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Thread: 8/4 Live Feed Discussion

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    No, it's absolutely important to break up Jase/Scott if they want to crack the 4H. If Marvin goes, the remaining 4H are rock-solid, and then it's down to who's HOH, which (if past comps are any indication) will more likely than not be a 4H. If Scott goes, Marvin is a lot less solid in that alliance than Scott, so it's weakened. Not to mention that Scott directly controls Cowboy, so his loss will shake CB up and take him out of the game for the HOH competition. Marvin is not dependable for their side, but Scott is ABSOLUTELY UNRELIABLE for their side.

    Once in the house, I think A and Nat will stick with the Girl Power group, but it's an open question as to whether the GPG will stick with them. They need to, because Nat is one extra number for them (which, although they don't know it now, could give them a second bite at the 4H if they were silly enough to vote out Marvin).

    -- Joe

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    I'm with you OTS, I keep telling myself I don't care what happens but I keep checking this forum to find out what's going on! Thanks again to everyone for posting the info.

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    Karen and Will need one of two things:

    1. They need Scott out
    2. Or they need Marvin out with a unanimous or large vote.

    Here's why:

    If the vote comes back 4-3 in favor of booting Scott, Karen and Will are part of that group of four. They are secure. They are considered the "block vote" and both sides know they are secure in the GPA. However, we know they have their own secret alliance that they are keeping veiled within the GPA.


    a vote of 5-2 came back in favor of booting Marvin, everyone will know who switched sides-- but worse than that, they did it together without the consent or knowledge of Diane and A/N.

    It's pretty clear to me that their alliance is dependent upon hiding within larger alliances.

    Will plays an amazing game (Maybe its the name Will?), but Karen's VISIBLE wavering (meaning it may be an act) and this frenzied shtick she goes into every time the vote is brought up is ridiculous.

    A/N is surprising me. This is NOT the week you want to alienate yourself from both groups. They are not doing well. Rather, Adria is not doing well. It'd be 100% smarter for Natalie, the better talker, to be in the house now.

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    Oooh, something else to ponder...

    What if, after Nat comes in, the twins don't agree on who their alliance should be with? Maybe one of them will feel betrayed by their original alliance whereas the other would want to be loyal. I'm sure they would never vote each other out, but it might be a good strategy for them to split up (or at least act split up, saying they were working together, but now they are competing against one another or something) so they are not both targeted by the same people. That might be a bit of protection for them, because people might want A on their side, thinking she can change N's mind, and vice versa.
    Does that sound totally crazy? I guess I am just trying to think what they can do to salvage the mess they are in now....
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    - Albert Einstein

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    I'm wondering if the powers that be will swap out Natalie & A early given how much trouble A is having right now.

    Also, I won't be surprised at all if Natalie comes in with a week of protection the same way that the vacationing houseguest (can't remember name) came back after being voted back in. She had a week of protection as well. Whether that protection would extend to A as well, not sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qupid
    I'm willing to bet that if Will gets any closer to figuring it out they will rush her in earlier. I doubt they will let the twist get away when they are this close.

    Have I missed something....is Will putting it together?
    I don't always act like a bitch; but when I do, I'm the lead float in the bitch parade.

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    He was making observations about the mole on her face.
    "If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans" - Van Zant

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    Am I the only one that thinks Jase has earned a penalty nom??? :phhht BB needs to put him on the block or bring in his Mom as a hostile hamster!

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    MV came out of the DR and said something about they told him he would probably be going and to ..fish (darn it) Did I maybe miss something other than this little bit??

    I have heard a couple of the HG's saying if they get to sequester it's $10,000.
    Every time this conversation starts they go to fish. Anyone have any additional information on this?

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    I think the 4H screwed this up royally by assuming Scott would be staying. By making threats and being EXTREMELY obvious about wanting to keep Scott they've totally ticked off Marvin. They most definitely should have played it cool and been upset about EITHER one of them going. Now, if Marvin actually does stay and gets HOH, he's got an ax to grind with the 3H and will probably be pretty indifferent about the GPPW. They've now alienated themselves to 3 vs. 6 maybe 7 w/ the additon of Natalie.

    Of course, this is assuming that the GPPW will still stay true after the addition of Natalie. WHICH, I think they will at least for one week. I think everyone in the game (except for maybe CB) would be a-okay w/ seeing Jase go. Then, the week after, focus may switch to Nat/A. Plus, I actually think that what A is doing by wigging out may actually help them. She's totally focusing everyone's attention on the fact that she's crazy, so that when Nat come in everyone will be so relievde to know there was a reason behind all the weirdness, they may not be so focused on the fact that they've been deceived. If it were me, and I found out my alliance member had been switchin all along, I honestly think I'd be more curious than anything else. I'd want to find out all about how they were doing it, who I was talking to when, etc. I think Nik will stay true to them 'cause they seem to be genuine good friends, as well as possibly Diane. That still gives them 3-4 people.

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