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Thread: 8/3 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Feed 4
    Di, Nk & A in HOH room. (Di flipping channels on Spy Screen.)

    Sorry folks, but A & Di are talking a mile a minute. But they're sounding like they now want to vote off Marvin instead of Scott. Only Nk thinks Scott should still go.

    Karen comes in. Tells them she had a conversation with Marvin last night. Di says that Scott is really pissed off about it, because Marv is campaigning. K says she told M that she respects he hasn't campaigned or gone off. But then he got really bitter. "Actors & actresses, etc." K believes he is the most "hardcore gamer" in the house.

    Di: Maybe we should get rid of Marvin?
    K: But getting ridding of Sc, we get rid of Jase's buddy, Cowboy's buddy, Drew's buddy.
    A: Our numbers are going to be our strength.
    K: I feel they're both dangerous. Sc has control over CB. Jase has control over Sc.
    A: I disagree. I think Sc has control over Jase. Just looks like Jase does.
    K: Drew stays to the side.... We need to talk to W. (To Di) You're calling the shots. This is your choice.
    Di: But you're the ones making the choice.

    And so it goes. Everyone's flip-flopping back & forth. Marv.Scott.Marv.Scott.

    Will comes in. "Brain-storming" continues.
    W: What's brought this on? Has Scott done something good or what?
    Nk: Scott changed since Holly's left. He cleans up. (etc)
    Di: Scott saved A.

    Looking more & more like they're going to save Scott.
    Please make up your mind, people!
    Going to go watch tonight's episode. Posting.

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    (where the heck did my bedtime plans go???)

    Will walked in... I cant leave.

    Nak tells W about Sc complaining that Je is a messy person.. that Sc cleans up after Je every day and she feels that there might be a rift there, or he might be playing.

    Di tells W that Mv does a lot of distrustful things.. that Mv tells Di that she owes him, that A owes him. Di feels that if Mv gets HOH next week A will automatically on the block. K tells Di that they cant worry about that, because if Sc wins Sc will put one on the block... so they need to make a calm decision.

    A says she'd rather have someone say "what are you doing, bitch?" to her face rather than have someone do it behind her back.

    W says that he thinks Di putting Mv on the block was the best decision, because Mv is more manipulatable. W says this afternoon Mv told him "dont think they're playing me, I know that those white boys dont want anything to do with a n**g*r" (W stresses that the only reason he used that word is because Mv used it!)

    A swears that race is so not an issue in this situation.

    W points out that all of the 4H have been campaigning for Sc to stay. W thinks that when Julie says "Sc you're evicted" then they'll see hearts breaking and it will put a big crimp in their game. W says he feels very positive about the decision that Di originally made. All 5 of them now say that they are convinced that Sc is their vote. W says it will be a great life lesson for Sc... says all of his money sob stories are coming out. (Apparently Sc has said something about getting hit by a drunk driver and needing to fix his Jeep Grand Cherokee) Nak says it's fishy that he isnt worried about the fact that he lived, he's just worried about his car.

    K says that they'll have played a stronger game well earned if they vote out Sc. K says that if they vote out Sc this time and one of the 4H win HOH, they'll be most likely to put up Mv next week. A says CB is going to be WHIPPED if Sc is gone.

    K thinks Dw is going to try to get to the end of the game by making no friends, making no enemies. K points out the fact that Dw didnt tell Di about the secret screen. Di says he told her that he thought it was stupid and not useful so he didnt tell her.

    K still thinks Dw is playing middle of the road. Di swears that they can then pick off the boys one by one and no matter what, if there's 5 of the girl alliance left and Dw... then Dw is getting booted out. Then they all laugh and tell Will that it doesnt mean he's not a boy.

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    feed froze. Came back to hear W say that he can play Mv.. telling Mv that he's not as tight with the girl alliance as they look.

    After all of this.... they're voting Sc out.

    bedtime for me.

    Nak's parting quote: "you dont deny filet mignon served to you on a gold platter"

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    Feed 3&4:

    Karen, Nik, CB, a bunch of others talking in the HOH room.

    Feed changes from HOH to BR. Sc in front of mirror. Mv yells to Sc, "Savage!"

    Lost feed for a second.

    Back with A. She's talking to someone. I hear her say "The smell of bud light on these breasts..."

    Feed changes to BY: W and K talking game. Nik is with them. So is A now. Will is saying that J shouldnt be upset that Sc is leaving, since "he told us himself he was gonna put him up." W says he thinks "he" is cool with it. K says she's happy either way. A just wants to brainstorm, but her "first priority is you guys."

    Someone else is coming, and they change the subject. The person is off-camera and did not join them.

    Airplane noise.

    Will is doing a lot of talking. Sharing with A K & Nik his convo w/someone (J, I guess).

    Karen leaves.

    Will is talking about Karen now. He has a lot of respect for her because she does...

    I hear J. He's joining them in BY - w/W A & Nik.

    The 4 of them are talking. Nik is on hammock. W A & J sitting on lawn.

    BB trying to find interesting convo.

    Now feed 3&4 is switching again.

    Cb & Sc are talking to Karen. Cb is trying had to badmouth Mv so she'll support Sc.

    Cb: The stuff Mv has said bad about you. He talked bad about my family...
    Sc: They're not gonna aim for you. It'll be me and J again next week. No one is targeting you.
    K: I don't need the soap opera.

    Karen leaves.

    Sc to Cb: I can't believe what I'm hearing about Adria. I don't care anymore. If I'm gone take her out of here next. If I'm here, she's cool.

    Cb and Sc supporting one another. Cb telling Sc to keep it cool.

    But Sc says "it's just pissing me off. Adria and all the religion... She just took her mask off and showed the devil. I know it's just a game. I guess I got played. I tried to save your (cb) life. I tried to save people.

    Cb: And I'm trying to help you now too.

    Sc tells Cb to go get Adria. He says he'll be cool.
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    Feed 3&4:

    Cb goes to the BY to go get Adria. Feed is changing so much to keep up with this development. Jase is talking to Sc and telling him to be cool when he talks to A. Sc is cursing, and J tells him when A gets here dont curse.

    Scott is saying he's not gonna kiss up. He just wants people to be upfront with him.

    Adria is now with Sc and J and Sc is really turning the screws here. Adria is getting hot under the collar. She's feisty!

    They remind her they saved her.

    Sc: People are saying you're the ringleader. And I saved you. And I feel bad what I did to Holly just to save you. That poor girl is out there in the real world now. I want to get to know Ho when I get out of here. Just like J. I need you to tell me what you're gonna do.

    Jace is helping Sc. They're ganging up on her now.

    A is laughing. Trying to deflect. Not answering. D walks up. She got woken up or something. Now A is screaming. She says how is she the ringleader? Sc tells Diane that people are telling him A is this and that and he wants it from her.

    Now Sc said "Diane, you're the one that told me this. People are saying they don't trust A. They're afraid of her. Is it true, Adria. I want to be here. Tell me."

    Adria is not being committal in any way. She won't come out and admit anything. Diane is doing a lot of the talking. Dodging, really.

    Drew is in the Bathroom too. sitting down. Not talking. So is Marvin. I guess more people. Got to be everyone. A lot of noise. Probably just not all on camera.
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    Feed 3&4:

    They're losing their focus. Now it's talk of wine, and STDs. Jace is talking about getting cold sores and herpes. He said he got tested when he got out of the military, so he doesn't know why he would have anything. I guess they're bringing up Holly.

    Will is in there too. Diane is gone, or off-camera. Adria's acting like she can't focus because she had too much wine or something. Just giggling and making meaningless comments. Still hasn't answered if she's gonna save Sc.

    BB wants Jace to come to the DR.

    Jace: What did I do?

    BR has cleared. Sc and A one on one. Scott is being direct and trying to pin down A on an answer.

    Feed 3&4 switches from BR to BY.

    Dr Nik W & Di.

    Will and Diane now trying to clear their names to each other, as to what each said about A and the upcoming vote. Di saying what she remembers saying to Sc. Sounds like they're trying to get their stories straight. Diane has been put on the defensive. She's talking about who cared about Holly and saving her, etc.

    Di: I know what's going on. I seen it coming. They're trying to start stuff. Call names out.
    Dr: Holly is someone I thought was corrupting this game.
    Di: I told him (dr) to do that (put Holly up?).

    They're now talking about school, and grades and psychology classes.

    Feed switches back to Sc and A in BR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nervousing
    Feed 3&4:
    Now Sc said "Diane, you're the one that told me this. People are saying they don't trust A. They're afraid of her. Is it true, Adria. I want to be here. Tell me."
    I need to correct the above. Scott may not have said a name. He reacted to whoever spoke last, and said "you were the one who told me this." Diane was the last voice I heard before Scott made the accusation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nervousing
    I need to correct the above. Scott may not have said a name. He reacted to whoever spoke last, and said "you were the one who told me this." Diane was the last voice I heard before Scott made the accusation.
    I may have that converstion somewhere. I'm in the middle of transcribing that whole scene with A and S. Please bear with me.

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    Feed 1&2:

    Jase comes back from the DR. Jace & Drew are on the hammock in the BY. Adria is on lying down on the lawn. Jace is trying to convince A to join their team of the 4H. A's just blowing him off, giggling the whole time.

    J: A, your side are betraying you. They've already said you're the ringleader and you can't be trusted.
    A: I take being called the ringleader a compliment. I'm strong.

    Feed 3&4:

    Nik is in HOH room, counselling Di and Dr. She says she's the psychiatrist tonight. Drew is overwhelmed by the whole experience. He's lying down on the bed, with Diane leaning into him. Nik is advising them to take it easy, if they're concerned. This is the worst place to try having a relationship, she says.

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    S and CB in the WC area...

    S: Get Adria right now, I want to talk to her. I'll show you how I get things done.

    CB starts to walk away

    CB: Do you want me to stay with you here too?

    S: Sure. I don't have private meetings.

    S primps briefly in the mirror while CB goes to the backyard to get Adria and

    feed freezes...

    CB is standing behind A waiting to get into the conversation...

    Jase: Naked CB! Naked CB!

    CB looks arounds and walks back in to the Kitchen.

    CB: (to D) Savage wants to talk to A... I don't know if that's a good deal

    They all walk back to the WC to talk to S

    CB: I think we should just chill tonight

    S: The best thing with a girl like that is her conscious

    Je: Well, we take her down next week.

    S: Dude, I'm not going to be here next week. K just told me that s**t's bad. I'm pissed because I saved A's ass.

    Je: and you came up with the plan to save her ass. Just one more week. I knew she was lying. Have CB go get her. [turns to Scott] and you tell her "A, I saved you f'n ass"

    S: They want Marvin here, why?
    Je: 'cause they're idiots
    S: How stupid is that?
    S: I got to talk to A. It's my favor so now she talks to me.
    Je: Exactly. CB, go get her.

    CB going back out to get A. Camera follows but then stays with S and Je

    S: I thought I was going to be the biggest coniving bitch in this house and I turned out to be the least coniving person in this house.

    Je keeps repeating the same thing over and over... "You saved her ass last week"

    S: Hey look, last week Di said that she wouldn't put me on the block... look at me, I'm on the block. I'm out of here guys, I'm out... guaranteed but I'm going to make my point, that's what I'm here for.

    Je: Don't cuss, that way it'll make it on TV.

    S: I'm not pissed I'm going, I'm mad about what's going on out there.

    Je: Dude, light her up.

    S: She's campaining against me to those people who probably want me in here.

    A: Whazzz's up?

    S: I just want to talk to you girl. I'm not campainging for your vote. I was told you were the ringleader to get me out of here.

    S: 4 weeks in this house you play the game a certain way. It's a trust thing. I've been told in that group you can't be trusted and they want you gone.

    A: Oh, my god. Keep telling me more.

    S: You're not going to last in the game if you play like that. I'm not blaming you, I'm just trying to get that out there.

    A: I don't even know..

    S: You don't want me here?

    A: I love you Scott. You are so more like me than anybody else.

    S: So why can't you say to me like I told you last week that you were safe? Why can't you tell me that? All I need is one vote to stay in this house.

    A: I know that.

    S: So Why can't you tell me that then?

    A: Because I don't know if I can say what you can say in this house.

    A: Let's talk about that. This is time for me to learn some infor

    S: What can't you say?

    A: I thought they said [referring to BB] you couldn't talk about what you want.

    CB: Nah... you can talk, that's what we did.
    Je: We did with you.

    S: That's all I'm asking, Babe. You can turn this thing around.

    A: Wait wait wait wait! Obviously you're bringing news to my attention.

    S: I hope

    A: So let's talk about that before I say anything then. Because this is time for me to learn some new information.

    S: There's a group honey. The door wouldn't have been locked if there wasn't a group, OK?

    A: I didn't lock the door, that was a surprise to me.

    S: CB, is anyone in here?

    CB looking down the hallway

    CB: No, I think Mv is in the room.

    S: Check, please.

    A: You stand watch then.

    S: Things were said right when everyone came out. I confronted a couple of people and just said, "What's the deal?". I want to know. If I go tomorrow, I'm cool with that... to prepare myself, I just want to know.

    A: I know how you feel.

    S: I understand Holly's position now and I feel bad for that girl and I feel like shit now that we did that to her. I want to get to know here outside of the house, just like Je and everybody else. Now I don't think she's going to want to do that because of what we did to her. And now, what I'm doing to you... I gave you a chance babe.

    A: Let me make a statement on that. In this game--

    Je interrupts

    Je: The reason you're in this house is because of Scott

    S: Remember when you said if I was on the block that you'd save my ass? Well, here's your chance babe. I want to see what you're made of.

    A: I want some info now because this is news to me now. Don't be triple teaming me here.

    Je interrupts

    Je: Adria, you dodging a bullet

    Adria cuts in

    A: No, I'm not dodging a bullet. [Je tries interrupting again and so does Dw] Please! Don't be like triple teaming me here! Just let me speak

    Of course Je interrupts AGAIN and says the same damn thing about she's sitting there because of Scott.

    A: The same thing you guys were doing to me last week. You guys wanted me to talk and filter information. You guys only gave me a freakin' day and a half. So listen, let me say my side because you don't know everything going on in the house and I want to know whatever else information I can know.

    S: Someone feels very afraid in this house. There's a person in this house that's afraid. THey're afraid of you. They see what's going on, you can't be trusted. Other people in this house agree with that... I'm not pulling this outta my ass.

    There was a long pause and A starts laughing.

    S: And the script stops.

    [Posting... more coming shortly]

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