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Thread: 8/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 8/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Omar_X;2550754;
    Eric did mention his America's B*tch mandate to try to evict Amber in regard to his POV decision. Was he seeing his decision as a genuine follow-through on the mandate, or just using it as an excuse? Perhaps, he did feel caught between a rock and a flabby spot.
    Eric's statement is the biggest pile of hogwash I've ever heard !

    He could have stayed true to America by vetoing Zach and allowing Jess to put up Danielle like she wanted to ! Danielle has all but got this thing won, and Jess and Eric just throw away a golden opportunity to take her out !

    With the HOH and POV both in their hands, they're gonna wind up taking out ZACH !! Neither of them deserves to win this game because of this blunder.
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    Re: 8/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by edgeover17;2551114;
    With the HOH and POV both in their hands, they're gonna wind up taking out ZACH !!
    Oh, I hope that's true.

    Though I do agree that they had a chance to take out Daniele. But the way I see it, they're working the jury vote. If Daniele and Dick were ever to go in the sequester house because of Eric and Jessica (or Jesric, as I like to say), then they'd probably not vote for them in the end unless they both make it to the final 2.
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    Re: 8/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Omar_X;2550131;
    Yeah, "It was the editing that made me look like a jerk/idiot, not my actual words and deeds you saw with your own eyes!" seems to be a common excuse for reality types. Well, there may have been some select editing to string together a somewhat crafted picture of them, but usually no one put those words in their mouths or dictated their deeds, the obvious exception being someone like America's Puppet, Eric. Then some of them want to whine or lash out when the world sees them for who they are, and heaven forbid, actually comments on it. Many are willing to put themselves out there, and open themselves to examination by the world, but too few can handle the heat of the response. All they see is the opportunity for personal gain going into it, whether it be money or perceived celebrity, without really examining the likely and possible outcomes or what it will put their families through. They realize too late that is the price they pay for signing that Faustian contract that makes them public figures. Even now I truly feel for Jen's family. How embarrassing has that got to be back home? Amber is going to meltdown like Chernobyl when she sees how she really comes across. Her family will have to deal with a sobbing puddle of self-pitying hair and flab for who knows how long after the show, or at least until she can be institutionalized and medicated. At least she can take comfort in her new modeling career, right?

    It's not like reality TV is anything new at this point, so it always surprises me when these people are caught off guard that they are picked apart and forgotten quicker than yesterday's coffee filter. Often former reality types have commented at how "mean" the public is, especially jackals like us comment board types. What they don't seem to comprehend is that the public response is proof that we never perceive ourselves the way others do, and they aren't prepared for the disconnect between their self perception and the way others really perceive them. Also, this leaning toward schadenfreude entertainment is part of human nature. It's the same thing that filled the Colosseum in ancient Rome every day of the week, only this is less bloody and lot whinier. I suspect Dick will be the best prepared to handle the crap storm when he gets out. That's not because he is such a shining example to all of humanity. Rather, it is because he is the type of person who is used to being overrun with waves of self-inflicted controversy.

    I don't think I would put my family through any of it.

    I think you might like the book "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. Am I right?
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