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Thread: 8/3 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Apparently someone walked close to the WC area. Security Guard CB not doing a good job.

    A: Oh my god. You kill me. I'm glad I only had 2 sips of wine, cuz... [laughs again]

    S: If that's true then I want you to know that I know and it hurts, OK? It sucks.

    A: I don't know what's true because the script stops. Go back to what I missed. I'm not as sharp as everyone thinks, you have to take it step by step with me.

    S: What do you mean?

    A: The script was going somewhere and you were going to tell me who but... I kinda lost that last sentence. Please go back... Aw s**t!

    Interrupted again. Diane comes walking in carry a bottle of wine and sits on the edge of the bathtub.

    A: Could we please freakin' talk in this house?

    S: [to D] Can I have a sip of that?

    D: If you tell me what the f* you guys are talking about.

    Je: DW and I are just hanging out watching, it's like TV.

    D: I walk in and CB is like (makes cut motion across throat). everyone laughs.


    CB: Well you told me to go like this [cut motion] if someone comes in so I did it.

    S: [to D] THis has nothing to do with you but you can listen. This is between me and A because I saved her ass (I'm getting tired of typing that)

    D: Why do you feel like... you're... so gone?

    S: Because someone told me something that was so f'd up. One of your people behind that door told me something. A's the ringleader, she wants me out. [A laughs] It might be funny to you guys but...

    A: I'm not laughing at you S.

    A tries to say something else but gets interrupted and she stands up and screams...

    A: PLEASE! PLEASE! I'm getting so freakin' loud. Let me just say [touches Scott] I'm feeling you last week because all YOUR people [pointing to DW and JE] wanted me to talk to the ringleader [pointing to S] and I'm just going like 'Who is the ringleader'?

    S: I'm the ringleader?

    D: Can I tell you what me and her (I'm assuming A) were talking about in the f'n HOH?

    A still very loud, drowning everyone else out.

    A: I'm telling you, s**t around this house is like freakin' insane!

    S: See these 4 guys right here behind that door, Marvin included, we're all equal.

    Je: Wait. I'm the ringleader.

    A points and laughs at Je and she goes over to hug him "I'm sorry" A said.

    S: You think getting one of us out of here will take out the King or general is BS--

    Di: You should be happy about what she's talking about today.

    S: Then why is someone lying to me.

    Di: There's no way, that's why I don't believe it.

    S: You're the one who told me [pointing to Je]

    Je: You're calling me out dude.

    A: Are you not the ringleader? Stand up!

    S: You're the one that told me.

    A: Then stand up!

    S says something I couldn't tell because A is talking much louder.

    A: Come on! You got big balls. You got big balls, Je.

    Je: S, didn't you talk to people, too?

    S: I talked to people too, you want to know who? But I feel like if I call someone out then I'm f'd.

    Je: Yeah, you can't be calling people out.

    S: The most important thing to me is the truth.

    A: Did I not say this shit would be on my ass?

    S: They're afraid of A, they don't trust her. her ass is out... in their mind.

    A: Oh, this is going to get GOOD up in the BB house. [laughs]

    S: A, I'm not joking, what pissed me off about it is because I don't want to believe that s**t it hurst me f'n real bad. I'll go home tomorrow but with that on my mind, dude... that kills me. I can't believe that A, should I?

    D: A is the last person that wants you out.

    S: Well then good. I'm sorry. Baby, I love you. [stands up and hugs A]

    S: I want to be here.

    Di: You guys all know where me and A stand in this game. You two [S and Je] are like best f'n friends and this [points to A] is my best f'n friend in this house.

    Je: See, A, this is where I get confused because I heard some s**t in this house and I could not believe you would do that to S after he stepped up for you last week.

    Di: You know who's taking claim for that though? Not you [points to s], you know who took claim for that?

    Je: Mv?

    Di: Yeah.

    S: Took claim for what?

    Di: That [points to A] (referring that Mv took claim for saving A)

    S: He wasn't even in the room? Was he in the room!

    A: No he wasn't in the room. What we're saying is you guys

    Dw: Well, that just solves the question

    S: That just solves the f'n s**t right there.

    S gets up and starts walking away

    A: If you guys don't talk to me then your going to get your ears full of s**t

    Di: If you don't talk to us Je, this is what happens

    Je: That's why we brought you in.

    Di: You had these pow-wows everyday last week. Nobody knows what's going on and I invite you guys in my room.

    Dw: I'm sorry, I didn't invite everybody in at the same time.

    Je: Dw locked me out 3 times last week!

    [done for the night... I have to get up in a couple of hours]

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    Feed 3&4:

    In HOH room, Di and Will talking, and looking at the spy tv. Nik is in there as well.

    A comes in and starts going over what she's been dealing with all night. She says she's not really troubled by what went down. She says she's not drunk; it's all funny to her. Then she gets serious and starts challenging Di and Will about what people in their team have been saying about her. She wants them to know she is committed, or was committed, to them.

    Nik is off-camera.

    Marvin peeps in, and Di abruptly tells him she'll talk to him later. He says okay and closes the door.

    Nik Di Wil & A keep talking.

    A is saying people may say she is crazy, but she's not. Will is very troubled by this evening and all the stress. A feels someone on their team is playing both sides. Now A does not want to announce her vote. Di says they need to firm up their alliance's votes since, she, Di, can't vote. (Not initially, but she breaks a tie, doesn't she?)

    Karen has joined them.

    Di leaves or is off-camera. Drew comes in.

    Nik is using the remote to check the spy tv. They see J and Mv talking in the BR. Sounds like they're exchanging addresses. (They must be getting audio now.)

    Jace comes in. (He seems to know when he's been monitored.) J says they were just saying their goodbyes or something. Someone, Diane or Adria, scoffs at that.

    Jace is very self-assured. He's pressing his point. Drew leaves. The only people on camera are J Nik & W. A is talking.

    Convo between A & J mostly. A is trying to say it's her faith that'll get her through. Jace objects to using the bible, and says each person has his faith, moslem, jewish or kabbalah. This game not about religion. He says he prays each day too in this house. A says well, God took on her sin. J says bible is against this game. A says she doesn't play the fame in a deceitful way. J says there are flaws in the bible. Says his aunt is gay and feels she was born that way and catholics and the bible is against that. J says money is the root of all evil. A says the devil is the root of all evil. And each person has their own agenda and their own reasons for being in the house.

    Feed 1&2:
    Cb and Karen in BR.
    (Maybe someone can cover these feed. Too much happening for me to leave 3&4)
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    Feed 3&4, HOH Rm:

    A says she plays her own way. And she needs her bible, and not just for the game is she using it. She just needs it daily. Will says not everyone plays with deceit.

    A is now talking about playing for other people, not just her. She says she's not going to the BY to streak. Not her way. J laughs and says she's obviously talking about him. J laughs and says he's been told they'll have his nakedness on the internet anyway so why not give it to them.

    A's now talking about her children. Dead silence from J for a moment. (A may be talking too much now. I didn't think A had kids. Maybe this is Nat and she just put her foot in her mouth, cos she kind of caught herself and took the combative tone down a notch.)
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    Feed 3&4, HOH Rm:

    Lights out in HOH rm. They rap up convo. A leaves. Jace leaves. Karen and Will are whispering in HOH rm still. I'm going w/A in F1&2. Someone else take over HOH rm.

    Feed 1&2:

    BY, with A & D. A is tough as nails. Di is showing some strong persuasive skills. Being gentle but tenacious with A. Both of them are on point. A says she's trying to protect herself. Di says W's done some crying over all these tonight. A won't commit to voting with Di's group.

    Nik comes out. Di leaves. A is talking about how J was asking her age and telling her she seemed more mature than her 30yrs. Nik joins them. Nik is talking about Dr. Di asks Nik is she thinks Dr likes her. Nik says yes.

    J's voice from a distance. Everyone is dispersing.

    Feed 1&2 switches to LR area.
    A is asking Nik what time it is. Around 1AM. A walks away.

    Feed 1&2 switches to HOH rm.
    Di & Dr in bed. Di is saying that A has gone psycho. Di does not understand what the problem is with A. Di keeps saying "everyone is going psycho, and today A has gone psycho." Dr sis listening and responding, but sounds stressed (or drunk).
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    Feed 1&2:

    HOH Rm.
    Di & Dr in bed. Di telling Dr he needs to extricate himself from the other guys. He doesn't need to be dealing with all that. Says Dr can't just sit back and simply observe when they have the kind of showdowns they had in the house tonight because it just makes him look bad. Says she'll be happy to see "him" (Scott) go, on Thursday when the vote is announced. Di doesn't want to have to vote.

    (My live feed and computer all crapped out for 5 to 10 mins. I had to reboot. Missed some stuff.)

    Back to Feed 1&2, HOH rm. Di & Dr whispering in bed still.

    Feed 3&4:

    A bedroom. Looks like 3 beds. I can make out 2 people in one bed. I hear Jace and Scott. Don't know if they're in bed together since there's more than 1 bed of people. Jace is saying the night before he came for the beginning of the BB5 he spent time with a girl he's been hanging out with, and he thinks she'll still be cool when he's done with the show. Another voice. Can't make it out. But Scott is saying "goodnight, Cowboy, I love you Cowboy." "I love you too."

    Some more talking. Someone says "Go to bed."

    Some more talk. J's voice breaking into Cb's low talking. Then Scott. Talk of a sexual nature, sporting teams, the movie "Waterboy," Pittsburgh. General talk until they fall asleep.
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