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Thread: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

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    Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    Alas, poor Magnus! We did NOT know him well. In fact, if you watched the televised version of this summer’s Big Brother you would not know that Mike Dutz, the ripped painting-contractor-slash-male-model from Wisconsin who got evicted on last night’s show, spent some time dating the ladies of the house. With whom did he share frozen grapes in the hammock, America wonders. The answer lies on the editors’ cutting room floor -- much to Mike’s dismay. In this interview, he talks about his air time, what we didn’t get to see, and his frustration with his time in the house. I found him to be a pleasant person to talk to, and much more talkative than I was expecting, considering he seemed such a quiet presence in the house.

    Hello Mike, I’m from Fans Of Reality TV.com. It’s good to talk to you today.


    So…as a viewer, I really could not tell how the vote was going to go last night. Was last night’s eviction a surprise to you?

    Actually, it was not a surprise to me. Earlier on in the week I thought I had the votes and I felt confident. But in my campaigning, especially towards the latter end of my campaign, in talking to people who I thought I really had the votes with, their body language was very awkward from its usual manner, so I kind of knew something was up. On Thursday morning I was definitely under the impression that I was leaving so I was very well prepared to hear my name called as being evicted.

    Were people lying to you right to your face then by the end of the week?

    Well, people were kind of telling me – you know, they would refer to me as a person who has the values of integrity and loyalty, and that they were of the opinion that they also possessed those values, and that in saying that I should be able to tell which way their vote was being swayed. So that, in a sense, made me think I had their vote -- but they didn’t come out and actually say that I did.

    Oh, I see.

    In that sense, they were leading me to believe a little bit that I did have their vote when in fact I didn’t. That being said, the only person who kind of went back on her word that we did strike an agreement with from the beginning was Amber. I did say to her, “If I watch your back and keep you in this week, you watch my back down the line.” That certainly wasn’t reciprocated.

    Was it a decision in support of Kail or a decision against you?

    It was definitely a decision against me. I think they figured out they can use Kail to their advantage further down the road just because she’s an emotional player and she’s going to be easily disposed of down the line because so many people are against her. Whereas, if I would have remained in the house I think they viewed me as a harder person to target and a tough person to get rid of.

    Who do you think voted for you to stay? Do you know yet?

    Yes, I do know who voted for me -- Zach and Eric.

    I guess they’ve explained why Eric voted for you by now, then.

    Yup. (laughing) They explained it to me. It’s a very weird twist.

    Do you think anybody in the house has any inkling about Eric or the twist?

    No, I don’t think anybody has any clue as to that twist. Eric did a very good job of hiding that. I certainly had no idea. But now that it has been revealed I can put two and two together and realize there were some moments where he seemed a little bit unusual. He was called into the Diary Room quite frequently, and it all makes sense to me now that I know it.

    I wonder when people are going to catch on. As the season goes on, what do you think will catch him out?

    I think later on. If he remains in the house long enough, the votes are not going to be as easy to hide as to who voted where. I think that’s when he’s going to be caught up in it.

    What did you think about the mustard incident when it happened?

    At first I thought it was funny but then I thought about it, and I thought that it was kind of poor that somebody would squirt mustard on someone’s shirt and ruin it. I didn’t know what value it had to Jen or if the shirt didn’t really mean anything, or not. If it were a t-shirt of mine than I certainly wouldn’t have cared; if it were a dress shirt, I would have cared. So I didn’t necessarily agree with the situation, but knowing that America was behind it makes it a little more acceptable.

    Don’t blame me! I thought it was mean-spirited.

    (both laughing)

    How quickly did you form your alliance of four? To viewers, it seemed almost immediate.

    Right. It did happen fairly rapidly. It was within, I believe, day two or three.

    Did you feel like you got to know them before –

    No, not at all. It was very unusual because Kail became HOH and she sought me out. She wanted to form an alliance and I felt pressured at that time to get into one with her for fear that if I refused her she would view me as a threat and put me up the first week on the block. So I kind of felt pressured to get into an alliance with people. I told her that I wanted it to be only two people. She felt we needed numbers; that other people were against us. I was willing to go with three, and then the third person we brought in, Zach, we didn’t know he had already struck a deal with Nick. So he said that the only way he’s coming in was if it’s four, so it suddenly turned out to be four people in an alliance in no time.

    When talking to Julie Chen you talked about the POV competition being a display of character, keeping your word, and showing your loyalty. Do you think if you could go back you would choose the same people to be loyal to?

    If I could go back I wouldn’t have gotten into an alliance. I didn’t want to. I wanted to be solo for the first week. Had I had the chance to stay solo for a while, I would have. Circumstances just didn’t work out that way.

    Kail really seemed to fall to pieces this week after her campaign for her survival against Jen didn’t seem to go anywhere. When the Power of Veto was played, she really seemed rattled. Is she playing the game well? What’s your impression of her?

    My impression of her is that she’s a little bit sloppy in her game. She seeks out immediate responses and decisions and she’s sort of rash in that manner. Like our alliance -- obviously, because it was kind of given up in hopes of throwing some turmoil in the house, possibly interchanging positions of people and possibly persuading people about who was going up on the block; all in hopes that it wouldn’t be her.

    I watched her on the feeds and I know her reaction to hearing someone wanted her out was just straightforward, “No, that simply cannot happen” and she wouldn’t let it go from the instant she heard that. She was like a dog with a bone about it.

    Right, and she sought me out immediately for advice, and I didn’t have any at that time. I’m a person that needs to take things in and give it some time and think about it. Within a matter of an hour, she came up to me probably four different times for advice. And I just didn’t have it at that time. I finally told her, “I don’t have anything to tell you. Just go with whatever is in your heart right now.” And for her, that was giving up two people in the alliance.

    What did you think of the reason Dustin gave for voting you out - that he knew nothing about you?

    Yes, probably because he doesn’t know anything about me. Likewise, I don’t know too much about him. We were workout partners, and we talked a lot about fitness and proper nutrition and things of that nature. But outside of that, we really didn’t have a relation or connection in any way. It’s not that the attempt was never made. My attempt with everybody was to build a relationship. I made a point of going out and asking people questions, trying to pick their brain and find something there to build upon. Some people were just completely unreceptive to that and didn’t want to carry on those conversations. For some reason they didn’t want to have anything to do with me. So those are the kind of people that I just avoided and all I had was to sit back and observe them to get any indications off of their behavior of what their actions were going to be.

    Jen looked really broken up when she voted to evict you. I don’t know if you’ve seen that tape yet because it was live.

    Yes, yes I did.

    What was your relationship with her in the house?

    We’re good friends in the house. Definitely, there was a trust level with both of us. She was really torn between Kail and myself because she had good relationships with both people. I think it was genuinely very hard for her because no matter who went, it was somebody she cared about.

    Who were you close to in the house?

    The people I was closest to in the house were Kail, Jen, and Zach.

    You had a lot of “dates” in the beginning with the other girls. Did you feel you made more inroads with the female side of the house than the male?

    Yeah, definitely. What was going on with those dates – I definitely feel that way.

    I don’t even know if that made the televised show.

    No, it didn’t. No.

    (both laughing)

    Oh, how funny. So when you had that two-hour-plus date with Amber, and she was talking a mile a minute and you were mostly listening -- you put up with all that and it didn’t even make the show. What were you thinking during that when she shared some very personal details about her past?

    (chuckling) Yeah, um. I was trying to be very polite and a good listener, and she felt it necessary to break down her whole entire past in the two hours I was sitting there listening to her. Actually, though, what I was thinking during that was that I really had to pee. I couldn’t wait for her to be done talking so we could go inside. But, um – (laughing) no, it was an interesting conversation. I enjoyed her opening up and whatnot, but…

    It went on forever.

    Yeah. I definitely would have liked to have engaged a little bit in the conversation had she shut her mouth for a couple of seconds. (laughing)

    It made sense to me that you say you need to take things in and process them, because you seemed to be more of a quiet player. How do you deal with someone like Evel Dick who was 100% confrontational in everything?

    You hit him head on if he’s confrontational with you. Just represent yourself and your maturity level. His actions pretty much speak for themselves. For being the oldest player in the house he didn’t act it and didn’t carry it out. He demeaned people in the house with what he said. The things he said were malicious. People didn’t appreciate it and it put them in uncomfortable situations. So for somebody like that, I don’t foresee him being able to stick around if he continues like that. He definitely has a hot temper. He is quick and rash with his decision-making.

    [b]What would you say was the stupidest controversy in the house? What made you roll your eyes?

    I certainly don’t know all the controversies that went down in the house, but the ones that I was aware of certainly weren’t stupid and I wouldn’t roll my eyes at them. Maybe there’s something I don’t know. There’s nothing that stood out to me as something I would roll my eyes at as a stupid conversation. I don’t know the whole story about everything, though.

    Can I read you some of the houseguests names and you could give me your opinion of them?


    Let’s start off with Dick.

    On the outside, I think he’s a good guy. He’s definitely got a lot of interesting things to say, but at the same time, he’s a hot-tempered person and that hurts his character quite a bit. He certainly needs to work on that.

    How about Nick?

    Nick….you know, I don’t know the real Nick. He’s always horsing around or doing something, and I can’t believe that he’s that person all the time. I don’t think I ever really got to see who he really is. My opinion of him is that he’s a horsing around type of guy, but at the same time I don’t think I really got a true bearing on who he is.

    What about Zach? Because right now the whole house seems to hate him.

    Yeah, they do, and I feel really, really bad for him. In my eyes Zach’s a good guy. But he just tries too hard with things, and people got annoyed with that. In my eyes, he’s a smart guy and he needs to ease into things a little bit more rather than be so pushy.


    Jessica? (sounding exasperated) You know, I don’t know what her deal is. She’s one of the people in the house that I tried numerous times to strike up a conversation with, and she was one of the people who never reciprocated the conversation. It was always one-sided, and the conversation basically ran out when my questions ran out. I don’t know who she is. I don’t know if she’s stuck up or what.

    She wasn’t interested in talking to you, then.

    (sounding a little embarrassed) Yeah, I guess not.

    Well, I didn’t mean she wasn’t -- I don’t know. Anyway, how about Amber?

    I think she’s a very true person. I think she means well and she empathizes with everybody, and could relate to everybody in some way. I think she’s a good person on the inside.

    What about Dustin, this week’s HOH?

    Yeah, I don’t really know a whole lot about Dustin. The one thing I did notice was that after Joe left, he did become sort of a different person, and not in a good way necessarily. He sort of took over the role that Joe was filling in being more dramatic about things.

    That’s interesting. So Joe was keeping him in check somehow?

    Exactly, Joe was keeping him in check. He was a more reserved and quiet character when Joe was in the house, but after Joe left he almost became more of a bitchier person.

    We’re almost out of time, so we’ll just do a few more. How about Eric?

    I think Eric is the funniest character in the house by far. He brings everybody up in spirits. I think he could definitely go pretty far in the game.

    What about Jameka?

    Her morals and values are in line with mine, and I can relate to her on that level. She’s a very good person and means well with everyone.

    And anything else about Jen that you want to add? I know you talked about her earlier.

    Jen is perceived as possibly saying some dumb things – which, I will say, some of the things she said definitely made me scratch my head. I don’t exactly know where she’s coming from. But deep inside she’s a good person. Also, she means well with everything she does.

    What about crying over the picture? Was that an act?

    No, no, I think she’s just very dramatic. She is almost self-centered in a sense in that she got so emotional about her picture. But I think, again, she’s a good person.

    (talking off to the side)

    I’m getting the message that we need to wrap it up.

    Then I’ll just leave it at this: is there anything that you want people to know about you?

    Yeah, that I wish that the dates that I went on would have been aired.

    That’s amazing that they didn’t air it.

    I know, I’m disappointed. (laughing) But there is more to me than what was shown. I’m disappointed in that aspect of the show, too.

    Well remember, America did want to vote out Kail over you.

    Yeah. (laughing)

    Thank you so much for speaking with me today, Mike!

    For the curious, Mike’s house dates were reported in FORT’s live feed recaps on July 6, July 7, July 9, and July 15 .
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    Wow. I feel really sad now, that he didn't get more air time and that he was evicted so soon. I hope he does well now that his part of the show is over.

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    Thanks, hep. He sounds like a nice guy. Too bad we didn't see more of him.
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    Nice guys really do finish last...or at least not first Bye Mike, best of luck to you...

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    Quote Originally Posted by 11sstephanie;2492786;
    Wow. I feel really sad now, that he didn't get more air time and that he was evicted so soon. I hope he does well now that his part of the show is over.

    I am still mad they voted him out

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    Great interview, hep. If only he'd been that interesting in the house!
    Thought about killin' 'im. Kinda hated to go that far. Briscoe Darling

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    According to him, just about everyone is "a good person inside". That constant refrain makes me not take him as seriously.

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    I wonder who the other three dates were with....?

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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    Quote Originally Posted by RetailTherapist;2492915;
    I wonder who the other three dates were with....?
    Check the links at the bottom of the interview.

    I don't think he's equipped to have made final 3 or 4 anyway, but it's unfortunate that Kail forced him into a corner only 2 days into the game. He was doomed from the start.
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    Re: Big Brother 8: Interview with Mike – “I Wanted to be Solo”

    Oh now I see why he was in the alliance that early, kail was HOH, he couldn't say 'no'!

    He seems nice, too bad he was out so fast.

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