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Thread: How do you envision Natalie's official entry?

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    I would prefer that the Adria/Natalie twist be revealed slowly, like mentioned before, having the houseguests learn about the twist one at a time.

    However, a big reveal is more likely, so that all the houseguests will figure it out at the same time (though it may take some a little longer to get the gist of what actually happened).

    My own personal take would be to have the evicted houseguest (aka Scott) leave the house only to be greeted by Natalie after he has physically left the house (and before he meets Julie).

    Both Scott and Natalie would enter the "studio" to talk with Julie. Julie would ask Natalie if she is ready to enter the house and if so, make her way to the DR so she can officially enter the house. Of course Scott would have to congratulate her and wish her luck. It will be live TV of course. After all this, Julie would officially interview Scott, and then invite him to watch (Live!) as Natalie actuallys enters the house for the first time as herself.

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    I would like to see Nat enter immediately after Scott leaves the house. Everyone gets up and says goodbye to the evicted house guest and watches them leave out the front door. This is a perfect time to slip Nat in. Then as they all meander back into the livingroom they all start to get a double take. Its perfect!

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    I can't wait to see everybody's reaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amaryllis7
    All I know is, Marvin's heads will explode when he glimpses those TWO sets of white bootyliciousness.
    May I always be the kind of person my dog thinks I am!!!

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