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Thread: Do You Think There Will Be Another Twist?

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    Ha! Good one.
    Personally I'm hoping that the twist will be a fight to the death for the money by the final two--presided over by William Shatner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silksheets
    Has anyone noticed that Julie Chen has been silent recently about "DNA?"

    she certainly has, hasn't she?

    yet, they continue to show those commercials that say "the twists just keep on coming!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by HueyDueyLuey961
    Then again, maybe the whole America's Choice thing was the third twist.

    Now, THAT would suck :phhht .
    Yeah, it would, but I wouldn'y be surprised. Remember last year when they kept promising a big "twist ?" Then when she won HOH, Jun was blindfolded and whisked out the back door of the DR for a night on the town ? Then we were going, like, "So where's the twist we were promised ? HUH ?? You mean that was IT ????
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    I don't remember them promising a big twist. I thought they just said something like, "And on Thursday, what happens when two Houseguests leave the Big Brother House?!?" meaning one being evicted and HOH getting to have a short vaca. Everyone took the bait though, and came up with all kinds of explanations for how two people would get evicted.

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