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Thread: 8/20 Live Feed Transcripts

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    F1 and 2:

    Twins, CB, and M outside

    Twin: CB don't be sad. CB you're risking a lot being nice to us. We're not sad.
    (K walks outside to go on threadmill)


    Di: If you want to talk I'm all ears
    Nk: No, nothing to talk about excepts my speech was SH--.
    Nk: I don't get that, I had this huge speech but I couldn't remember it.
    Di: I got to talk to you about things...
    Di: Whichever one was talking to me earlier, yeah she was telling the truth but she was dodging all the lies she told before. She thinks I don't know but I know. She said she didn't have no promise with Wil that is why she put him up. (rolls eyes)
    Nk: No, everybody was there and everybody had her finger.
    Di: I know. I know. She's looking for a veto player and I think she is looking at me.
    Nk: Go ahead and do it, whoever gets it doesn't have to use it.
    Di: Yeah, I'm not going to use it
    Di: This sucks
    Nk: The ice cream or the situation?
    Di: The situation.
    Nk: The only reason they are up there today is because they broke a promise.
    Di: They're saying you didn't give a reason...
    Nk: If they don't get it...they don't get it. I'll make sure they know.

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    K and Nk outside:

    K: They're pissed off!
    Nk: That is what happens when you break a promise. That is what happens when you go against your word. They made a promise to Will.
    K: Yeah I know.
    K: You should...
    Nk: I'm not going to hide...
    K: No, I mean don't waste your time.
    Nk: I can't stand talking to them. Ugh!
    K: They think they are smarter. The like to dominate.
    K: What happened to "Good sportmanship will rise to the top" (mimmicking on of the twins)
    Nk: I know...piss me off this week, piss me off next week.
    (K leaves and Nk sits there playing solitaire by herself)

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    Feed 1
    A & Nat in the bathroom.

    Marv walks in, hugs them both, and says, "To make Karen go crazy, spread the word that she's gonna be put up as a veto nomination. She'll have a breakdown, and it'll be a great time and kinda funny. Everybody will bond, ya know what I'm sayin'? Inside joke. No harm, no foul. Inside joke."

    M goes into the WC. A & Nat go "what's he talking' about?"

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    Twins on hammock:
    following conversation is a rant that went on too fast and too low

    Twin: I remember an old friend named Adria that said being on the block can be a learning experience or...
    Twin: uh huh
    Twin: You try to hand someone two allies and they act like they can't trust you.
    Twin: What are they gonna do for me?
    Twin: I'm talking about the individuals and how they are playing.
    Twin: I talked to Di last.
    Twin: That is why I think Di is nuetral right now. Whatever...
    Twin: She needs to see past that
    Twin: What did she say?
    Twin: "I'm ready to get out of here.."
    Twin: Ugh. (rolls eyes)
    Twin: Di told me the reason that the reason she is stuck is the craziness in the house all that is going around.
    Twin: I told her, "what game are you running here? I don't know where you stand in this house. are you running a game on me? Talk to me, I'll tell you the truth anytime." She just became evasive and said how she didn't know anything.
    Twin: The speculation in this house is just crazy. I never tell anyone how to vote. If anyone wants to know what and how I'm feeling they can always come ask me.
    Twin: Too many things are going around this house and she is believing it. She trusts M over me because of what happened that one night? I just don't get it. She can come talk to me. That is all I gotta say.
    Twin: She got a lot of guilt.
    Twin: Yeah she got a lot of guilt. She doesn't know what side she is on. I told her that she is in a good position. She can play anybody in this house.
    Twin: good thing Nk didn't backdoor us
    Twin: I have nothing against Nk, really.
    Twin: I have no problems.....
    Twin: hmmm...
    Twin: One of us gets off the block....(counting)... yeah that's right....one of us will still be here....yeah...yeah...(damn it's inaudible)
    (getting interupted)
    Twin: It's chill talk we need to get out (saying to M and CB)

    Twin: I don't believe any of them.
    Twin: We need to exercise our options
    Twin: we need to get tight with the guys
    Twin: What did she do for the team? She make a decision based on the past. It now makes it easy for me to target her. That wasn't very smart. She couldn't even give the speech. She's weird, like she had to go! How rude.
    Twin: It's just manners...I don't get it.
    Twin: It's a waste of my play
    Twin: One of us was here from the beginning and one of us will still be there.
    Twin: Let's get clarity from her. What did she say?
    Twin: I never pinkied spear Wil, I never did, she may have I didn't.
    Twin: I may have.
    Twin: Who cares....

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    Di, Dw, and twin (I think A) in the cloud room

    A: I just want to ask you two how I should play tomorrow and see where you two stand.
    With my decision with Wil, I made the best decision I thought was best at that time.
    A: I also wanted to get it out in the open that I'm here and wanted to communicate where we stand. I take it exactly how you tell me whatever or however it is. Do I get that from you two?
    Dw: Oh yeah...
    Di: sure
    A: I never had anything personal against him. I just decided with what happened and my conversations with him.
    Di: If any of us get the veto what do you want us to do with it?
    A: I want it to be used. Give us a chance.
    Di: I think we can keep both of you in.
    A: Oh really?
    Di: I think we can..
    Dw: Well you know me.
    A: When we talked about this before, I took my commitment to us four. Remember..
    A: That's why I'm asking right now.
    Di: What if she were to put Dw up? I guarantee that if one of you two get taken down Dw is going to be put up.

    A: Did she say that?
    Di: We never came out and talked about it.
    A: I spoke to her but that's how I am, always speaking to people.

    BB: Diane, please go to the DR

    (I don't think A got far with them)

    Dw: It's a tough situation.
    A: I have the best information on things because of the way I play the game. You're smart. You have a chance to secure yourself.
    A: There is speculation that Di thought M and I had a deal. We never had a deal. Ask M, that's stupid.
    A: I feel like you have a good chance to win that veto.
    Dw: Yeah.
    A: I hope you can see my relationship with you guys and I know you can sway it either way. I can sway it and say Drew here's the POV as long as you swear to me that you use it.
    Dw: Yeah, I'll think about...it. Di has told me a lot but I don't know...
    (either Dw is the greatest player ever or the biggest wuss in the world)

    A: You two are my biggest commitments in the house. I'll be honest, that is how we feel.
    A: You two are my biggest chance and we can get HOH next week.
    Dw: I want to know...if Nk would put me up or CB...I guess you're both trying to stay til next week...
    (he isn't the greatest player, he is stupid...sorry Drew lovers out there he's getting on my nerves)
    A: It's not about who put you up it's how you react to it.
    Dw: Right.
    (whispering and giggling)
    Dw: ...the flipping of the coin in your head.
    A: Yeah, I had a two headed coin in my head aimed for Will.
    A: I appreciate all you have done for me and I will show my appreciation to you in the end.
    Dw: If I have a problem I can come talk to...
    A: Please, anytime...
    Dw: I realize that I should get all the info that I need and get it personally.
    A: Gather all that you can.
    A: Let me know if you'll play and use it or not. I don't want the house to decide between me or Nat. If one of us is on the block that is fine.

    I have to eat dinner now, will post later....

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    F1+2: Dr+Di+A

    Adria goes on a long winded speech about doing things for the team and trusting them and wanting to know if anything is up, etc. The usual "standard" speech she's come up with the last few days.

    Di: What do you want, to, I mean, obviously, you know, any of us get the vetio, the veto, what do you want done with it?
    A: I would like for it to be used.
    Di: Yeah, but...
    A: That's, that's all I want, I just want it to be used.
    Di: Okay.
    A: And I, umm, I definitely respect that and leave it to you guys to make a decision, you know, however or whoever plays or whatever.
    Di: Right.
    A: I just, uhh, if it can be used, that's all you can do, to give people a chance.
    Di: Right.
    A: You know?
    Dr: Right.
    A: So... if it's used, one of us can still go too, that's just the way it goes...


    Di: 'Cause I can keep both of you in.
    A: Oh, you think you can keep us both in?
    Di: If it's, if the veto is used and somebody's put up against, somebody else has to go up, obviously...
    A: Well, you know, that was one of my intentions of keeping Marvin around, that a lot of people still want him gone...
    Dr: Mmm hmmm.
    A: ...and that's an easy decision to use. Who wants to be stuck here with a bunch of hard decisions to make? Y'all wanna sit here and put each other up each week?

    A: ...I took my commitments only to this four.
    Di: You know I, I mean I obviously voted against Marvin because I wanted him out of the house...
    A: Totally respect it.
    Di: ...so, I want him out of the house.
    A: He still can be gone.
    Di: And I want him gone. And I want CB gone to follow, but you know...
    A: It still can be done. Nakomis won't put CB up. I'll go ahead and tell you that.
    Di: You don't think?
    A: No, she told me she wasn't. I take what people tell me, that's the way I take it... if you wanna sit here and BS me then do it, that's why I'm asking right now. You can either tell me, or, that's up to you.
    Di: What if she was to put someone like Drew up?
    A: Well, then, I think we know the numbers.
    Di: Yeah, but if, if one of you gets taken off the block, I guarantee somebody like you gets put up *motions to Drew*
    A: Well, you don't have to play veto, well... if he gets it, he gets it... Nakomis ain't gonna go after Drew. She knows how much you care about him, she wouldn't do that to you.
    Di: I hope not. Never asked her, but I guess I can.
    A: Y'all haven't had a talk about that?
    Di: Nuh uh. We haven't talked a lot about much of anything. She's kinda like you, like you when you were HOH, she makes her decisions without anyone else knowing and we make assumptions.
    A: Did she break her own rules? I think y'all need to think about that.

    Diane gets call to DR (maybe BB wanted to give them some time alone?)

    A: I saw her heart jump up out of her chest, she was like *makes scared, jumpy motion*
    Dr: That's a rough situation.
    A: I'm not going to tell, you know me, I'm not going to tell people how to play the game but I do have a *inaudible* opinion because of how much information I've gathered over the past week, and ummm...
    Dr: Right.
    A: I'm going to be honest. You, and you're smart and you make good moves for yourself and, you know...
    Dr: Right.
    A: Do you what you wanna do. I think that, uh, honestly Drew, you're going to be a target or you've got a chance to secure yourself for sure and I don't think that you'll be, that you're a target for Nakomis.
    Dr: That's the thing, I didn't think about that before.
    A: Well, maybe Diane will go to bat for you, I mean, you guys are tight. Do you not think she'd go to bat for you?
    Dr: Maybe not, I mean, I don't know. I don't know how tight we actually are *inaudible*
    A: I don't know because she had a lot of speculations that she never came to me... (talking about Di speculating about her deals with other people)


    Dr: I know that Nakomis is associating me with you and Natalie... that's what scares me, in a way.
    A: If you're not associated with Nik then she's going to be associating you with everybody else
    Dr: Right.
    A: So that's already there.

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    I just heard an interesting talk filled with hypocrisy between Nk and Di in the HOH room. This was on feeds 1 and 2 with FISH on F3 and F4.

    I'm not sure how long the convo lasted before I tuned in, but Di was saying how it sucks having to be in the house with people they can't stand, and that she wishes the next three weeks were over with already. Nk says that it has gotten to the point now that it isn't even worth the money. She thought it would be this neat chance to win half a million (Di points out that it is half a half a million after taxes) but now it doesn't even seen worth it.
    Nk points out that after this week they will have three more people to get out. Di says that it is so weird, because just when you get the "bad" person or people out of the house, someone else turns "bad." She then backs up a little and says that it's not necessarily that the people are bad, but... and Nk jumps in and says that "they make bad choices." Di agrees. (And I guess in a perfect world you four would be left and you wouldn't turn against anyone, then? Or maybe suggest to the HOH that one of your own alliance be put up on the block?) Di goes through the whole process of how they got rid of H, who caused troubles, then they had to get rid of Sc, and then Ja, and now "the twins are the devil." Nk points out that SOMEBODY has to be the bad guy, and that it wasn't that Ja "turned into the devil; he always was."
    Nk asks Di who her dream final four would be, and Di says: Di, Nk, Dw and K. Di says it's not even Dw because he is her boyfriend or she likes him or anything....and Nk finishes this and says this is her dream final four, too, and that she understands that it is because Dw is a "good person." (Nk seemed very introspective during this talk, and I wonder if she was thinking of Cowboy at all, and how Di would stick with Dw at the end?) Nk says that they have four people now, with the four of them. She makes a point of pointing that out. Di backpedals and says that she isn't sure what Dw is thinking, though. Then she says that it "may sound evil, well, not evil really" because she believes that "when Dw is out of the house and looks back on everything he will realize this is for his OWN GOOD," but she wants to really get Dw DRUNK tonight to loosen him up so that he will talk to her and tell her everything he really feels. She says she is waiting to question him tonight when she can loosen up his tongue, and if she doesn't talk to her tonight, then.......she just isn't going to tell him everything she is thinking any longer! She tells Nk that she tells Dw everything (bet Nk didn't know that for sure!).
    Conversation turned to twin bashing some more, with Di leading the bashing and Nk just agreeing. Di says that the twins have been playing for five weeks, and since the production people would have made both twins leave at once if they were discovered (little does she know!) then maybe there will be a twist where both twins will be evicted if one is evicted! Wouldn't that be great? Then Nk agrees that it would be great, and says maybe the twist would be that they are both evicted if they are on the block at the same time! They shake themselves out of their little dream worlds and Di says that one twin will go, and one twin will still be there, and that is what she is worried about. Nk says that last week they thought they had three people to get rid of, and now they STILL have three people to get rid of! (it's a hard knock life, whiney, backstabbing, lying witches! But I digress.)

    The feeds switch to Mv and Dw, who are joking around about the acting gig, and Mv is campaigning. He says he needs to get his foot in the door, and he has found out now that "pretty boy" has options already. Mv says that when he gets the acting gig, he will look out for CB and pretty boy, and he will get them a part as someone's cousin's boyfriend or something.
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    Twins in cloud room:

    Twin: I'm so excited. One of us will definitely be here next week, and things will change.
    Twin: If M gets the veto do you think she will put up Drew?
    Twin: I think so...
    Twin: Let's make M a straight up deal. Tell him that you wouldn't put him up next week.
    Twin: Ask K, just ask her. Ask her, "if you play for the veto would you take one of us off the block and we'll keep you safe next week."
    Twin: No she won't.
    Twin: How do you know?
    Twin: I know, she's tight with Nk.
    Twin: I think it's getting stupidier by the week.
    Twin: The morale is low.
    Twin: One less person each week.
    Twin: These people act like they have never had it so smalll in their life, I could live here for another six months. Geez.
    Twin: Uh huh.
    Twin: Marvin is a gamer. He is playing a psycho game on Diane. He got to her.
    Twin: I reminded her that she hates M. "Don't let him tell you how to play the game. It's what you know and think. Don't play on speculation."
    Twin: Uh huh.
    Twin: I hope she hasn't cracked.
    (whispering real fast and low)
    Twin: about K, whenever she gets stressed she bakes a batch of cookies. It's a sure tell sign.
    Twin: uh huh
    Twin: If I leave this game, I want to leave something behind.
    Twin: If one of us leaves, I will bust this house open!

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    Twins in cloud room.

    Twin: Did you catch that?
    Twin: Diane said, "I wonder what Will is doing."
    Twin: Yeah, she is acting like she is on our side. Telling me who to put up, who she thinks will do what and such...
    Twin: Uh huh
    Twin: Uh huh
    Twin: Yeah
    Twin: Come Monday, I will bust that S--- wide open.
    Twin: This is what I feel like... (uses an analogy of baseball)
    Twin: Hit me the ball, I want the ball!
    Twin: I'm so competitive. I wish someone would be like that.
    (feed audio cut out)

    Twin: They hated "Adria" cause I had to protect you and I. It was those eyes...
    Twin: Huh...
    Twin: I'm so teamed oriented. And they have to be so cut throat kiss ass...
    Twin: I don't know how...
    Twin: I really wanted M gone but W didn't want to be here with me. He didn't want my vote. He turned away from me. All he had to say was, "I understand where you are coming from. If I'm HOH next week you are safe with me." That is all he had to say to me.
    Twin: He said something like that to me.
    Twin: I never heard it.
    Twin: We aren't the same person.
    Twin: Yeah, he still didn't play or talk to me...
    Twin: ...or at least hard enough.
    Twin: If I'm out next week, I'm going to tell a lot of stuff. You need to tell a lot of stuff. Let's get it all out there.
    Twin: I don't know all this BS...
    Twin: Even Wil said to me that he wasn't a part of any alliance
    Twin: Di even said to me that Nat has told her that someone was out to get her.
    Twin: Where are all these lies coming from?
    (more inaudible talk)

    Twin: Problem is that I made a commitment to him that I would not vote him out.
    Twin: If Drew is next to me on the block does he get your vote?
    Twin: You got that right.
    Twin: Hmm...
    Twin: Actually I can't stand Dw. Listen whatever you do next week, one of us will be here next week. We need to play K. Get her on our...
    Twin: Adria! (holds finger to her mouth....Listen!)
    (They can hear voices out and doors close and are wondering if their conversation was possibly overheard.)
    Twin: That is why I said , "quiet!"

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    Talk now between the twins is about the Fitnesstwins.com website. One of the twins is basically giving her resume online!
    She says she is actually a web designer, too, and she is available! She says that she is learning from the people in the house, how they eat, etc.
    The other twin cautions her that some of the people in the house will be threatened if they know about the Fitnesstwins, because they will think that she is more than she is. (Mv apparently said something about them being the fit twins or fitness twins, and they are wondering if he found out about that somehow).

    The other houseguests (most of them) are outside playing with some kind of ball or balloon or something that they can blow up. I couldn't tell what it was.

    A says that Nk and K will probably be the only two who will get to the end of the game without losing the food comps and being on PBJ, and they say they whined a lot during that first week when everyone was on PBJ.

    Tw: They don't get to decide which twin goes. I'm not gonna let it happen.
    tw: huh uh.
    Tw: I'm gonna make them think about their vote.
    Tw; I know, just work toward it. Try 100,000 percent. Keep it up.
    Softball analogy that I don't understand.
    Tw; I love it, you'll never give up. They'll have to strike me out!
    Tw: You know when your foot touched the bag before they tagged you. You know it!
    tw: I hate that.
    Tw: I wish I could have had better friends in this game. You know with W, I don't have any troubles with him as a person or anything. It was totally strategic.
    (she says that she hopes that after all of this is over, at the wrap party, etc. maybe they will be friends with everyone).
    Tw: I know I have a bunch of friends, but they aren't necessarily in this house, how about that?
    Tw: This is the day we knew would have to come, and we have to make the best of it we can. I'm proud of you.
    tw: I know.
    tw: BB, don't give me no cheesy veto game, give me a good one! Give me a good, good game!
    (BTW, Na is the one in the white shirt, I think. But I can't tell which one is talking at which time)
    tw: I almost lost my best friend in the world because I lived with her, and I love her to death. Katrina, you're my girl! It's hard to live with people.
    tw: It's hard when all you're eating is tortilla chips.
    One twin says that she is learning about nutrition, watching people eat tortillas and soda, and how it affects them.
    Tw: And what's the deal with Hummus? (saying different ways to pronounce it)
    tw: It's just ground-up beans.

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