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Thread: Predict the vote - Will or Marvin

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    Predict the vote - Will or Marvin

    Well, the vote is tomorrow, how do you think everyone is going to vote. Here are my thoughts.

    Karen, Nik - Obviously, real allies for Will

    Diane- She has already hinted that she will stab Will in the back, and she is just the B--- to do it. Will doesn't know that they are not together, and she knows it will be harder for Marvin to join the none twins then it will be for will to stick with the other 2 girls.

    Drew- Please, that little pussy cat votes anyway Diane tells him to, another vote against will

    Cowboy - He has been having good feelings towards Marvin lately, he helped in the Veto and movie competition, he might sense that Marvin is the only friend or ally he might have (besides his half sister.)

    Natalie - One of the "treat me as an individual" whine sisters. She has to know that Will is pissed at them (they are not individuals, as much as they cry) and she might have the sense that Will has more strength with his allies and Marvin doesn't. But Marvin is a stronger player and has a better chances of burning the twins.

    Also, keep in mind how nasty (and deservedly so) he has been to self-rightoes Adria. In the jury, they know they have lost his vote, but if she betrays Will, then the twins will lose his vote also. I think her vote ties the score and Adria dumps Marvin.

    Will thinks he has Diane on his side, will a narrow 3-3 escape wake him up to the fact that Diane is a backstabber?

    Your thoughts before tomorrow's airing.

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    I vote to evict:

    Will: CB, Nat, Diane, Drew
    Marvin: Karen, Nakomis

    We'll see how it plays out, though.
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    I think Karen, Jenn, and Michael will vote to evict Marvin.

    I think Natalie, Diane and Drew will vote to evict Will.

    And I think Adria will have a hard time choosing between the two cry-babies, since they both waaaaay over-reacted to being nominated. But I'm hoping she'll boot Marvin for dealing her such a low blow by insinuating that she's a racist.

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    Nat - Will.
    Diane & Drew - Will.
    Not sure what cowboy is thinking =/ Will?
    Karen & Nic- 'Maaaahrvin.'

    Well, Drew *could* vote for Marvin to leave...who knows...and Karen & Nic could find out about Diane voting off Will, so maybe Diane votes off Marvin? I don't think Diane would care if N&K find out she voted off Will, through.

    We will see.

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    Will needs to talk to Nakomis and Karen about the alliance bringing Marvin on board if he gets booted out. Then Will needs to tell Marvin, for revenge's sake, that if he goes and Marvin stays, Marvin should talk to Nakomis and Karen. They need the numbers, especially since, if Will goes, they will likely realize that Diane is playing them.

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    (This post deleted at the request of the poster... that's what happens when he has two browsers open to "Post Reply")

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    Nat will vote as Adria would - against Marvin. Cowboy still doesn't like Marvin and will vote him out unless Marvin can convince Cowboy that he will be his ally if he remains. I don't see Nak or Karen voting out Will, who has been their strong ally. If Diane and Drew see it this way, I don't think they'll increase Will's paranoia by letting him know two people voted against him.

    Marvin's gone, and the vote could be unanimous.
    "Better to burn out than just fade away...." - Neil Young

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    Still, if Diane thinks that everyone will vote for Marvin, she'd be smart to vote for Will and blame Natalie for it. Keep the heat off her and Drew another week if Will, Karen, or Nak won the HOH.

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    I think Will will be gone.

    Diane (and her lap dog Drew) have aligned themselves with the twins and against, Karen, Nakomis and Will. Diane was fast off the mark after HOH last week spreading little tales about the reactions of the above 3 on the Adria's win.

    I think it will come down to a tie and Adria will vote off Will, simply because she knows he's in an alliance but that Marvin, as strong as he is, may never align himself with anyone (at least she may think this). There's no doubt he very loudly proclaimed his distaste of her but I still think she may believe Marvin is less threatening as the non-aligned person.

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    I think Will really had a chance of staying this week, but his reaction caused the twins to get angry with him. Obviously Nk and K will vote out Mv, Nat will vote out Will. CB has always seen Mv as a threat, but will probably vote with the twins. Dw is really tight with the twins as well, so unless his cuddle-bunny decides she wants Will to stay and convinces Dw the same, he'll vote for Will. If it comes down to a tie, I think A will vote Will out of the house.

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