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Thread: 8/21 Live Feed Transcripts

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    fish again!!!!!!!!

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    I don't know what happened, but they are sitting around eating and Nk, K, the twins all seem very talkative. The guys are not talking and Di is not talking.
    Dw is saying he wants some mac and cheese, and Mv comments on how much Dw loves that mac and cheese.
    Di: I am so anti-mac and cheese.

    K: If you want to put up CB, too, that's fine. Cause we know he is safe.
    K says or Nk could put up Dw.
    (I'm going to say that one of the twins won the POV because they are discussing who could go up.) Nk says she is going to have to talk to everyone.
    Nk says that she would have to talk to CB because he would freak out.
    K says that Dw would, too. K points out that Dw is not talking to anyone in the house.

    Di is in a baaad mood.

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    Sounds like Diane didn't play but Karen did? Marvin did? Diane said Nakomis was a good narrator. Wait, now I'm not sure. Okay, I give up, I'm going to bed.
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    While K and Nk were in the SR they had that brief little talk, and K says that she can tell that "those girls are in his head!"

    Di was talking about grabbing names and putting them on a board, and how BB wouldn't let people go back and get a bunch at once instead of going and getting a name, going to the board, going back and getting another name, etc.

    Di says maybe she just watches people's faces too much....

    Mv is putting something in a jar, sort of slapping them in it, and I don't know what it is.

    NK: Ugh. Well, shit. It smells like weed in here.

    CB: Did we get a lot of 'em?
    Nk: No, it's just a couple of 'em.

    CB: See, that last time I was looking at the sideburns and I shoulda put Ja, but I wasn't thinking Ja.
    (I'm thinking maybe they saw a little part of someone's face and had to decide whose face it was and match the face with the name)
    CB: I knew that one up there was Nk.
    Mv: So that was W, Sc, and who else?
    CB: And L.
    CB: That was called DNA what?
    Tw: Morphomatics.
    Nk thought it was Morphatron.

    I think I might see the POV hanging over on the wall under one of the twin's pictures, but I can't tell which.

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    Karen Hosted the PoV competition.

    One of the twins won. No clue which one yet.

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    Nk is standing over to the side with her arms crossed, watching everyone pensively.

    Di and K are talking to at least one of the twins. I can't see them on this feed.
    Mv: It showed that women are definitely more observant than guys are!
    Dw: Yes.

    Camera 3 is pretty funny, with Nk standing over there with her hands on her hips, chewing her bottom lip like she is trying to decide something.....

    Mv tells Di that she is checking out his booty.
    CB: If you had to choose one person, who do you think would have fell? Cause we were sliding. I was sliding all over. I was sliding so bad, I stepped off the stage.
    Mv: I'll tell you what this is the first one of the games that I really want to see.
    Dw laughs
    (Nk is still standing over to the side, not talking)
    K is talking 90 miles an hour, and Di is talking with her. Na is talking to them, too, because I heard her talk about her husband.

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    Everyone got up to look at the photos on the wall with the keys.

    Na is telling K that she wants to talk with K more. Na says that she appreciates the way K has been throughout all of this. Na says that what happened with W had nothing to do with K. W's conversation with her is all that she had to go off of in her vote. Na says that she sees a spark of honesty coming off of K, and she appreciates how K has been acting and playing the game. K says she couldn't play any other way, that is how she is. Na says that yes, people could be a certain way, but they won't.
    K: I don't think that you could, I mean, you could be young and really bright, or whatever, but I don't think that....
    Talk about how it is about maturity.
    Talk about how people can choose how they treat people, etc.
    Na says that she tries to live her life as Jesus would, that's what she strives for.
    K says she does the same, she went to Catholic school but doesn't consider herself a Catholic.
    K says you go down to the South and there are billboards about church, and you can go into any church and be welcome, and that's something you don't have in the North.
    Na says that she likes her pastor because he pulls his messages straight out of the Bible, etc. (They are having a convo about the churches in North/South, etc.)
    Na says that she appreciates NBC and she respects them as a station.
    K says that she knows that things can get dirty on this show, but she doesn't want to portray herself, and she has to be as honest as she can to herself and believe in herself, and she thinks that is the best way you can be in the game.
    Na says that there are too many things speculated, but she has to go by how people portray themselves directly to her, because people may say one thing and act another way. Na says it was a hard decision, and it was nothing against anyone.
    K says that she just made the commitment and she had to stick with it with W, because after L left W was "twisting in the wind." K says that she had to keep her promise, because if you break one commitment or promise, no one will trust you.
    Na says that she knew that W was coming after her, and he told her that himself, so how could she vote differently. Na asked W why he would come after her, when she could be a vote for him? She says she told him that he is judging her or coming after her for an act that A did as HOH.
    K says that W is a competitive player.
    Na says that she is happy for A winning that veto.

    A won the veto, then.

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    Na says she is probably talking too much to K.
    K: I don't leak, first of all.
    Na; Everybody who says that, does.
    K: Not me. I don't. (She tells Na she will see, she'll prove it to her).

    Na was talking about how there are things that the twins know that she could tell, etc. Na says that K's face was one of the most encouraging ones out there tonight, and its wasn't like she was hoping they would fail. K says it was hard, because BB tells them not to cheer anyone on, and it is hard not to openly cheer on people.
    K says she is surprised that Na noticed that K was so supportive, because a lot of people don't notice stuff like that.

    K says that she wants people to talk to her if they have any questions.
    Na says that she feels the same way.
    K says that she is an "actions speak louder than words kinda person," and K also says that "You can read me like a book."

    K starts talking about the treadmill comp, and that is the only way she knows how to be (Keep trying even though you know that you aren't able to win against Sc).
    K: Something like this where it is all verbal, it is so easy to go "blah blah blah." Maybe it is part of being an old fart.
    Na; I honestly don't know if it is going to pan out or not.
    K: You never know in this place. You never know. I'm gonna take out my contacts. They are so sticky. I slept in my contacts for like 5 hours.
    Na brings the convo back around to trust, and K is obviously trying to get away, in my opinion.

    In HOH
    NK is talking with Di about her options. She says she could put up CB and watch him freak out. She says she could go to Dw and tell him that she knows she told him she wouldn't put him up, but she has to do it and he will be safe. (Oh, but wouldn't that violate a PROMISE, Nk?)
    Di says that she is going to "play the listening game," and she will just do Q and A, plain and simple, and if she can't figure out where he stands tonight she is not going to try to protect him any longer, and if she talks to him and she can't see that he is ready to commit to them, then....She thinks that K should talk about putting up Dw but put up CB anyway and prove to Dw that he can trust Nk.
    Nk says she is thinking about it.
    Di: If I sit outside with him and he says he is with a twin or twins, I'm f---ing cutting him off.
    Nk: Yeah.
    Di: Either way, me, Dw, Mv and K, there's only 4 of us voting right?
    NK: Five.
    Di: There wouldn't be no way it was a tie.
    Nk: Yeah.
    Di: We were totally miscounting outside.
    Nk: CB, Mv, Dw, You, K.
    Di: OK, so, Mv, Me and K would vote out a twin and so CB and a twin would vote for a twin to stay. I wish f---ing Na would stay up on that block because her ass would be gone. I don't want people to say, oh, I kinda like A.
    Nk: That's what they will do. I like A better than Na, but they are both BAD. They both broke promises. I know that if one of them gets HOH next week, then I will be gone and I'm ready for it.
    Di says that she will be right next to her on the block, and she is ready to go, too.
    Nk says they will show them how you should act when you are on the block.
    Di agrees and says that she and K were talking about that.
    Di: In a way, I kinda think Dw needs to go up so that will secure the vote against the twin. I don't know. Dw is pretty set that Na is bad news, so if Na is still in the game I don't think he will want anything to do with it.
    Di: We just have to make sure Mv votes one out. He will. I know he will. I'm getting all f--- ing stressed out. You had it and then A came right behind you.
    Nk: Her and Na both. That's what I get for thinking like a guy.
    Di says that she would have smoked everyone, and Nk says that she should have picked Di. Di says she is a model and she knows all about faces, etc.
    Di: Did you catch that side shot that Na took at me, as I came out of the BR?
    Nk: No. What do you mean, side shot?
    Di: I call em side shots when you aren't woman enough to say stuff directly to me. We were walking out and Na was talking to K and she said "Thanks K!" right at me!!! F---ing bitch.
    Nk: I don't know. (sounds like Nk thinks saying thanks to K is a sad thing to be pissed about, as do I) ....Here's the thing. I either piss off someone that I want to be here with, Dw, or I piss off someone that I don't want to be here with. CB. Because I'm not gonna put you up and I'm not gonna put K up. If she uses it to lift herself off or her sister off, I have to put someone up. I don't wanna put MV up because Mv and I are starting to get on decent terms.
    Di says maybe she will let it stand. Coming from a twin point of view, she couldn't stand to use the veto on herself and watch her twin sit there.
    Nk says yeah, but she thinks A will take Na off. Di agrees.
    Di: That was like f--ing torture. (On lockdown before the comp Di and K had to sit with the twins--boo hoo--and they wonder why the twins don't try to talk to them) Before CB came out, I was talking to them and I was like please, please! K said it was like torture, slow, painful torture! Oh, it was the worst one.

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    (God, I hate Di)
    Di is in the clbr with Dw talking. She says that Na constantly "side shots" her and that she was "attacked" again today, for about the fifth time. (This is apparently when Na had the nerve to say "Thanks, K!" to Karen. But Di doesn't tell him how she was "attacked.")
    Di says that if Dw decides to get with one of the twins after this, he has to let her know, because she will be done protecting him.
    Dw: I hope you can understand what I'm doing right now.
    Di: Trust me, I know you have to play both sides.
    Dw: Right. First of all, I want to apologize for some of the things I said last night. You and Mv do scare me, I'll be honest.
    Di says she has explained the stuff with Mv. She told Dw that when Mv whispers to her, they aren't talking about anything, just the twins and how they feel about them.
    Dw says that every time Di talks to Dw, when she leaves Mv comes up and grills Dw and tries to get Dw to say stuff to use against Di.
    Dw tells Di that Mv comes up and tells him that Di doesn't really want to be with him. He makes comments to Dw about how Dw will slit Di's throat at the end.
    Di is mad that Mv said all of these things to Dw and tells Dw that she trusts him.
    Mv asked Dw if he would stab Di in the back, and Dw told him "Hell, yeah, I'd cut her throat!"
    Di laughs at this.
    Di asks if this is why Dw was mad at her last night and he says yes.
    Dw says he wants Di to know that he said this, because he wants her to know what instigated him to say that.

    A comes in the clBR and says to Dw that she hopes he wasn't put in a bad position because of her asking him to play and she doesn't want anything to come down on him because of it. A seems really sad. Di asks from a twin standpoint, is it a hard position to be in? A says it is in a way.
    Di: A, I want you to know that I admire you and respect you more than you know. I want you to know that even though things have changed, I want you to know that it has nothing to do with you. YOU only. I remember that second night and I know that it was you I talked to.
    A says that she keeps being put into these situations.
    Di says that no one is safe in this house, she could be gone next week.
    Dw: Here's the thing for me. I really love the way you care, that you said you are scared that I would go up.
    Dw says that he wants to give A the respect as an individual that A gave him when he was HOH, and he doesn't want A to feel bad if he is put on the block, and if he has to be put on the block then he doesn't want to go but you have to do what you have to do.
    A says she told Nk from the very beginning when she was HOH she didn't have any hard feelings toward her, and she doesn't have any problems with her. A says she feels that she read some scriptures that have set her at ease while she was in lockdown, and she feels that she will come out a better person from this game.
    Dw hugs her.
    Dw: I know that whatever happens, I will have the best sister I never had with you.
    A: You are a true brother to me and I appreciate it (Dw is crying a little and they hug)
    Di hugs A (God, what a hypocrite) and says that Di and Na take side shots at each other, but....

    A says that Na has a soft heart toward Di and keeps believing in Di. A says that Na was put in a bad position this week. A says that she has had so many bad things said to her this week and she hasn't shared it with the house because she feels that she shouldn't because she is trying to be a Christian in the house. A apologizes for her laughter in the nomination ceremony.
    A: I will say that when people talk about broken promises, I think that is funny in this house.

    K comes in and says she just has to get something.
    Di: You don't have to apologize for nothing.
    K is still in there with them milling around.
    (Di told A earlier that she just feels that the two sisters are so different....)
    A: Anyways, Dw, I just want to tell you that, thank you for going out there and playing and I know that I put you on the spot by calling you out to play.
    Dw says that he played as hard as he could.
    A; I wish you would have won the veto, because then I would have known you were safe. (crying)
    Dw: Don't worry about me.
    Di: I think everything is going to work out.
    K goes over to A and hugs her.
    A: You've been really awesome tonight, too, so thank you (to K).
    (I think everyone is crying, but I'm sure the vipers will find something to make fun of A about this)
    Another hug between A and Dw
    Dw: Just stay strong.
    A: Thanks. (It obviously really bothers A that if she uses the veto Dw could go up).

    A leaves.
    K: I don't even know what to do with myself. I'm beside myself.
    K asks if Di and Dw want privacy, and Di says no, because they can go talk somewhere else. She says they are almost done with the convo.
    K is going into the HOH and says "I haven't got to say goodnight to Nk yet"

    Di tells Dw that he has to watch what he says to Mv, and she figured that out. Di knows that Mv tries to get info out of Di that he can use against her. She likes to stay close to Mv to get info out of him.
    Di: You know how they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Mv has been on my target list and you will see that eventually. Mv is on our list, but unfortunately there are other people that we feel need to go before him.

    Dw says that last week when the whole Na thing went down, that really turned him off, and ever since then he has been sort of scared. This causes Di to start crying.
    Dw: I want you to know that I don't say things that you tell me to people--to them or to CB. I feel like if you tell me, I'm not going to tell them.
    DI: Keep going. You just hurt my feelings because I made a mistake. I'm sorry, but I made a mistake.
    Dw: OK, I shouldn't have brought that up.
    Di: You are safe with everybody in this house right now. You are in a perfect position.
    Dw: Don't even say that.
    Di: I want you to realize that next week if one of the twins is here, then I am gone, or Nk.
    Dw says she doesn't understand how he feels with those guys.
    Dw; I know how it is with you and K and Nk. About everything in the game. I'm not even in We. You said we.
    Di: I said My hitlist.
    Dw; You said WE, and that means you, Nk and K.
    Di: Stop it! Watch my eyes. You know how it is. They know I want to talk to you and they want to talk to you. K says she can't stand it that Dw never wants to talk to her. You have to understand I have this with Nk.
    Dw: I don't have the pinky. I have a mitt.
    Di: If you want to stay safe with the four of us, then to the end it is all going to come down to comps.
    Dw: I'm not even close to them right now.
    Di: As of Thurs, there will be 7 people in this house. Three to go.
    Di: I just want you to trust me.
    Dw says she said WE and he would have felt better if she said I.
    (joking and sheets rustling and laughing)

    Twins in the cabr:
    Na: I want to tell you something. I want you to save you. Do you hear me??
    A: Why? (crying)
    Na: Because you won the veto and you need to use it on yourself and save yourself. You have won more than me and you've done great.
    (sobbing from A under a pillow)
    Na: I think it doesn't matter if they come after you. I'll see you sooner than later if that is the case.
    A: CB said that he has a pact with Dw and he can't go back on that. That means that nobody will vote for me, either.
    Na: That's exactly what that means. You know what else it means? It means that somebody is going to cash in two alliances for one.
    (A sobs)
    A is crying that people won't give Na a chance, they feel Na is after them.
    CB comes in the bedroom:
    Someone brings up MV.
    CB: I tried to work that angle and it's not going to work. I tried doing that, she wanted my opinion and I gave it to her and she was like, well.
    Na: She obviously wants A, myself or Dw gone before Mv! That's fine.
    A and Na say they don't want to talk about it right now. (Others are close by)

    Na: CB! Hey, CB! Thank you though!
    CB: I hope she don't put Dw up!
    Twin: Give it time. Hey, hey! Give it time. Ain't nobody doing anything they don't want to. It don't matter. If they want let them keep Mv. I don't care. I don't know what she is doing.
    CB is lying in a bed with his hands up to his face. The twins are lying in a twin bed together.
    K is in the living room playing some sort of solitaire game or something.
    Na: Maybe I can offer her a deal or something, I don't know.

    Na says that A did what she needed her to do. The only one she was counting on to win the veto was her or Na.
    Twin says that she wishes CB could have won it.

    Na: CB, don't worry about it.
    CB: OF course I'll worry about it. That's how I am.
    Na: I don't know, CB. I don't know. I've never been against Nk. I never have. If she chose me to be here, she chose it for a reason. I've always kept my word with Nk.
    CB: I know. She told me the only reason she put you two up there is you broke your oath.

    (I'm not sure what one twin suggested saying to the other
    Twin: I'm not gonna do it, I've made a decision, because a Christian doesn't sit here and slander people. If you can't take it at this level in the house (audio out) I don't care if she chooses to take vengeance, that's her decision. I don't play like that. That's ok, I've accepted that. I've already given forgiveness--that's all I can do.

    CB says that he told Nk that if she put up Mv he would take it like a man. Nk told him that she didn't want to put up Mv. CB told Nk that he didn't have any other suggestions.
    Na: All I can say is that she is gonna play it like she wants to play it. She has a rule book in there that I don't know about. If Mv gets it next week, do you think he will watch her back? Good luck, Nk. She could make her move and have it get her back the next week.

    I see Dw with Nk in the HOH. Di is in the kitchen with K.

    Dw: Me or CB, yeah, us three.
    NK: And I've thought about K a little bit. Just someone who is safe.
    Dw: Mmmh hmm. I understand. I don't want to go up, but I understand and I'm cool with it if it is your thing.
    Dw tells her he is scared if things would get switched around. Dw says that he isn't sure what Mv would do if Dw was on the block. He thinks that K and Di would vote to get A out.
    Dw: What scares me is that Mv might think that if he kept the twins here another week, they would be off his back. Like, if the twins are here that it is a target for other people to look at.
    Nk: Yeah.
    Dw says that he thinks that CB would vote a twin out rather than Dw or MV.
    Nk says that she really doesn't want to put up Mv this week because he has been on the block for 3 weeks.
    NK: I wish that I wasn't HOH right now.
    Dw: Right. It sucks when you have to make hard decisions. Like, Shit. I have to say if I'm the guy, do it and if I'm gone then if that is what is best for you, and I trust you guys that if I'm up there, I trust that everything would be alright for me and I'm not gonna make a big deal about anything if I'm no the block. That's what it comes to and that's it.
    NK: You are one of the people I want to stay in this game for a long time. I have to make the decision, do I want to upset someone...CB is someone I don't see here long term, and that's just because I don't like how sneaky he is and how he spies on people.
    Dw; Right.
    NK: So do I want to put up someone I don't want here long term, or do I want to piss off someone...like when I say piss off, I don't mean piss off angry. I mean you could be leaving, like pissing away.
    Dw; I see what you are saying.
    NK: I know if I put up someone and they end up leaving and both of the twins are here, I know I am a dead target. I know I am a target from the twins.

    Nk says she wants to talk to Mv tomorrow, and she already knows how Di and K feel.
    NK: Because I know the twins wouldn't vote one of the other out, so that's a guaranteed vote. Five people voting, K and Di, that leaves 3 people. And Marvin. But I think that if a twin is on the block, which they will be, I think that Mv will vote as one of the three.
    Dw; Mmm hmmm
    NK: That's what creeps me out. I don't want something to happen that I don't want to happen. If I knew for sure, I would bust this into a "you can trust me thing," but I don't want to do that because I can't be sure. I thank you for being really grown up about it and stuff, because I had pretty much the same convo with CB and it means a lot to me when you go to someone and you say, I understand if you put me up. It takes a lot of balls to say that. (Too bad W didn't have them)
    Dw: The thing is, it's a game.
    Nk says she sat with Cb and danced around the subject, because she thinks if someone is going to make a decision it should be on their own standing. CB told her that if anyone says anything like that he will come and talk to NK.
    NK: I judge a lot of people in this game by character. I'm the type of person when it gets down to bare bones, I don't want to wonder about sitting and talking to someone.

    (ROFL NK says she doesn't want to be there with anyone she has to worry about them spying or backstabbing or lying, etc. I think this is so funny because she is with DIANE!)

    Dw; I see where you are coming from. Sometimes it is hard for me to put myself in someone's shoes.
    NK: The hardest thing about this game is you have to put yourself into other people's shoes on a weekly basis.
    Dw; What I said to Di is that now I feel comfortable with you and Di. I haven't talked to K much. It's scary for me because you guys have been together, but I've told you that. I feel close to A on a personal level. I talk to her a lot about life stuff. I know it will be cool with us afterward because she is like a sister to me. I'm scared of the twins, with the twin power they have together. I see Na talking strategy all of the time and coming up and putting me on the spot. I don't know.

    Nk says that she understands how Dw feels about being scared, because she was the last one in an alliance and she was scared.
    NK: I understand you being scared, but you really don't have to, at least in front of me, Di and K.
    Dw says that if he was Nk, it would be hard to put up CB.
    NK: He's my brother and I don't want to freak him out and I don't think I would.
    Dw says he just wanted to see how she felt about that. He questions why Nk feels CB is sneaky.
    Nk says that CB talks to them and then leaves for a while, and then he talks to the twins, and everyone knows that when you whisper it is about the game, and she doesn't like it.
    NK: Seriously, if you are going to spy on people, do it so that it is not blatantly obvious.

    Dw says he has to think about it and he will let her know how he feels.
    NK: I don't hold---I'm one of those people where my worst enemy can come to me and have a conversation, because who am I to say I'm better than anyone?

    Dw says that when he leaves this room, don't think that if she put him up that he would be mad, because he wouldn't be mad if she needs to put him up.
    NK: I don't want to step on people's toes. I have big problems with putting people on the block if I don't want them gone. This HOH is like me slamming into a wall like at 35 MPH. I'm like there's no one I have the heart to put up.

    Nk explains that she ran out of people she had problems with (Gee, isn't that what A said?) so this HOH is harder.

    Dw says that he is definitely in the doghouse last night because he realized he called Di a c---t and he never said that to a girl before, so he apologized to Di. Nk says she uses that word all of the time.

    Now the Trio are in the HOH room.
    They are talking about whether or not they can trust Mv not to vote out Dw if Dw is on the block with a twin.
    Di is all for Dw being on the block and says that she thinks Dw would be less likely to come after Nk later than CB would.
    K keeps saying that Mv wants the twins out so bad, he resents it that they have a 2 for 1 shot at everything.
    Nk keeps saying that Dw told her something that really opened up her eyes. She relates how Dw told her that Mv might take out Dw, because that way the twins are still there and they will take the heat off Mv as a target.

    OK, the time I've waited for:
    K and Di are making fun of A coming in and crying to Dw because she is afraid that Dw might be put up on the block if she would use the veto. K mocks the twins. Says that it is a lot harder to use baseball analogies when you are on the block. (I'd love to see K on the block. Wonder if she would cry?)
    K: Either way, I know what you are saying about Mv. I know what you are saying. He is mad that he rallied to keep her here and he got duped. Remember that the male ego is very fragile. That is how I'm leaning.
    (Nk was leaning toward putting up CB and telling him that she needs him to be a pawn.)
    Di says that they can't risk another week with both twins in the house.
    Nk: The thing is, one of them will still be on the block. I just need someone who won't get voted out.
    Di: If you need to f---ing put me up on the block, put me up.
    NK: But I don't want to risk that.
    Di: I know. It's basically a risk with anybody. The thing is, if we are going to take a risk, maybe we should take it with CB.
    NK: Yeah.
    Di tells Nk how Dw was upset that she always says "we," and Nk shouldn't take offense, but Di guesses she is just used to saying "we" now.
    Di tells Na that the only vote the twin will get is from her sister.

    (Di told them earlier about how Mv lied to Dw to try to get Dw upset, about Diane, so she is pointing out that Mv might vote Dw out)
    Di asks Nk which one she wants them to vote out if A doesn't use the veto.
    Nk: Either one of them. Personally, I think that Na is the brains. Na stays cooler. Na can just sit there and bold face her ass. A is high strung and emotional.
    Di: Yeah, and she just now got done crying in the f--- ing cloud room. Usually when people cry, I cry, but for some reason with her I didn't feel it. I think she expected me to cry and I just stared at her.
    Diane tells them that at least this means that A is afraid of hurting Dw, so maybe she will not use the veto.
    Di tells K that one of the twin has told her that they can't wait to get out in the world to tell everyone what they do for a living, and they don't trust that.
    NK: Usually, web page designers don't look that fit.
    Di thinks they are choreographers for entertainment people in LA.

    Now Nk says that she will tell CB that she needs him to be the pawn and she guarantees his safety. She says if he acts all upset about it, she will say, "Why? Don't you trust me?"

    Now CB is talking to the twins and is saying that he hopes Nk doesn't put him in the predicament of deciding between a twin and Dw.

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