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Thread: Big Brother All-Stars

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    OK I had this idea for Big Brother All Stars. Tell me what you think:

    Q1: When would it air?
    A1: Probably right after Big Brother 6, 7 or 8.

    Q2: How many people would be involved?
    A2: 50! That's right, 50. Or as many as the producers could get to be on it.

    Q3: What are the new changes (assuming budget is not a problem)?
    A3: Well, there would be 4 houses instead of just 1, roughly 12 or 13 per house. The 4 houses would compete against each other to gain Immunity (I know, Survivor ripoff, oh well). The 2 losing Homes would have to each put someone up for eviction, with 2 people going each week. Eventually there would be a house Merge, going from 4 to 2, with the same rules for Immunity: compete, lose, evict.

    Q4: How long would this season last?
    A4: Well if there are 50 Houseguests, and if 2 go each week, roughy 25 weeks or 6 months.

    Q5: With all the different people, how will people get to know eachother?
    A5: They will have already known eachother from seeing past seasons of Big Brother!

    What does everyone think?

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    Gees! Must you force us to watch Holly, Roddy, Jun, and Alison again? Why would you want to torture America like that? Cruel........cruel.........cru el!
    I SO agree... Alison is one person that makes me turn off any show she's been on. I didn't watch AM while her and Donny were on... If I wanted to hear someone whine, I'd take a toy away from my 3 yearold.

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