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Thread: 8/21 Live Feed Discussion

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    This board is getting WAY to mean and personal. Time to go elsewhere. I get enough negativity from other areas of my life to have to be subjected to it on this board. Have fun tearing each other up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catniptoy
    We all know that I am the one that Bakedbean was targeting, AsIs, so I would like to say that I am sorry that your spelling was corrected in public in an attempt to humiliate you while you were trying to defend me. There is a fine line between bashing someone on the boards and bashing the houseguests. I, too, felt that BakedBean's post was going over that line, but I didn't say anything about it because I didn't feel it was worth it. People shouldn't assume that their post hasn't been offensive just because the person targeted didn't respond in kind. It could be that the targeted person just has better manners than the person writing the offending post has, or doesn't feel responding is worth it. Anyway, AsIs, I regret the fact that an attempt was made to embarrass you, and I appreciate your post.

    BakedBean has stated that he/she is tired of hearing about my opinion about certain houseguests, so my suggestion is that BakedBean use the ignore button and ignore all of my posts; every single one. I'm sure it is frustrating for someone who is supposedly Will's friend (although we have no confirmation of this) to get on a board that has a large number of posters with a different viewpoint from the great number of twin bashing/pro-Will boards out there, but that doesn't mean the members of this board will stop writing their opinions because one person is tired of hearing them.
    I'm not sure what to say to that. I never targeted you specifically. I have never stated that I was "tired" of hearing what you had to say. I think you offer good analyzations of the feeds and you start good discussions about the show. I don't want to put you on ignore, for that reason! (you may already have me on ignore and may never read this, though, I guess). For goodness sake--I wasn't trying to humiliate AsIs's spelling--I was making a joke! Because its condescending to comment on somone mispelling the word condescneding! This is just one of the myriad hazzards of attempting to communicate ideas quickly in print with nothing but smilies to try and assist getting our points across, which I ended that posting with as a sort of internet-handshake. Actually, I prefer this board to some other ones because of the higher input and because folks here seem to put more thought into what they say, regardless of the fact that it's pro-twin-ish. I sort of enjoy that people here take this silly show so seriously, because I've started to, as well. But this personal stuff has no place on this board, and surely you feel the same way--apparantly that's why you didn't write about feeling attacked. So now I'm the one being attacked! That's okay--I don't really feel attacked. How many smilies would it take to get the point across that I mean no ill will (another joke!)? How about four:

    Okay. Five?

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