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Thread: 8/17 recap: "Twice as Sneaky, Half as Entertaining"

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    But being blue is more work.
    Lucy, this recap has already beed quoted from here to next week, but I can't help throw a couple of my favs out there again - TERRIFIC recap! You had me in stiches throughout!
    Fewer props to Will, who calls it the ďsappiest, most fakest speechĒ heís heard in a while. Thatís the most ungrammatical sentence Iíve heard since Ö well, the last time Cowboy opened his mouth.

    Well, Marvin, perhaps Jesus wasnít that specific. But what if he was? I just think thatís a possibility Marvin needs to take into consideration.

    I donít want to hear about your manscaping.

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    I'm behind again - as usual! But I loved your 'cap Lucy! !
    They donít mention that she also nominated the only two men in the house with half a brain.
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