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Thread: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

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    Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    This week was supposed to be Jen, right? No, make that Kail. America spoke, and it would be Kail for sure, then. So how the heck did I end up talking to this season’s soft-spoken cutie, Nick Starcevic, who spent his time in the house confessing such goals as becoming a teacher and snuggling up to Daniele as much as possible? Read on to hear Nick talk about his alliances, his impression of the players in the house, and who he’ll have on speed dial after the wrap party. So what if he had a few tense moments this week; Nick was easy-going and fun on the phone, and not at all bitter.

    Hey, good morning!

    Hi Nick, how are you?

    I’m good, how are you?

    Great. I know you’re really busy today, so I’ll get right to it. First of all, how do you think you ended up nominated by Dustin? Why you?

    I think my downfall came from that second vote last week.

    The mystery vote.

    Yeah, the mystery vote. That really played a part into it. But obviously it stemmed from my original alliance, and people didn’t trust me because I couldn’t tell certain people. Then the mystery vote popped in, and people were sketchy about me, and it bit me in the butt. (chuckling)Now I’m out of the house.

    How many alliances were you in?

    (laughing) What alliance wasn’t I in? I think a hindrance of mine was that I was very approachable from the get-go. So I had a lot of friends in there, and they all came at me very early in the game, which was surprising. I didn’t think it would happen that quick. I would say that I was in two alliances against my will, kind of, and only one main alliance that people didn’t know about. I mean, that in my brain, those were the people I was going to stay true to – it was Daniele, Amber and Jameka. Those are the people I was going to look out for.

    How do you think your eviction this week will affect those three that you were loyal to?

    You know, I don’t know how Jameka’s going to do. She and I kind of fell by the wayside this week. Ever since the beginning of the week, when she put me on slop, and she won the Power of Veto, and I got put up, then she told Amber something, and I don’t know what went into it. I’m sure she’ll be all right with me gone. Amber, who knows any more? She’s a very emotional person. (laughing) She’s either a very emotional person or she sells it very well, so I’m not sure how to take it right now. Daniele, I know for sure 100% that we did have a lot of emotional stuff that went with this whole game, and I know for sure that I’ll be missed and that those were real tears shed when I left. I’m sure she’ll miss me and we’ll keep in touch afterwards.

    That’s so sweet.


    Do you harbor any resentment towards Daniele for not telling you that you were going to be put up?

    None whatsoever. Right away when I first heard about it, it affected me for about eight seconds. But right away I understood. I told her, “You know, you couldn’t have told me without compromising your situation.” Being an emotional person myself, I probably would have reacted and gone up to people and confronted them about knowing, and would have reacted emotionally. I told her a long time ago I was in it to make sure certain people get to the end, people I want to surround myself with. Maybe she was testing me to see if that was true, but I want her to go to the end, and me leaving early just helps her get to that conclusion.

    When do you think the other houseguests will catch on to Eric?

    You know what? Maybe this week. That second vote, he cast one this week too. Who knows what’s going to happen? Sooner or later it’s going to catch up to him and I think he’s got it coming.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the show yet…


    Okay, so you know that several of the houseguests said they didn’t like Kail and wanted her out of the house, and everyone seemed to like you.


    So are you ticked off that your friends are the ones that voted you out?

    No, not really, because it’s just the context of the game. Signing up for this, I knew that things were going to happen that might be unfair to me, or things that I wouldn’t be a big fan of, but I know for the most part that everyone genuinely like me, and I’m not going to hold it against them that I had a strong bond with them and they had to vote me out. I had to vote Joe out, and he was my favorite in the house. That was really tough for me to do because he really wanted to be in the house, and really wanted to be there in the end, and that was tough for me to do too. So I don’t hold anything against anyone.

    So, Zach seemed to be kind of annoying to me as a feed watcher.

    (laughing) Well, you’re not too far off on that. I told him that many times, because I want to help him in the game as well. When I knew that I was leaving this week, I told him, “Hey man, you have to watch the way you present yourself. You’re a big follower, you’re kind of the human shadow,” and that’s not a good thing. Kind of distance yourself. If some people are in a room together, don’t go barging in and say, (imitating Zach) Hey guys, what’s up? Whatchya talking about?’” I’m just trying to look out for him because in the end, I could tell that he’s a good guy. He gets on some people’s nerves, including myself, and I voiced my opinion to him about that.

    If he were to win HOH, who do you predict will suddenly become his friend?

    Dustin. Dustin would for sure become his friend. I think Jameka would become his biggest threat, and she would be up if he got it. But I don’t foresee her cozying up to Zach if that happened. Kail is the other person who would flock back his way.

    Your relationship with Evel Dick was complicated by the fact that he was Daniele’s father.


    Will you look him up after the show?

    Yeah! I liked Evel Dick. I heard some stuff about him too, and he’s a very opinionated person, but I like that about him. He took it to a certain level that was probably unacceptable sometimes, but he and I had a lot of good conversations – I don’t know if they were aired. I got to know the other half of Evel Dick, and I liked him.

    Well, from Evel Dick to Jen.

    Oh, perfect.

    You went from comforting her when she was nominated by Dustin –

    (laughing) Yeah!

    And other times you were completely going off on her. So what happened that changed your attitude toward her?

    I feel empathy for anybody who is crying, and if they’re going to get caught up in the game that much, I feel bad. She thought that Dustin was her friend and he put her up. I felt bad for her. I was one of the first people who wanted to see her go, but I felt bad for her when I saw her crying. What changed it for me was when she was being attacked by Evel Dick, she copped out and took the easy way out – she took a cheap shot at Daniele, and that got on my nerves, so I stood up for Daniele. I thought by doing that, Jen would realize that people don’t like her. I hadn’t voiced my opinion about her too much, I just kept that in the back of my mind. But that set me off, and I didn’t like the way she handled it, and I let her know.

    What did you think of Jen’s claim that Dick was the one who told her details about Daniele’s personal life?

    Yeah, I have no clue about any of that. I hadn’t even heard of it.

    Was that weird when Julie Chen asked Eric if the mohawk was in solidarity with you, and he said, “No, no, no --” before he went on to say anything else?

    Yeah, well, it was funny because he didn’t get the question. We were talking about that during commercial break. Leading up to the live show, Eric stresses out unbelievably because he’s trying to think, “What is Julie going to ask me? I’ve got to prepare myself.” And every week he gets some question he’s not prepared for, and that kind of caught him off guard – especially the stab at him, “Oh, you’re Nick’s little brother.” (sounding amused) He might have taken offense to that, so he really didn’t know how to word himself, but I think he handled it all right.

    So many people on our site want to know about you and Daniele. Do you think your feelings for Daniele go beyond friendship?

    My feelings definitely go beyond friendship, and I’m sure hers do, too. I know she couldn’t voice her opinion much, and I told her not to. I said, “Keep everything reserved. We’ll talk outside the house.” I know she’s got feelings for me and I’ve definitely got feelings for her. I’m not expecting anything, but if something were to happen I wouldn’t be against it.

    Are you going to get the feeds for the rest of the summer?

    I probably won’t watch the internet feeds because I live out in the country, and there’s no way that it’s working, but I would like to get Showtime if we don’t already have it. Just to see the late night stuff just so I can feel like I’m still there. (laughing)

    Did you see any banner planes while you were in the house?

    I didn’t. But I know that they were present. We get put inside when that happens and none of us ever see them.

    Do you have any regrets about anything you said or did in the house?

    No, everything I did and said, I knew that people were going to hear it. I think I didn’t offend anybody, really – except for Jen. I’m sure there’s no internet viewers out there who are really offended, but yeah. I have no regrets about anything I did.

    Would you like to tell us what your future plans are?

    Future plans! Ten years from now… (chuckling) I see myself being married with kids, and teaching and coaching. But within the next ten years, I have no clue what I’m going to do. I’m going to weigh my options and see what I want to do. Maybe I’ll want to take different avenues, different roads, and this experience has opened my eyes to different things.

    Maybe the Mohawk will have grown out by the time you’re teaching.

    Totally. Yeah. (laughing)

    Many thanks to FoRTers who sent in questions: itsmejean, jabberwocky, angelic_one2002, 11sstephanie, AshleyPSU, andee, catgyrl, MsFroggy, and AsIs. And many thanks to Nick who was on a tight schedule with lots of press!
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat;2506135;
    I had to vote Joe out, and he was my favorite in the house. That was really tough for me to do because he really wanted to be in the house, and really wanted to be there in the end, and that was tough for me to do too. So I don’t hold anything against anyone.
    Aww. I knew that this was a hard vote for Nick, and I'm glad he has confirmed that a couple times in interviews, as part of explaining why he doesn't hold people's actions in the game against them.

    Even though I don't think Nick is biseuxal anymore, I still think it's really cute how close of friends Nick and Joe were. Nick saying Joe was his favorite in the house is high praise. I hope Joe and Nick are getting back in touch in the outside world even as I write.

    Thanks for the interview!
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Thank you for another great interview Hepcat. Nick seems like a really nice, down to earth, guy.

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Thanks for another great interview!
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Great job Hepcat! Nick is such a sweetie. I was sorry to see him go.
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Thanks for the interview Hep! You are the best! Nick seems like a really nice guy. It's a shame his time in the house was cut so short.
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Thanks Hep, this interview reinforced my opinion of Nick as a generally nice kind of guy!
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Great interview, Hep.
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Wow I just happened on this thread. sure glad I found it. Great interview hep, and that Nick is one softie. Such a cutie and such a good heart! thanks.

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Nick – “What Alliance WASN’T I In?”

    Thank you for the wonderful interview, hepcat. I wasn't super fond of Nick at the beginning, but felt bad for him when he was set up. And ... he ended up being such a puppy with Daniele ... and well who doesn't love cute puppies ?

    Thanks again for doing the interview and sharing it with us.
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