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Thread: 8/20 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Tw: If Nk chooses CB, that's fine, too. Let's say this....If Nk chooses CB, we pick Dw and Mv.
    A: If they were any bit like I was, any bit...
    Na: You wanted to give it away.
    The twins say that they wanted someone to play the game with them, make a deal. Na says she will tell CB tonight that if he wins the veto, they will say CB, look, I want to tell you that if you play veto for me tomorrow and you win that veto to save me or A, either way..
    A: Say you. Keep it to you.
    Na: I want you to know that if you use that veto, I've got your back. I will be with you to the end. If you use that veto, you will get two people behind you. Don't believe what Nk says about trust. You know you can trust me.
    A: Do It.
    Na: I might. I might do it. I think I should.
    A: Do It.
    Na: I want to make a deal before someone tries to kick me out. I would like to see CB get the money.

    They are agreeing they could tell him that they both, even if they aren't in the house, can help CB win the money if he helps one of them now with the veto.

    Tw: Nk tried to call us out, that you can't trust us. I ain't never done anything to her.

    One of the twins (I think Na) gives the bird, then says that it is really ugly, and she shouldn't do that.
    The other twin says nobody is perfect, and she says I know it.

    Tw: I've never understood K.
    Tw; I can't either. She was fired up one day and I went "YEAH!" That was the last I ever saw it.
    tw: It was about Ja, wasn't it?
    TW: It was about Lori and Marvin.
    tw: That's because L and K were tight.
    Tw: They say, "Vengeance is mine."

    One twin says that she didn't come here for the money, she came for the challenge--look at her interview tapes.

    Na: A, it was only two weeks ago (since the twin twist was revealed). Gosh, there is such a long time left.

    Talk about how they would like to stay in the game.
    tw: I hope I win it, too. I wish you the best of luck, but I hope I win it.
    Tw: You have to play for the veto for you. You won't win it if you play for me.
    If it's a game, we have to think about it. If it's a game where you have to work toward it... You know?
    Talk about veto challenges past:
    Tw: This is important for you. You walked into the backyard with the pigs, they put each person in each room and told them not to talk to each other, they were watching them. We were sitting there watching them make the votes. (telling about the piggy bank challenge, because one twin didn't see it). Remember to always think about who you want to eliminate.
    tw: I want to elimniate Nk.
    Tw: Me, too. so if you and I have any kind of comp where we can eliminate somebody, then we eliminate Nk. Then we have to eliminate whoever she picks for veto.
    Na: Whoever Nk picks is second in line. Listen, don't waste all your efforts on Nk. Make sure we do enough to get rid of Nk. I think W was aligned with Ja. I've never trusted Di totally since then, because I thought we were on the same page. Di spread all of her chips up, like one, two, each one.
    The twin explains how Di didn't play to win that veto. She is explaining how the comp went, in case it is a similar comp, so that they can work together to get Nk and her choice for veto out.
    Remember those key words, BB arranges things very, very oddly. (pointing out that most vetos make it so that you eliminate people one at a time instead of one person just winning).

    Talk about a tobaggan (?)
    Talking about how someone doesn't wash her hair. They have to sleep on the sheets.
    tw: She says sometimes she gets up at 5 a.m. and showers. I don't care. Anyway, you have to think like that.
    She explains that sometimes you can't go over a certain amount, so you can't just load something up.
    The other twin wonders what if it is a scale, and you have to load it up. For instance, potatoes. How many pounds would make it past this point?
    TW: The piggy bank was tricky because you wasn't there, you couldn't see what they did. Don't go over half whatever the rules are. (This is smart, because each twin could use half of whatever the limit is on one person's piggy or whatever it is, and they won't go over that way).
    They are now obsessing about how many potatoes of different types could be on a scale.

    Tw: They did that rope thing. Did I ever tell you about that rope thing?
    Tw: Yeah, you told me all about it.
    Tw: Remember, whoever you are playing with you have to work together, no matter what. You have to prepare for that so that you don't work against each other. That's what happened with the rope game; people started working for themselves. That's what happened a couple of times to me.

    The twins think that Di threw the HOH comp. They thought she wrote 100 pounds of M&M's (Actually, Di guessed 400).
    One twin said that she just didn't understand, other people must be on a drug in this house and she isn't getting her dose, because she isn't understanding why people do things.

    Na says that now she is wondering what she can do to upset people, make them sick.
    A says that she already did that--she kept Mv in the game.
    Na says that she has to leave the room now sometimes with Mv when he eats. They feel that he is now purposely smacking food now because they feel that Di told him about what was said about him smacking food. (When A was talking in HOH with Nk last week about someone "smacking" it was Mv she was talking about).

    A says that Di was telling her that W smacks his food. She made the joke to W about smacking food, and A wasn't the one who said it in the first place about W.

    The twins are really realizing that Di has gone back and told the others everything they said. (I don't think they have realized all of the lies she told).

    One twin says that she hopes the sequester house is really big.
    The other twin says that if she gets kicked out, she should make this place a living hell.
    Twin one says she doesn't think she would do that. (I think this is A)
    The other twin says she knows that--she was kidding.

    Talk about how Di came to one of the twins and started the conversation, saying that she wanted to be saved in this house. She told her that when she is ready to talk about being saved, she is there to talk to her about it, but she isn't going to talk about it before Di is ready. Then, they heard her outside talking about shoving the Bible on people. After Di came to the twin and said that about wanting to be saved, etc., she hasn't touched the Bible since then, since she started hanging out with the Trio. So they aren't sure if that was real or not, or why Di brought it up with them. They say their feelings are hurt by people in the house making fun of their faith, calling them "Bible belt" and "Southern Baptist."

    A says that K came up to her and said "Now we won't get to see any Breck (Brett?) pictures. (Na's husband).
    Na: Yeah, and how does she know that?
    A: I know.

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    F1: I hear CB, Di, Dw, Mv outside playing cards. Di is drunk.
    Di says how when you are drunk, you will say whatever you are thinking, you don't care about what anybody thinks.
    MV: How drunk are you? Let's do a field sobriety chance, ex-stripper.
    Di: OK
    CB: Have you done this before?
    Di: Lots of times.
    Di can't pass the test.
    Di: Two out of three.
    Di is still trying to walk a line heel to toe with arms outstretched. Mv is enjoying this. Mv has her touch her nose and she did it. Now Mv is doing the finger counting thing. She messes it up.
    Cb is standing behind her to catch her if she falls down.

    Meanwhile, the twins are doing their nightly Bible study (which they do without an audience every night).
    I think Dw just went inside the house.

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    F3/F4 is now on Nk and K, in the HOH room.

    K is sobbing, Nk is babying her.
    K: All of this shit, just all of it. Trying to do my best, not being good enough. Trying to make people proud. Embarassing myself.
    Nk: I don't think you have embarassed anybody. I don't think you have upset anybody, K. Literally, I don't think you have, unless you are saying things in the DR.
    K: No, I'm not. The only person I went bonkers about was Ja.
    Nk: I haven't seen anything you have done that would be a scandal or even make it to reel. I mean, you kissed a girl.
    K says that doesn't matter to her. She mentions Larry.
    Nk is crying now. She says that she hasn't spent a day apart from "this guy" (Donald) and she can't stand it, and she "doesn't know why they (the other women in the house, namely the twins) aren't in the same place. I'm not even MARRIED to him!"
    K: You know how happy I would be with 2nd place, just to make it that far. (Crying)
    And it's just not gonna happen.
    Nk: Well, here's the thing. I haven't done this yet, and I was gonna come into this game and do the big me and you to the end thing. I haven't done it yet.
    K: I haven't done it, either.
    Nk promises that if they are in the final 3, she is taking K with her. K is crying, saying she promises the thing, but "let's keep it under wraps, ok?"
    Nk agrees.

    NK: I think that me and you have been on the same page since day one.
    K: Yeah.
    Nk: Oh, Jeez, this place just makes me crazy. I think that all that me and you want is just to be back home with the people that we love. Or, cut that out of the reel. I don't believe in the L word. People we just want to be with and spend quality time with.
    K: I have like a final 3 fantasy or the final 4 fantasy, and then W got voted out.
    NK: See, fantasies have to change. My final 4 fantasy is me, you, Di and Dw.
    K: Yeah, me too.
    K: I hate the idea that I have to go around avoiding you! (sobbing)
    Nk says that Mv has already picked up on her and Di hanging out, and is making comments. Nk says it makes her a little nervous.
    K says that sooner or later, Mv is going to peg Di and Dw, with their relationship.
    K: Part of me thinks that is good, as long as it is not me or you, and then part of me thinks that is rotten to say.
    Nk tells her it's understandable to feel that way.
    NK: Every day, someone says something that surprises the hell out of me, and today Di said something that surprised the hell out of me.
    K: Was she drunk?
    Nk: No. I don't think she meant it the way that she said it. She comes in my room, and she said, Do you ever feel like you are alone? I said, yeah, I feel alone. She said something about being alone because she is in a house full of people she doesn't care about. Then at that moment, she could have meant it about everybody BUT US. Cause I think that there is something for me and you and Dw. It's like the twins going, (mocking voice) "One day you and me are going to have to get cutthroat."
    K: And she sleeps with Dw, they hugs and kiss.
    NK: It's not that I'm jealous of them in any way, shape or form.
    K: Me, either.
    Nk: But if I could grab her and shake her and say "Stop it," I would. That's something that makes people jealous, no offense to you, but esp. married women.
    K: I know, I looked at Dw and could see fear on him. She said Dw, kiss me. And he did it, but I could tell that he was scared.
    NK: Dw is a very, very smart cookie. I know, like, if there is a Christian God I am going to hell, but I use religion to see how smart people are. I put out the little sparkle to see if people think there might be another religion, yada yada, and they say yeah, because an intelligent mind will realize that there are other things out there. As opposed to CB, (mocks CB, impersonates him, and K chips in and copies it). Dw gave me this conversation that gave me a run for my money. (Nk seems amazed that anyone else could be as intelligent about religion) I mean, he has taken religion classes and this and the other thing..
    K says she has a friend like Dw that is smart and quiet.
    NK: That's why I want to talk to him and say we will take you to the final four.
    K: You have to watch him cause he might leap.
    NK: Here's the thing. I get HOH when I have to. I got HOH at a pivotal Ja moment and pivotal twin moment. I will flat out tell him, see what happened to the twins? It will happen to you.
    K: They're going to be ramroding us down our throats, the girls.
    Nk: Let 'em.
    K: I'm trying to keep them at bay. I went and tried to talk to Na and she sat there and told me she never broke a promise in her life, maybe I did but it was to W, maybe it wasn't even me that made a promise.....
    K says that they (twins) are in bed, and she will climb in bed with them, because one of them will still be in the house after eviction. She wants a heads up to find out if they get HOH, who will they put up.
    NK: But you never know.
    K: You never know with them because they LIIIIIIIIE.
    K says that the twins play "poor me," saying they aren't invited to play poker, etc.
    K: It's too much f--ing work. I can't chase them around the yard.
    NK: I nominated you two because you broke promises, if you want to admit it to yourselves and be adults, fine.
    K: I even talked to Dw and he looked at me and said, "They didn't see it coming?"
    Nk: This week, I'm going to talk to every f--ing one. I will tell Dw, this is why I put up the twins. If they veto themselves, this will happen. Just so you know, I want my chips on the table, so if you want to believe that I lie and cheat and steal like they say, then you can.
    Nk: With me and you, I think that we are two of the realest players here. (Wait a second--Did King Jee get in the house?)
    K agrees.
    Nk says that they could have put up CB instead of W, and she thinks it is so hilarious that she got HOH.
    K: If W saw that ceremony, I know he is rolling, he is so vindicated. He told me just before the ceremony, he said no matter what happens, do anything, you guys just win, and I knew what he meant when he said you guys. Oh, God, unbelieveable.
    NK: This game just makes me sick. These people just make me sick.
    K: I'm used to putting on a smile and dealing with douchebags.
    NK: So am I, but I'm not used to living with them.
    K: I know. Case in point, I'm gonna go crawl into bed with Satan and its helper. How late will they be up? 3 a.m.? (whine, whine, whine)
    NK: Like I said if you want to sleep in here...
    K: I want to more than anything in the planet, but I'm scared for both of us. I'm so ashamed of that. I feel like such a coward. All the good people are gonna be sitting in sequester.
    NK: You have to think of it this way, all of the good people have to get HOH.
    K: I keep thinking that if I take my shit and come in here, the day they get HOH, whichever one stays, guess who is going on the block? That's all it takes with those crazy, psychotic freaks.
    NK: I would rather it be me and Di, to be honest.
    K: I would rather it not be either of you.
    NK: I had to take shit week, and I'm willing to do it.
    K says that she doesn't think that CB would put her up, and Mv looks for alliances to take them out.
    NK: I don't know. Something just needs to happen.
    K: I know! It's just so slow. I wish we could just, every three days vote somebody out.
    NK: That would be nice.
    K: I say that now. If I'm on the block, I'm gonna be, OMG.
    NK: I don't think that you have anything to worry about if you ever end up on the block.
    K: You never know. You never know. I don't think you do either, because you got rid of Ja. You're not getting rid of good people. You're getting rid of...
    NK: Bad people. That's the way I had to think about it.
    Nk says that she had to put in Mv's key first, because if she didn't she might not put it in at all (He is one of the "bad" people, I guess)
    K: Well, I've felt this way about you for a real long time.
    NK: It has to mean something when you are the only person left that I haven't talked shite about.
    K laughing/crying
    Nk talking about K's farts.

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    Now Na, who doesn't realize what a backstabber K is, just had a convo with K in the WC. K is talking about how it's no telling how long the others will be outside playing poker, and they are going to get ready to go to bed. Na tells her that her shoulder is hurting so bad, that she will try a different bed.
    K: You're not gonna sleep with me?
    Na; No, I'm gonna try that other bed.
    K: Are you sure (whiniest. voice. ever.) that's the reason? Is it me? Cause I can sleep in a different bed???
    Na; No, I swear. My shoulder has been killin' me and I'm going to try another bed.

    Na goes into the Cabr and tells A that her shoulder hurts and that she knows K likes to sleep with someone, but she just can't sleep in that bed. (Little does she know that K was just whining about sleeping with her).

    Na tells A that she just needs her blanket. And this ashtray. And these little umbrellas. That's all I need. (Steve Martin impression from The Jerk, and really funny). A giggles and calls her a stinker.

    Na tells A that if she wins HOH, you know what her reasons for her nominations will be in her speech? "Because I want to." A giggles.

    They are discussing CB, and how loyal he is. One of them said that CB hugged her so hard, and is so sweet. They say that CB wouldn't be out there blabbing everything about their alliance, and that he feels like he has a new alliance now. They feel that CB will be true to them, and I think they have decided he is the replacement for Di.
    (That's what I got out of it, anyway).

    A is going to sleep, and I assume Na went to another room, but I'm not sure where she is sleeping.

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    As soon as K finds anyone to backstab with:
    K: So apparently I've got the cooties.
    DI: Where is she sleeping at?
    K: I don't know. I guess the wood room. I've got the cooties. Nobody likes me.
    DI: You know what? Good. Good, good, good.
    DI: Dw is being an ass outside. Talking shit.
    K: Uh oh. Go knock his block off.

    Dw comes inside and looks like he is ready to fall over (he is in his fumbling drunk state)
    I can hear K saying again that she has the cooties, but I can't tell who she is saying this to--maybe Dw?

    Di came storming in, presumably to follow Dw, but he was in the bathroom.

    Now K is announcing that she is going to bed to Di.

    (I can't wait until they all find out about Di! )
    K gives Di a hug goodnight.

    Di did lose some part of her mic but now has found it.
    Dw: What?
    Di: What is your problem tonight?
    Dw: I don't have a problem.
    Di: You're being very sarcastic, facetious, punkish. You're calling me out on things.
    Dw: You're being shitty tonight so I'm calling you out.
    DI: About what?
    Dw: About everything.
    Di: Are you being serious? (mad now)
    Dw: I don't know, are you?
    Dw: are you being serious?
    DI: About what?
    Dw: I don't know.
    Di: I'm so confused now, Dw!
    Dw: Yeah, me, too.
    Di: (snippy sigh)

    CB comes in:
    CB: You all just missed it! Mv went all in and I just took it! Yeah, buddy!
    Di: That's funny. (Tone said she couldn't care less and it wasn't funny)
    Mv: Do me a favor, please, if you wouldn't mind. I need help putting these matresses back up on the bed.
    DI: All three of em?

    Conbr with Di and Mv putting matresses back.

    Dw and CB are in the WC
    CB tells Dw that he put his camera on the kitchen table.
    CB: Your $2 camera out of the toys department.
    CB: (whispers) You guys have got some serious things to talk about.
    Dw; (whispers) I know. Di is full of shit. She is so full of shit, but I have to act like she isn't.
    CB: (whispers) I told Mv that we would be together. We know what we gotta do now.
    Dw: She's full of shit.
    CB: I know. It'll be ok.

    Dw goes to bed, says he will read now.

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    Oops--Dw didn't go to bed, he is lying on the white couch, spread out lengthways reading the Bible, which means Di couldn't see him......

    Di was talking with Mv in the WC. I have no idea if Dw heard them or not. I didn't catch all of it, but Di told Mv:
    Di: I told you how I felt about you from that very first night, when we had that DNA strand comp.
    Mv: You remember that?
    Di: Yeah. (lowers voice) Trust Me.
    MV: OK.

    At this point, CB comes in and says he has to do something in the bathroom.

    Di: That's ok, you gotta do what ya gotta do!
    Di talks about washing her face, etc. Mv has left already.
    (Oh, Di....what a tangled web we weave!)
    CB is in the shower.

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    I posted a few hours of Drew and Diane in bed and the fights, heated discussions and little resolutions in the discussion area. Would be nice if the powers that be could move those to a date of the 21st. They are key. But as I was not able to keep up with them to "transcribe for live feeds", I posted there.

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    Diane: Do what you have to do. Keep making the same F'ing wrong decisions.

    Drew: OK

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    Di is in her belligerent drunk mood.
    I think I heard Dw say "what's up" in a quiet voice as she came in.
    DI: F--- Off! (said in a flippant way)
    Di: Is K over there with leprosy?
    K: (giggles) Yeah, I'm cootie girl.

    I saw Di start to get into bed with Dw, who was turned the other way, and I got FISH.
    Switching to F4 because I can see them still on quad cam, but can only hear CB brush his teeth on F1/2

    Di: Listen, I need to talk to you real bad. We can do it right here or outside. It's up to you.
    Dw: Let's talk now.
    Di: Yeah, but I don't want anybody here. OK, shut the door.
    Dw: So, what?
    Di: I got attacked. Hello.
    Dw: So?
    Di: I want to be on the same page.
    Dw: Because when you get pissed you go off about it.
    Di: Oh, sorry. Oh, please. F-- off. Do you want me to spell it out for you?

    Di: You know what, I decided today that I tell you every f--ing thing and I don't know shit.
    Dw: Oh, yeah.
    Di says something about turning the tables on me.
    He says something about turning the tables, big time. The sheets are rattling so much I can't hear them.
    FISH again. (I'm sure BB loves this)

    Dw left for a second, I think.
    Di: F--- OFF! F_---- OFF!
    Dw: Beyond that, you are a bitch. I'm saying that. You're a bitch, ok?
    Di: Good! Good! Queen bee to you! Don't forget the QB! I think my cavity is falling out! What was that? Was there something on your hand?
    Dw: No, you just bit a piece of my hand. So, let's get on the same page.
    Di: First, I want to start by saying that I am completely truthful with you.
    Dw: I don't believe it. (3x)
    Di: I don't believe it.
    Dw: I've heard a lot of shit about you and what you say.
    Di is laughing crazily, like in anger or something.
    Dw: What? Go ahead.
    Di: Uh uh.
    Dw: Ok. I came to you; this time you come over here. Come here.
    Di: Uh uh.
    Dw: We need to talk about this.
    Di: (crying) What could you possibly hear about me?
    Dw: I can tell you right now, you said you did a favor for somebody.
    DI: OK, I did a favor for Mv. You remember when Sc was in this house, I put Mv on the block so that you guys would think I was doing what you guys wanted me to do , and I kicked Sc out of the house. I did that for Mv, but he didn't ask me to do it. I did a favor for W.
    Dw: I don't believe it.
    DI: Honest to God. I've liked Mv from day one. I don't like the things he says, but I like him. (Di is laughing)
    Dw: What are you laughing about?
    Di: I'm laughing because I'm crying wolf here. For the first time in my life I'm telling somebody the truth and they don't believe me. (2x)
    Dw: So, you are just lying the rest of the time?
    Di: You know what I told God today? You are the first guy I've never lied to. I promised myself like the 2nd or 3rd week after you and me started, you know, doing whatever, me and you started getting on that level, I promised myself that I wouldn't lie to you about anything, and I never have and I never will. What do you want to know? Ask me anything! I want to be on the same page. A twin came in there and attacked us. Not attacked us, I don't want to use those words, and you said...
    Dw: Out there?
    Di: In here. (A twin came in and asked them about the veto, which apparently is "attacking" them) I didn't want to say nothing. I was in the DR and said, thank God.
    Dw: You are playing both sides right now, girl.
    Di: It really doesn't matter what I want.
    Dw: I want you to be there with me in the end.
    Di: You want me to say shit? I do not want to be around the twins period. You have known that for f---ing weeks now. I think you are confused with yourself.
    Dw: No, I am not confused with myself.
    Di: what do you want me to say?
    Dw: I want you to be honest.
    Di; What I did for Mv a couple of weeks ago and what I did for W two days ago has nothing to do with it.
    Dw: What did you do for Mv?
    DI: I saved him from eviction. (She says that Ja and Sc told her to put up Mv and she would be safe. She put up Mv so that they would believe she was doing what they wanted, but she got Sc out)
    Di: You've got to understand, I'm HOH and I had 4-5 people backing me up, asking me what I want, and I said that I want Sc out. I told Mv that I had to put him on the block for a certain reason, that is the only reason. I take full responsibility for Sc being gone. That was Mv's favor, but he didn't ask for it. As for W, I promised W that if he was ever on the block, I would not vote him out. Mv has been giving me the silent treatment, he was upset with me that I voted for him to be out. Whatever. I'll see W in sequester.
    Dw: Wait a second.
    Di: What I want to know more than anything is where you stand with them, and me and you. You know where I stand.
    Dw is silent.
    Di: I would just hope that you would tell me the truth.
    Dw: I've got to think about shit.
    DI: You want to think about shit!
    Dw: I don't know WTF is going on! I want to know if Nk is putting up CB? Is she?
    Di: If you are on my side, -----
    Dw: I don't know WTF to do.
    Di: What was your first thought in here when she attacked us?
    Dw: I didn't like that shit at all.
    Di: Exactly!
    Dw: I had to vote with my gut Thurs.
    Di: OK, look.....
    Dw; So what you are saying is that Nk is going to put me up if I save someone.
    DI: No. No.
    Dw: That's what you just said. You are lying to me.
    Di: No, no. It does not. Quit analyzing me. Quit overanalyzing me.
    Dw: So what, I'm not safe right now?
    Di: No, I told her you made a bad decision Thurs.
    Dw: I didn't like the way that you and Mv were talking tonight, I'll be honest with you.
    DI: I just told you what it was about. I'll yell it to the whole f---ing house. No one is here that it has to do with.
    Dw: Chill out.
    Di: Don't make me get loud. Do you want to talk about it now? Do you want to go to sleep? You are dancing around me, like you are in a f---ing tutu!
    Dw says that he wanted to talk to Mv, Nk, everyone and didn't get a chance.
    Di: I am telling you that you can trust Nk. Nobody here wants the twins here.
    Di: You may think that I don't know you, and I know you and I know where you are at right now, and you are with the twins and I can't change that.
    Dw: I know. You are trying to tell me what to do.
    Di: You're trying to call me out.
    Dw: I am calling you out.
    DI: You have made it obvious to everyone in this house. Why would I talk shit about you? What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me? What? What ? I don't understand!
    Sheets rustling.
    Di: No, no, stop! No, get off my face!
    Dw: You're being stupid now.
    Di: NO. You started it. You're like somebody I don't f--- know right now.
    Dw: I'm calling you out.
    Di: (She says she told him there are three people she cares about in the house) Dw, Nk and K, there's all 3 right there. What more do you want me to f--ing say. Do I trust the twins? No. Do I trust Mv? No. Do I trust CB? No. The twins are using me, they are using you, they are using CB. Did you see CB's face at the nomination ceremony? The twins were like this. It's all f--ing BS. Call me out on something else that I didn't do. I'm ready.
    Dw: I don't know what the hell is going on.
    Di: Exactly. What do you want from me right now?
    Dw: What I want from you is to chill the f-- out. I don't have any truth (from or for) you.
    Di says that she has opened up her heart to him and told him everything, and he hasn't told her anything.
    Dw says that he doesn't trust that Nk won't put him up on the block, and he told A he isn't sure that he will be able to play veto.
    Di: I was in the kitchen, one of the twins, I don't know which it was, I was too drunk, said that they were picking me for the veto tomorrow, "Will you save me?" I was like, uh uh uh and I think I said yes, but I won't.
    Dw: Liar.
    Di: I will keep lying to the twins and it's because they lie to me every f---ing day. I don't trust the twins because they will split the money and all of us are in it for ourselves.
    Dw: All I'm saying is that I'm thinking about it. They are so worried about themselves.
    Di: Right! I'm glad you are using your f--ing noggin.
    Dw: F--- that shit! I dont' know what Nk is thinking. Be in my shoes. I don't want the veto.
    Di: Talk to Nk. If anybody but you came up with the veto tomorrow and anybody got saved, there is a good chance that you will go up, and you wanna know why? You are the only person who won't go, and someone needs to go up next to them.
    Dw: Yeah, right.
    Di says that Dw is the only person in the house that everybody likes.
    Dw: No, that's not true. You are saying...
    Di: I'm just saying that if any of them gets taken off the block, you want the veto, Dw. Because then you are safe.
    Di says that CB will keep both twins around.
    Dw: That's right, he will vote me out.
    Di: Yeah, that's what I'm saying.
    DI: I'm just saying you (don't?) need to go in there and throw the comp. Tomorrow is a big deal.
    Dw: I know it is.
    DI: I don't think that Nk is gonna pick me to play for her. I will play to win it, because I'm not using it, and if you win it you shouldn't use it, either. Plain and simple.
    Dw: Nk won't put CB up because he is her brother.
    Di: NO, she made a promise to me that I want CB gone and I want the pleasure of diong it. I will Never. Lie. To. You. What more do you want from me? Why do you feel like you can't trust me?
    Dw: because of the shit that went down with Mv. I read the Bible and it said don't trust her, don't put your lips on her. Run away from her. That's what it said.
    DI: Show it to me.
    Dw: Right here. If you insist, I will read it. (reads excerpt about the kiss of a prostitute, stay away from her!)
    Di laughs in a bitter way.
    Di: This is why I don't like this thing. Listen, do you wanna maybe, (something about veto) I'm saying, paper. Paper.
    Dw: It's more than paper.
    Di says something about him calling her a prostitute, and he says he didn't say that.
    Di: That's what I got from it. OMG, f--- off. You just did. OK, that doesn't mean shit in my book. It means shit in your book, not my book.
    Di says that she has told him the truth, does he want her liver now?
    Di: Do you want to go outside and talk about it?
    Dw: I just don't know, Sweetie. I mean...
    DI: It's cold outside but I will take the comforter with me.
    Dw: I don't know what to do
    Di: Well, don't blame it on me.
    Dw: I'm not blaming you.
    Di: I"ve told you everything about how I feel and where I stand in this game.
    Dw: when A talks to me...
    Di: I don't know what they are gonna do. Listen, don't let it be a personal thing. If you have to tell someone one thing and do another, it's a game. I'm not that way, but with these girls, they are using you. They both attacked me tonight at separate times. Yeah, they were telling the truth, but when I confronted them, they talked in circles. I don't trust either of them. If they ask me if I will play veto for them and use it for them, I will shake my head yes but no verbal commitment and I won't use it.
    Dw: All I'm saying is, I feel as though they are trying to use me, and they are trying to think they might have a f--ing chance in hell and they will both be here next week. That's all I'm saying.
    DI : I believed it when you talked shit like that with me Thurs., too. blah blah blah
    Di asks why he voted that way Thurs.
    He says because of the pinky swear stuff, and she says she explained that that day. She says that he made the wrong f--ing decision and Mv will vote out Dw next week. You wait and see. I hope they vote me out next week. I really do. Me and Nk were talking and neither one of us want to be in this f--ing house anymore.
    Dw: I don't either.
    Di: Join the club. Will you answer me? They are using you, Dw. They are using Mv, Cb and using you.
    Dw: What in hell do you think Nk is doing with you?
    Di: What?
    Dw says that everyone in the game uses each other and Nk is using Di to get further in the game.
    Di: Nk is not. She is not. Where is my heart? This side or this side?
    Dw: On the left. (She puts her hand on her heart, to swear that that can trust Nk)
    Di: I wish you would get off your f--- ing high horse.
    Dw: I'm afraid the pinky swear is going to keep me from being with you guys.
    Di: The pinky swear will keep you in this game.
    Di tells Dw about the Nk/Di talk about the dream final four of K, Nk, Dw and Di, and that Nk agreed.
    Di: What is so hard about that? If that means a twin goes, then...
    Di: I hate you. (laughs)
    Di: One more thing, and
    Dw: I'm saying, this has been one hell of a ride.
    Di: If a twin is gone, that means a twin and then CB and then MV and the four of us ride it all the way. I can tell you to trust me in anything in the world.
    Dw; Yeah, but I heard the way you lied tonight at the poker table about W's beer, so f--- you.
    Di: That was a long time ago.
    (Apparently Di lied about W taking a beer, maybe that belonged to Dw?)
    Dw: Yeah, but I saw how well you lied. You could lie to me right now.
    Di: Why would I lie to you? Seriously? Why don't you trust me?
    Dw: Because of what you did tonight.
    Di: Because I lied about being a cocktailer?
    Di: OK, I'm a cocktail server, plain and f--ing simple.
    Dw: You lied again to Mv tonight.
    DI: Would you expect me to do other? He needs to keep us in the game. Mv needed to talk about the twins tonight and that is all I needed from him. Cb does the same thing. What are you bitching about it for? I'm doing it for us. I'm doing it for the team. No problem. Drew!
    Dw: I don't trust you.
    Di: Dw! I'm not going to make out with you just for this game. Money is not important to me.
    Dw: Shut the f-- up! You are a liar.
    Di: I could say something right now that would embarass me, and you and probably scare you away, but if that is what it takes for you to trust me....
    Dw: Say it (4x)
    DI : I can't. I could ruin everything by saying it. I can't (4x)
    Dw: What?
    Di: I can't do it.
    Dw: what?
    Di: How long have we known each other?
    Dw: I don't know. BB time or real life time?
    Di: Either.
    Dw: I don't know.
    Di: I can't say it. You've got me talking so much my mouth is so dry right now. I can't say it. I want you to trust me. What would it take for you to trust me?
    Dw: If there are things you can't tell me, then I don't.
    Di says that they are drunk. Dw says so, he remembers everything when he is drunk.
    Di says that she thinks Dw knows, she thinks he is smart enough to know.
    Dw: You're stupid.
    Di: I'm serious.
    Dw: I don't think you are being serious.
    Di: I'm serious.
    Di: I think that I ----- (laughs) I don't know sign language, but that's my sign language. (Gee, I don't know, maybe she is trying to say "I love you." Just a guess)
    Dw: Good one.

    Di: I'm just saying, do you trust me?
    Dw: I think so.
    Di: I can't afford a ring. I can't put it on your finger. What do you want me to do?
    What do you want me to do? What do you want me to say?
    Dw: I don't know. All I'm going to do tomorrow is say I'm going to use it. I think it is in my best interest to use it. Maybe I'll win it and maybe I don't, but if Nk puts me up then it is just a f--ing game.
    DI: She is not going to put you up.
    Dw: Yes, she is.
    DI: Do you want to know how I feel with you? Do you want me to be f--in honest? Do you want to look at me when I tell you? Every time I talk to you, I feel like you will f---ing hurt me.
    (Dw brings up the lie Di told about W being after Dw that she told to Natalie)
    DI: And you know what? You were safe and what did you do? You voted W out.
    Dw: You scared the crap out of me.
    Di says that Dw voted out the person who would keep him safe.
    Di: Mv and the twins have been busted in lies. Na told me today that Mv had to be pulling my chain and filling me full of shit and telling me things I want to hear. Mv was the one who called me into his room and not the other way around.
    Dw: I don't know about that. I don't know if I trust you on that.
    DI: You know what? I don't give a f-- if you trust me or not. I've got my trust in this game.
    Dw: I just wanted to see you pissed off.
    DI: I've got my trust in this game.
    Dw: You are so pissed off.
    DI: All right, one more f---ing time. I've got my trust in this game, and if you don't want to be a part of it, I don't give a f-- any more, because I can't justify myself to you any more. You say shit, and it hurts me.
    Dw: Listen, I trust you, OK? The thing with Mv...
    Di: I told you about that.
    Dw says that Di and Mv are totally tight.
    Di asks who is smarter, (I think) and Dw says that he knows Di is.
    Dw: If I get up (on the block) this week, I'm gone, ok?
    Di: If you get that veto, don't use it.
    Dw: I won't. I swear on my life, I won't use it.
    Di says that it will be bad news if he uses it because he will be gone next week.
    Dw: If I don't win it? What do you mean?
    Di says that it is a golden veto, so he is safe and could save a twin. Dw asks what she thinks he should do? She says don't use it. He says what if I don't win it?
    Dw: If I don't win it and a twin gets it, what happens?
    Di: Hang on, hang on, hang on.
    Di: The only way that everything can get f--- up tomorrow is if one of the twins wins the veto. That's the only way. I don't know who the twins will have play for them. One of them asked me tonight if I would play for them, and I said yes. She said fine. If a twin asks you to play for her, then fine. I'm going to ask Nk to pick K. So that's four.
    Dw: Then I'm not safe.
    DI: Yes, you are.
    Dw: I'm gonna count votes, oK? K, Di, that's it.
    Di: OK, then I'm going to tell Nk to put me up, then what? Who is gonna vote me in?
    Dw: K, Mv.
    DI: You think he would vote me in?
    Dw says yes, after the convo tonight he thinks Di and Mv are tight.
    Dw: He would vote me out before he would vote you out.
    Di: You think? After I tried to vote him out this week?
    Dw says yes, he knows Mv likes Di better than him.
    Di: You know what you are doing to you and me? Dw, you are tearing me away from you.
    Dw: Shut up!
    DI You are, slowly. I can't take it anymore. I can't take it. You have put a knife in my heart. Why don't you thrust it while you are at it.
    Di: Trust.
    Dw: I do trust you, but at the same time, I'm scared. Do you understand? I'm scared off my f--ing mind.
    Di: If we get in a relationship, will you trust me?
    Dw: Yes.
    DI: Then trust me. Trust me.
    Dw: I do trust you. I'm scared of Nk.
    Di: Then talk to her tomorrow.
    Dw: I will
    Di: You know what? I'm going to tell her tonight to go talk to you.
    Dw: Do you hate me?
    Di: Yes, kind of.
    Dw; Really.
    Di: (laugh)

    Dw tells Di that she never told him what she wanted to tell him. He guesses it was that she really cares for him a lot? She says that is close. He says he feels the same way. And the making out starts.
    Di says that she wants to keep this between them and not in front of all of America. K came in and caught them in an embarassing moment and Di says she is a little embarrassed. K says she didn't see anything. She asks what is the matter with them and Dw says Di is crazy. Lots of joking around.

    Di tells Dw that she will be waiting for him at the end, and he can keep on making his mistakes. She tells him she will have him and all she needs is a half a million dollars.

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