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Thread: 8/3 Live Feed Screen Caps

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    Time to get up - Scott Leans on Drew

    Waiting to rinse - Adria hugs Diane.

    Marvin gets his hair cut. - Drew has Cowboy trim his hair.

    Apparently Cowboy didn't do a good job - apparently Scott didn't do a good job.

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    And now apparently Adria didn't do a good enough job. Is Drew picky or what?

    Identify the random crotch shot - Scott, Jase, or Cowboy?

    Apparently Drew wasn't happy with his own work either.

    Is this a lazy day or what?

    This boy is ripped.

    Cowboy takes his planned date with Scott way too seriously.

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    Cowboy, put some clothes on.

    Jase has the lights turned off. BB tells them to turn them back on.

    Hair pulled back... this must be Adria.

    Will taking a very close look at Adria's face. Did she slip up?

    Will goes to talk with Karen

    Best buddies

    Trash talking Diane while she is gone - Diane pops up and they cover their convo... not very well either.

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    Marvin touching the women again.

    Did Marvin say something funny or is Diane just playing along? - Someone get Cowboy some pants.

    Cowboy shows off some self defense moves.

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    WOW TCW!! You do a great job with the caps! Thanks so much for doing them!

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