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You might want to brush up on what the "Freedom of Speech thing" actually says.

This is one of our more frequent comments, and please remember that Freedom of Speech defines what protections you have from the government, and not from private individuals (which explains why you can and will be fired for calling your boss any number of bad names, perhaps the worst being Johnny Fairplay Lover!)

Therefore, we at the FORT have some pretty defined rules that we stick with (and all agreed to when you clicked "I accept" to set up your account). It is one of the reasons we are successful.

We also realize that those rules aren't a fit for everyone who stops by. That's fine, but all should understand we are not going to change those rules for you.

Please adhere to the instructions of a mod. If anyone has a problem with that, feel free to PM anyone in red, or John, who is the site owner/admin.

Thanks for your future cooperation.
Loud and clear.