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Thread: 8/2 Live Feed Screen Caps

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    8/2 Live Feed Screen Caps

    Please feel free to post your feed caps here. If you'd like access to our FORT image storage area, please PM John.

    Discussion of the caps is allowed here as well.

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    Time to get up

    Plenty of Food.

    Jase cooks for himself.

    Jase is acting as the white devil - Scott is playing one of the guys from Dumb & Dumber

    There is that facial gesture his mom talked about - He dorks up well.

    Marvin get's a little shout out for his mom written onto his arm for during the POV meeting.

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    Now that's a cowboy! - Mrs. America!

    Will catching some rays - A golf tourney

    Close ups!

    Odd writing on the walls of the bathroom

    Jennifer showing her assets

    Cowboy looking stunned... ah, normal. - Drew is sleepy.

    Karen put herself on a diet.

    Marvin doing some laundry - Nokomis shows up with some new hair color.

    Worshiping the Sun

    Not Dark enough

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    Adding more color.

    Milk does a body good.

    The new man on the block!

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    Late night antics:

    I missed when they jumped out and ran for the hot tub.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    It's like they have never had beer, guzzle..guzzle.

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    A nice game of cards turns into - Pull the shorts of Jase!

    Alcohol and bored people turn into trouble.... I bet Jase will get even.

    Finishing off the ice cream - Watch out Diane... Jase is hunting and he has help.

    Trying to throw Diane in the pool.. But no go.

    Trying to pull her pants off - No go.

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    Time to just throw her in the pool!

    Sucess! I wish I had the sound recorded of this event.

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