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Thread: How do you envision Natalie's official entry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster
    I'd still like to see the houseguests deal with the sudden double vision of seeing two Adria's before it is official.
    Well, then what you do is have the guests go outside for a competition, but have Adria make a big show of staying behind for something (bathroom break, maybe). When the guests get outside, Natalie is already out there (perhaps even wearing different clothes).

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    the simple things babymay's Avatar
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    I think it will be like when they brought in the dog on Season 1. The doorbell will ring and SURPRISE...

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymay
    I think it will be like when they brought in the dog on Season 1. The doorbell will ring and SURPRISE...
    Okay, here's an idea.

    All Houseguests are in the living room and asked to stay there.

    Adria is called to the DR.

    The Doorbell rings. Look! It's Adria. Even in the same clothes!

    Adria, they ask, how did you get OVER there?

    She smiles and doesn't answer immediately. The others all riot a bit until Drew and/or Diane opens their mouthes and guesses the obvious (if they don't within a minute or two then we just skip to the next step). When they do, or if enough time has passed otherwise, the DR opens and Adria walks out to join Natalie. Julie pops up on the magic TV screen and introduces Natalie formally.

    Slightly better than Adria just being there when the bell rings with Natalie up front. Tuck the girl away first to confabulate them a bit.

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    I very much doubt she'll be coming through the front door. BB will make a big deal about her having been in the house the whole time, eating PBJ, etc... so letting her "out" to come back in would surprise me.

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    Seadog, as soon as I saw your post the thought that she might come through the front door because she is a "new" houseguest evaporated.

    You're right, she doesn't need to symbolically 'enter' the house, not after shes been there all along.

    If anything, having her come through the front door would seem to me somehow to be rubbing the way they've been fooled in the faces of the others. They just need to know there are two. They already know her name, and they've been chatting her up all along.

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    Xantham Gum
    I am really hoping they just silently let Natalie slip in and casually sit at a table or couch while Adria is outside on the patio or by the pool with people and then when one of the other houseguests goes in or out and sees a second Adria sitting there, having their minds blown. I really wish Holly were still there and that she would be the one to discover it because her tiny brain would blow a fuse live on TV.

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    I'm hoping that Adria switches with Natalie for the HOH Competition. By some will of fate Natalie wins the HOH Competition. Everybody steps back in the house and Julie tells everyone to sit on the couch. Julie announces that Adria did not really win the competition and Adria steps out from the diary room and Natalie officially announces her arrival and both Adria and Natalie say how they have been switching for the five weeks they've been in the house. Everyone is looking all dumb just staring at Natalie and Adria like Holly did. I know this **** will never happen like that, but that's what I want to see happen.
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    I've always liked the idea that A or N go to the WC area or the BY, and then the other comes out of the Diary Room and goes to the opposite end of the House and just wait for the inevitable realization of them both in the House. To me, that would be the most fun to watch. Also, it lets the HouseGuests figure it out for themselves.

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    Yeah, that would be completely hilarious to see! I envision a HG talking to A in the bathroom or somewhere in the back of the house and then walking out to the kitchen and N is standing there making a sandwich or something! hopefully for better effect they are wearing the same clothes..The looks on their faces would be so funny! I'm hoping they don't cop out and do it in a boring way because they have had a lot of time to prepare for this and there are a lot of great suggestions from the FORTers TPTB!!

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