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Thread: 8/4 Live Feed Discussion

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    I am a newbie as far as posting too! I am glad I could help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAGuy
    You can take it or leave it. As I said, it's only "my 2 cents". But I don't think I should be criticized for NOT addressing the topic in the way you think I should.
    You are taking something out of this I didn't put into it: criticism of the original poster. Debate, by necessity, means I'm taking an opposite viewpoint, but that's not the same thing as criticizing you.
    Originally Posted by qupid
    What if we take DNA and the screen cap Hep provided and put them together. What if A has been playing for the chance for her twin and the other two twins get to compete to come in also? Hence the two podium set up. And the two extra slots on the web site. THey will have been in the house for a brief time and will then be posted on the web as hamsters.
    There's been a lot of comment elsewhere where people have debated the whole "3 squares open" thing and given alternate explanations. My argument is all about the fact that even though the show CAN do anything they want to, they also like to keep the appearance of equity, if not the reality. Making Adria and Natalie do all of that extra work, and yet giving four other people a similar reward for doing nothing extra, would push the limits of "seeming" fair. Adria would also be the only one to take "heat" for lying, since the other twins wouldn't have had to have pretended to be someone else.

    Basically, I bet Adria and/or Nat would have a meltdown and walk off the show if they pulled out two more twinsets who get "freebies", don't you? And they'd have every right to do so.

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