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Thread: Big Brother 8/19/07 Recap: The House of Delusional Thinkers

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    Big Brother 8/19/07 Recap: The House of Delusional Thinkers

    What a week our little hamsters had in the BB house. HoH Jess nominated Daddy Dick and Daughter Daniele for eviction which put in motion Disaster Daddy Dick (picture an adult version of PigPen, but in this case instead of dirt flying off his body, verbal filth flies out his mouth in the form of rants, taunts, gas and other obnoxious behavior in general). Dick’s reasoning is simple - he thinks he’s a bad-ass and enjoys bullying others, he wants to ensure everyone will vote to evict him, thereby securing Daniele’s safety. As it turns out, he wins the POV, gives it to Daniele - and Dustin, in what will go down as one of the more stupid-ass moves in BB history - offers himself up as a pawn in Daniele’s place. He feels so safe in the assumption that Dick has so angered the HG’s and will be voted out, he thinks it will be a hoot to sit next to him when it happens. Hooboy, imagine his surprise when it’s revealed that Dick was able to convince everyone it was time for Dustin to meet Julie Chen, and Dustin is evicted. Daniele then wins the next HoH, and once again we’re tumbling down the rabbit hole.

    Watching the Dust Settle after the Big Shake-Up

    Eric feels Dustin’s eviction is completely “our” doing, since America’s choice was for him to make it so, and he feels smugly content. Oh, please, BB gods, wipe that smug look off his face by arranging for him to have the next Meet ‘N Greet with Julie Chen...please. Jameka is reeling as she realizes nothing makes sense anymore (did it ever, Jameka?), and Amber is…well…Amber is doing what Amber does best…sobbing, bawling, blubbering, and wailing.

    Once Daniele wins the HoH competition, she and Dick sneak off for a few minutes of gloating and celebrating. Dick immediately asks if she’ll be putting Jameka and Amber up on the block, but she says she’s not ready to make any decisions quite yet.

    Jessica really likes Jameka, and even though she voted against Dustin, wants to make sure Jameka is still an ally for her. They find a quiet place to talk, and Jess explains they voted against Dustin because they know what Dick is thinking, but no one felt particularly safe around Dustin. Although Jess is convinced Dick was behind the wave to vote Dustin out, Jameka is not so sure, and thinks it was Eric’s doing, but she can’t figure out why Eric would want him gone. Please tell me I’m not the only one to raise my hand like Arnold Horshack from Welcome Back Kotter, shouting, “ooo, ooo, pick me,” or have I just dated myself...again.

    The Not-So Changed HoH Room

    The HG’s enter Daniele’s HoH room to find more pictures of her with Dick and her brother. Zach is curious why there aren’t any pictures of her boyfriend, and adding to the oddity of the moment, points out that a letter from Nick is prominently displayed. This doesn’t sit well with the HG’s, with the exception of Daniele who is atwitter at the sight. In the DR, Eric laughs how the letter was decorated with sparkles, pink highlighters, and glitter. I’m wondering why one of the producers’ preteen daughters is sending mail to Daniele pretending to be Nick, heh.

    Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Pouting

    Daniele finds Amber alone in the backyard, reveling in her misery. She tries to comfort Amber by telling her that Dustin’s huge ego and poor attitude in general brought the HG’s after him. Amber gives Daniele permission to put anyone she wants on the block and emphasizes that Daniele needs to do what’s best for her (I’m sure Daniele was waiting for Amber’s seal of approval). Amber says she’s been honest in the game, and is not about to start kissing Daniele’s ass just because she’s HoH. Daniele leaves her with the comforting thought that she’s not sure what she’s going to do at this point.

    God Bless the Children of Clueless Women Everywhere

    We’re entertained with a horrifying series of clips in which Amber asks various HG’s the definitions of such words as charismatic, ridicule, superficial, integrity, back-door, being outed, perceive, sub-alliance, implication, and peanut gallery (which for the record, Jameka says must be someone who likes peanuts, and I fall off my chair). Isn’t Amber a recovering drug addict? I suggest someone inform her the word ‘crack’ can also mean ‘to open’, then perhaps encourage her to crack open some of her young daughter’s schoolbooks every once in a while. This woman has some serious challenges in life, and at this point I have to wonder if she even knows how to spell her own name.

    Ah, College, It has Advantages

    Jess and Eric challenge Zach and Daniele to a favorite college pastime called beer pong (with Eric drinking for Daniele since she’s not 21). Zach isn’t satisfied with mere pong, however, and ups the ante by proposing some interesting wagers culminating in Eric wearing one of the female HG’s booty shorts (ewww) and Eric and Jess swapping clothes. Jess definitely gets the better end of the deal as a woman donning a man’s t-shirt is nothing compared to seeing a man in a hound’s-tooth dress, headband and silver heels.

    Jameka and Amber steal away with Dick hoping he’ll tell them how he was able to convince the others to keep him and evict Dustin. Amber sits slack-jawed as Dick explains that he had been acting up when he was spewing filth in an effort to ensure Daniele’s safety (because BB thinks we’re idiots, a black and white flashback airs of Dick running around the house taunting everyone). Dick continues flapping his gums about how smug Dustin was and how no one could stand seeing him in the crown and king’s robe he’d wear around the house. Dick asks them to confirm that Dustin volunteered to go on the block, and they both nod that he did indeed. After Dick leaves, Jameka whispers to Amber that she’s not buying it, and Amber says Jess and Eric were fools to make a deal with Dick. I wait for her to call him the devil, but sigh, she doesn’t. She does believe that Dick, Daniele, Jess and Eric have a deal to take each other to the final four.

    Food Comp - Toga Style

    The HG’s are given bed sheets with which to fashion togas, and they all gather in the backyard for a large-scale beer pong game, called Slop Pong, using trashcans and volleyballs. They’re split into two teams of four. Red Team: Dick, Eric, Jess and Zach against Blue Team: Amber, Jameka, Jen and Daniele. The first team to get the most balls in the cans wins food for next week - losing team is relegated to eating slop. But, if both teams get a ball into a can labeled ‘Feast’ before the time is up, the entire house will get one hearty feast later in the week. Jess and Daniele start off the most accurate, and Jess and Zach get a ball in the ‘Feast’ can. The Red Team pulls ahead 5-2, when Jameka nails her team’s ‘Feast’ can ensuring a household feast at some later date. Slowly but surely the score narrows to a tie of 9-9, with the Red Team finally scoring the winning point. With any luck, we’ll be spared Amber’s emotional melt down, which is surely to follow.

    As they enter the house, they’re happily surprised to see a smaller kitchen table has replaced the original large one which is always an outward sign of just how far they’ve come in the overall game.

    Puppy Love

    Like an awkward teenage boy, Eric hops on Jessica’s bed looking like he’s desperately trying to find an excuse to get to second base with Jess. Dick walks into the room and tells Eric to just go ahead and kiss her already. Jess laughs saying he sounds like Julie, prompting Dick to stop in his tracks asking, “Julie?” Then he quickly recognizes that Julie must have said something to Jess when she was alone in the HoH room. She lies and says she told Julie that Eric’s a lot of fun, but she’s only focusing on the game. We’re shown a black and white clip and witness her saying that once they’re out of the house, maybe they’ll discover something is there. This little play between the three of them is a refreshing change from the typical stressful, nasty tones we show-watchers normally witness.

    Our Player, America

    Eric is called to the DR to learn that America wants him to nominate Amber for eviction, and he’s thrilled to comply. He immediately scurries to the HoH room where he finds Dick and Daniele eating cookies. He saunters in congratulating them on getting Dustin out and smoothly shifts focus to now getting rid of Amber. He says they should “bury Amber’s spirits entirely” by nominating her. Dick is quick to agree, but later Daniele confides to us that she doesn’t trust Eric so she wants to think about.

    Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It

    Eric is to share a special moment with a HG, and I sit up in rapt attention hoping by that they mean he needs to put the moves on someone, and I think Dick would be the perfect person, heheh. But rats, he’s supposed to give his childhood stuffed animal to someone, and America needs to decide who will be the recipient. *yawn*

    It’s That Time Again

    It’s time for Daniele to announce her nominations for eviction and everyone gathers around the much smaller table. I note with amusement that Amber already looks like she’s been crying. Daniele says this was one of the hardest decisions she’s ever made, and that she doesn’t take the game personally. To prove her point, although Jess nominated her last week, Jess is first to learn she’s safe. In quick succession the others are Jen, Dick, Zach, and Eric, which leaves Amber and Jameka. She tells the two of them the only reason she picked them for eviction is because everyone likes them and she doesn’t want to sit next to either one at the end of the game. Jameka feels everything happens for a reason, and believes the end of the game is already ordained. Amber isn’t worried because if everything turns out like God has told her it will, she’s going to win the POV, and she and Jameka will be the final two in the game. And there you have it - God has told me to bring this recap to a close, and has warned me that Amber is going to be doing a lot more crying before she’s gone. One final thought….Daniele tells us Jen is the real target because she’s a good competitor, and she’d like to take her out now while she can. What has God told you recently? Let me know via a pm here. A big thank you to snapit for the Eric-in-Drag photo!
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    Re: Big Brother 8/19/07 Recap: The House of Delusional Thinkers

    Wonderful recap, Roses!

    Love the pictures and captions.

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    Re: Big Brother 8/19/07 Recap: The House of Delusional Thinkers

    The screencaps and captions had me laughing, roses! Great recap!
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    Re: Big Brother 8/19/07 Recap: The House of Delusional Thinkers

    Roses - that's hilarious. And I too know and love Arnold Horshack

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    Re: Big Brother 8/19/07 Recap: The House of Delusional Thinkers

    Great recap and pictures. this picture of Eric is priceless
    this is what they gave us to work with
    If Jessica doesn't win this she deserves a great prize of some kind for putting up with the nerd. She deserves something for having the strongest stomach in the house. Actually, viewers deserves something too for being stuck with an AP like this little nail biting show off. Our prize should be at least one good smack across his face for every time he stuck his little fist in his mouth to chew on his nails - Ugh!

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    Re: Big Brother 8/19/07 Recap: The House of Delusional Thinkers

    God told me I should stop watching Big Brother because it's bad for my health.

    Very funny recap, roses!
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    Re: Big Brother 8/19/07 Recap: The House of Delusional Thinkers

    Like an awkward teenage boy, Eric hops on Jessica’s bed looking like he’s desperately trying to find an excuse to get to second base with Jess.
    Thanks for the recap, roses!!
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