music during Jameka's prayers cracked me up. And the little jingle that played when Eric found out his task as America's Player was cute.

    One of my most favorite moments happened early on. In episode 2 to be exact. It was Jen crying over her picture. I gotta admit that it is a bad picture, but to see her reacting to her picture was just so out of the blue. I've never seen anyone react that way to a picture. But nonetheless, that was a classic moment.

    Another thing I liked was during Thursday's show, they'd sometimes play clips to the houseguest. For example, they showed the houseguests a clip of when Zach streaked around the backyard during one Thursday night. Also, Julie would sometimes ask the houseguests what viewers were asking. And they were sometimes funny questions. Like when Julie asked Dustin why he would wear the same shirt over and over again.

    Amber has had her moments also. Her crying may have gotten on a lot of other people's nerves, but I found it amusing. It was especially amusing when Drew Carey asked her if the show is getting to her when she was on the Power of 10. Also, I loved it when Amber and Jameka thought Amber could be America's Next Top Model. That was hilarious. I'm so glad the producers added that part into the show.

    So what have been some of your favorite moments throughout the season?
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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    The look on Dustin's face when he got voted out.
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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    Dustins face look!
    Amber crying.

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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    Jen asking for a white belt while Jameka was praying on the Jack Shack.
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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    I kind of enjoyed watching the LNC meeting in Dick's HOH when he got up, walked into the bathroom, lifted his leg and ripped three farts (expressing exactly what I thought of the LNC), then sprayed the air freshener. The disbelief on Jameka's face was priceless.

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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    I enjoyed the music they played for certain houseguests too, CG.

    I loved when Jen ate regular food when she was on slop restriction. Yeah, it was wrong, but I've always wanted to see one of them dare to do it. Amber's incessant bawling and her delusions of being a model...Dick banging on the pots and pans to wake Dustin...Joe's stupid gonorrhea confession.

    But my favorite moment is still Dustin's look of total confusion when he was voted out.
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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Truce;2565161;
    Jen asking for a white belt while Jameka was praying on the Jack Shack.

    Pretty much any time they played the organ music under Jameka's god stuff was freakin' hysterical. That's one of the things I love about the show: the great editing/scoring.

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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    1. Gonorrhea!!!!

    2. Zach and Jameka praying together (but not the way the show made fun of it)

    3. Nick giving Daniele the key to his heart; Nick telling Daniele about the Mrs. Robinson Alliance

    4. Nick feeling bad for voting Joe out and making a special point of going up to Joe again as Joe was walking out the door, even though they'd had a goodbye hug already

    5. Joe's speech as he is leaving -- "The time is now ... to show that you are a man or woman of your word ..."

    6. Jen eating; Jen standing up to Dick after he blows smoke in her face

    7. Daniele winning the bat hang competition and what she says to Kail ... "They made me vote my best friend out of the house ... I'll stay up here all night if I have to."

    8. Daniele getting a letter from Nick

    9. Amber going off on Eric

    10. Nick's Top 5 Guys list

    11. Jameka's confrontation with ED, especially the clapping (not the momma stuff) -- I was all "You go girl" as she confronted him, much like her sister talked about later

    12. The montage of Dustin's arrogance, selfishness, and lying, accompanied by an interview with Joe
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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    My favorite moment was when the final question of the final comp was asked and Dick and Zach chose the same answer. Didn't matter if it was right or wrong... in that instant D/D had won the game. Woo hoo! My favorites never win and I was sickened by the Maggie/Ivette win, the Jun/Allison win, the Boogie/Erika win. Finally! I know they're both whiner. poser, abusive, whatever... but they were true competitors and entertaining.
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    Re: Favorite moments of Big Brother 8

    1. Joe's reaction to Dick telling everyone that Dani hasn't talked to him in 2 years! LOL.

    2. Dustin's reaction to Joe's Ghonnorea story!

    3. Dick, Dustin and Jessica meeting te houseguests for the first time.

    4. Amber crying

    5. Amber's blows up at Eric

    6. Jen wins HOH -- lol. <3

    7. Dustin's face when he got evicted ":O"

    8. Nick's top 5 list

    9. Mike the baby

    10. Jameka calling Dick's mom a 'bitch'

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