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Thread: Big Brother 8: Interview with Dustin -- "My dumb ass asked for it."

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Dustin -- "My dumb ass asked for it."

    Loved the interview!! Too bad you couldn't tell him the truth.
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Dustin -- "My dumb ass asked for it."

    Out of one side of his mouth Dustin says his goal was to be himself, and out of the other that he's not as arrogant as he was portrayed. Oh yes he is !

    Thanks for doing/sharing the interview hepcat !
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Dustin -- "My dumb ass asked for it."

    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat;2533063;
    It's Sequesterville for this week's pawn, Dustin Erikstrup, a shoe salesman from Chicago who entered the house not knowing he would be sharing a toothpaste cubby with his ex. From now until a winner is crowned, the evicted houseguests will be protected from any knowledge of the game -- meaning, we can't talk to them by phone for fear we would let something vital about the game slip. Nevertheless, we caught up with Dustin by email to talk about his time in the house.

    Itís hard to predict what will happen on eviction night (since Iím writing these questions on Wednesday). What do you think was the deciding factor for the voting houseguests on who to vote out?

    I think for each person it was different. Jen and Ericís alliance was voting me out for sure, but Zach I feel had his own reasons.

    Who do you think put mustard on Jenís shirt?

    Dick. Or Eric. Eric may have to set up Nick or Dick.

    There were several tense moments in the house. What were you thinking during Amberís blow-up at Eric?

    I was thinking that she will regret this later. Being close with both Eric and Amber at the time, I was stuck in a hard spot. Iím glad she got it off her chest, but I feel she could have implemented tact and chosen a more private time and place to address the issue.

    How did Eric recover from that fight to being saved by that ďsideĒ of the house so soon afterward?

    It was really a decision on my behalf to stress the numbers. If we kept Eric in the house, it was a numbers game. Eric was a person to have on our side as far as numbers go. I tried to stress that this is a game, and not to take things personally.

    Did you throw any competitions?

    I never threw any competitions no. I definitely didnít TRY for Danieleís POV though. No sacrifices for her!

    Since you and Amber were close, and were closely aligned Ė what did you think of the way she told extremely personal details about her life to others in the house?

    I think it was a mistake on her part to invest so much of her trust, her heart, and her life into these people because THIS IS A GAME. She was thinking too much with her heart and not her head in this game.

    Besides Amber, was there anyone in the house you felt you had a connection to?

    Jameka secondly, but mostly Amber.

    If Joe had stayed in the house, do you think you would have ended up in an alliance with him?


    Why did you not come into the house to help Jameka when she and Dick were getting into a shouting match? Meaning, why did you watch from the sliding glass doors then go back out to the back yard?

    Because Jameka knows what is best for her. She can handle herself in these situations. She is a very strong, independent female, and when she is on a tangent about something, she wonít stop. There was no point in stopping her once she was started.

    Who would be worse to be trapped in a booth with at Dennyís: Dick or Daniele?

    Daniele, she has 0 personality.

    Was being put up by Jessica a surprise?

    Not at all, my dumb ass asked for it.

    Did you have any common ground with Kail?

    Kail and I came from completely opposite upbringings and lifestyles. I enjoyed learning about her life and I hope she enjoyed learning about mine.

    What did you think of Jameka giving up 5 HOH competitions?

    I thought it was a move that she didnít need to do. She definitely could have gone without sacrificing so much for others in this game.

    What sort of game is Zach playing?

    I have no idea. Zach is something else man, something else.

    Do you agree with Daniele when she said that the house was blaming her unfairly for her fatherís actions?

    No. Daniele chose to isolate herself from everyone in this house and chose to walk around with a chip on her shoulder. If she thought that people were treating her unfairly, she could have addressed the issue weeks earlier, but she didnít. Her negative attitude and unwillingness to get to know the other houseguests was and continues to be her downfall.

    Is Jen acting, or is she really the kind of person who cries over her picture on the memory wall?

    Jen is shallow yes. It was all too real the way she acts in the BB house.

    What does slop taste like?

    Untreated grainy oatmeal. Its not unbearable to be honest with you.

    Is there anything you would have done differently in the game?

    I would NOT have put myself up as a pawn.

    Is there anything you would like the viewers to know about you or your experience on the show?

    Know that I am trustworthy, and not nearly as arrogant as I am portrayed. Arrogance is a downfall of mine but I can only imagine how it was portrayed for TV.

    Thanks to CBS for the pipeline into the sequester house!
    Portrayed on TV? Did he really say that? We saw it live as it was happening on the internet. That's not a splice job by CBS. If anything, CBS tried to make him seem better than he was. Unbelievable. I swear every year these hamsters forget that we are watching them live and unedited and still try to blame the editing.

    Good job, Hep. I bet it would have been interesting to talk to him live because from what I understand, he was still cocky and arrogant on the CBS morning show the next day. Thanks for doing this!

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Dustin -- "My dumb ass asked for it."

    Thanks hep!!
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Dustin -- "My dumb ass asked for it."

    Great interview, hepcat! Thank you, you did a great job!

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