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Thread: Big Brother 7/24 Recap: Play Nicely with Dick and You Will Get Off

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    Big Brother 7/24 Recap: Play Nicely with Dick and You Will Get Off

    Welcome back BB fans, itís been a whole two days since our last viewing of the mess in the hamster house. Sunday, Dick nominated Jen and Kail for eviction, everyone gets real food, and Dick is basking in the glory of being Head of Household. All I did was go to work, read the new Harry Potter book, and solve world hunger. Nothing compared to what they are going through. Tonight, we find out if the nominations stick, or if someone shows mercy on Kail and Jen and removes them from the block. Arrange your unitard in a way that makes you the most comfortable and letís get ready to dive into this cesspool.

    See Some Dick
    The nomination ceremony has just concluded and the nominees are just realizing that they are on the block for the week. Kail has decided to play a new game because her old one was not really working out for her. Personally, I donít think any game will work for her; she is not a strategic person. Zack feels like he dodged a huge bullet and thinks he owes Dick a big one. Kail talks to Zack and wants some help with her new game because she does not know what to do. Hello stupid, meet even stupider.

    Later on in the evening, I assume after some alcohol has been consumed, Zack proposes a friendly game of streaking. Someone challenges him to do it and he says he can never turn down a challenge. Sucker! He strips out of his clothes and leaves a towel behind so when his fun is done he can cover up. After the clothes are off he stands there in all his glory, or lack thereof, he is fuzzed so we have no idea, and he dashes to the pool and jumps in. Now we all know he has no glory after that little swim. He gets out of the pool to find out that all the houseguests went inside with his clothes and towel. They are standing there pointing and laughing. I know now that his goods are less than impressive and now he has shown it all to the viewing public via the live feeds. Once again, sucker!

    Meanwhile, Jen and Kail are talking about the veto competition. They agree that one of them has to win it so they can come down from the block. That is some deep strategy. Mike joins them in the room and tells them that if he wins he will use the veto on one of them. They are surprised and hope that he gets picked for the competition.

    Being a Dick
    Dick decides he wants to talk with Kail and finds her in one of the bedrooms. She tells him what a great person he is, he agrees. He tells her what a crappy player she is. She then tells him a little secret, no not the size the Zackís package, but that Jen is after Daniele and she should be the one to go. He calls her a liar and tells her that she went against him and now he wants her out of the house. She stands there and takes it proving she is stupider than I ever imagined, but not Jen stupid, that is just beyond the stupid scope.

    In the diary room, Eric is informed that he has another lame challenge to perform. He has to vandalize someoneís stuff and that person will be chosen by America. America, yes, you and I, have selected Jen. Now personally, I didnít vote but I would have voted for her, so thank you America for reading my mind. Eric watches Jen and waits for her to go outside and then quickly goes to her bedroom and squirts mustard on her pillow and part of a t-shirt. He runs and puts the mustard in the storeroom and no one is the wiser. Jen discovers the mess on her pillow and shirt and inquires into it. She finds Mike in a nearby room and questions him and he doesnít know just like the rest of the house. She starts calling for the ď2nd graderĒ of the house and of course, no one responds. To which, I think she is kind of surprised. Eric starts joking about it and then threatens anyone who does it to his stuff.

    After mustardgate settles down, Dick announces that itís time to pick players for the veto. Dick selects Zack, Kail gets Jessica, and Jen chooses Nick. Dick announces that Eric will host and that the competition will start in 1 hour. Good, plenty of time for Dick to tough talk everyone in the competition just like Jen did last week. I wonder if Amber will cry even though sheís not involved at all.

    Dick finds Kail and confronts her about selling Jen out last night and tells her he wants her out of the house. Dick then finds Jen and tells her what Kail told him the other day about wanting her out of the house. Jen looks shocked but doesnít really say anything. He then finds Kail and tells her what he just did. He calls her a liar and she denies all of it, proving that she is a liar. Jen and Dick talk again and Jen really starts to think about what Dick just told her. You can almost see her body straining from the use of her brain. I hope she doesnít weaken herself for the veto.

    Playing with Dick
    Its veto time as Eric bursts out of the storage room wearing a fancy pimp costume or a Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland outfit. He tells the veto players that they have outfits waiting for them in there as well. They all dash in and everyone comes out wearing crazy outfits with big tall hats on.

    The outside is decorated like a huge tea party, and in the side of the lawn are 6 colorful pedestals. Each person competing will need to stand on a pedestal with a glass balanced on top of their big hat. If anyone falls off a pedestal or knocks their glass over on their hat they are out, the last person standing wins veto. Within seconds of starting, Kail is the first one down. Dick mocks her as she runs off to get out of her outfit.

    A few minutes later the rest of the houseguests come into the backyard wearing crazy outfits to make the others laugh. They start acting crazy and targeting certain players. Their goal is to get everyone off their pedestal and leave Dick last so that the nominations stay. Jessica is the next to fall and she is overcome with laughter from a man wearing a pirate costume. Eventually Nick and Zack go down and itís left to just Jen and Dick.

    Kail recruits Mike work to get Dick off. That just sounded really dirty but you know what I meanÖI hope. Dick tells Jen that if she goes down for him(once again, not meant to be dirty) he promises she wonít go. She wants the protection of the veto. Mike is working awfully hard on Dick at this point and not really being successful. Dick calls him on his stupidity and tells him that he is going to be put up on the block because of this. Mike tells him he doesnít care so Dick steps down. Jen is the POV winner.

    Making Dick Erupt
    After the veto competition is completed Kail does not want to start campaigning because she does not know who she is going up against. Did she miss the dialogue between Dick and Mike in the backyard? She decides its all in godís hands and she then prays for his protection. I am sure she is his/hers number one priority right now.

    Up in the HOH room Nick is listening to music as Zack and Jen are hanging out. Nick asks them to leave so he can have some time alone. Dick goes up to the HOH and tells Nick he does not want him in his room if heís not in there and then storms out. He and Nick meet up in the backyard to discuss what happened. Dick thinks that Nick is in a secret alliance with Zack and Jen and they were plotting in the HOH. Paranoid much? Nick denies this and doesnít call him a crazy old fool, which disappoints me.

    Dick goes up to the HOH to talk with Daniele. She tells him that everyone in the house is mad at him and thinks heís on a major power trip. Yeah, that seems about right. She tells him everything is so hard for her, blah, blah, blah. He tells her Nick complicates things. She doesnít want to talk about it or talk and fight with her dad anymore. She gets upset and leaves, and he throws a pillow. Dick follows her outside and as she is swinging in the hammock he tells her that once the show is over, he would like to go to family counseling with her. She agrees. Awww, a nice tender Big Brother moment.

    After the little fight, Dick is talking with Eric, Daniele, and Jameka about taking Nick out. They all kind of agree and we are all left scratching our heads and wondering if Nick will be put up instead of Mike. Whatever BB producers, I am smarter than you think and not falling to your games of editing trickery.

    An Honorable Dick
    Jen calls all the houseguests together and tells them its veto ceremony time. Kail goes first on why she should stay in the house, she tells Jen to keep it, and she won it. Jen tells everyone she thinks she should keep the veto because she won it and deserves to be in the house. She then removes herself from the block. Dick gets up and tells everyone he is going to nominate Mike. No shocks or surprises here.

    Another episode down and about a million more to go before this show ends. Thanks for joining me on this ho hum episode and hopefully next week someone will yell about gonorrheaÖexcept that already happened. Maybe someone will reveal they are an exotic dancer/scientist, wait that only happens on pirate shows. Sorry, I just canít come up with any crazy scenarios, so I bid you all farewell.

    If you picked up on a theme in this recap you are prospective Jensa member, PM your application and I will review it.
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    Re: Big Brother 7/24 Recap: Play Nicely with Dick and You Will Get Off

    Hee! I love the theme!

    Great recap, Gnomie!
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    Re: Big Brother 7/24 Recap: Play Nicely with Dick and You Will Get Off

    Gnomie, are you serious? There's a chance I could be a Jensa member? Heheh, I said member <---- said in my best Beavis and Butthead voice. Thanks for a wonderful recap with a Dick theme, you just can't ask for more than that.
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    Re: Big Brother 7/24 Recap: Play Nicely with Dick and You Will Get Off

    I only hope that Kail reads this recap at some point, and comes to terms with Dick, !
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    Re: Big Brother 7/24 Recap: Play Nicely with Dick and You Will Get Off

    Great recap Yardgnome! Wish I had the live feeds! I'm not a mensa member, but a menses member
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    Re: Big Brother 7/24 Recap: Play Nicely with Dick and You Will Get Off

    Great recap, Yardie!
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