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Thread: 8/19 Live Feed Screen Caps

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    8/19 Live Feed Screen Caps

    Please feel free to post your feed caps here. If you'd like access to our FORT image storage area, please PM John.

    Discussion of the caps is allowed here as well.

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    Time to rise and shine, it's eviction day!!!

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    It's almost time!!!

    Do I see the HOH Key around Nokomis's neck?

    Some Chicken of the Sea for the back stabber? - Nokomis reminding the Camera about the Pinky Swear.

    .. She's not happy. - Diane begins her scramble to stay on the good side of the HOH.

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    More scrambling

    A late night Food Competition.

    Drink this weird stuff I mix in the blender and we get food for that day.

    As we can see, Marvin blew it for next Saturday.

    Diane helps close the door on the game, ensuring food for all but one day of the week.

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