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Thread: Am I the only one who thinks there's more of a twist?

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    Am I the only one who thinks there's more of a twist?

    Originally posted by sarae on BB show board

    sarae wrote:

    "Now, maybe I'm just a conspiracy theorist here, but I think that there's more than the Adria/Natalie switch.. I was thinking about it and it would have worked out really poorly for the producers had Adria been voted off in weeks one or two, before we even knew about the twin switching - there goes the shock to the houseguests.

    I think that Drew is also switching with his twin, and that we just aren't being shown it. It would be a nice insurance policy to have another set of twins switching (was there another houseguest with a twin?) and would be great if, after the veto has been used and before the next eviction, Julie comes in to say that there's "a twist" - both Drew + Adria would be beside themselves, but when BOTH twins walk out of the diary room, every single houseguest would be shocked.

    That's just my two cents. Maybe I'm hoping for too much."
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    My personal assessment, sarae, is that we have seen all there is going to be in the way of a major twist. Granted, if Adria had been eliminated TOO early they might have gone for another twin in the wings, but she lasted she and Natalie lasted long enough to have given Natalie a life of her own, regardless, something that might not have been the case if Adria was the first or second eliminated.

    Now that Adria and Natalie are almost assured of competing in tandem short of a major screw up on one of their parts, I think whatever other twin may have being groomed if needed won't be needed any longer and won't be a factor in the rest of the game. My attention span may well be deficient, but it seems the show already has enough on its plate to see it through to the conclusion of this season.

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    there certainly BETTER be ... they keep saying on the ads that "this is the summer of twists" and another one says "the twists just keep on coming!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke
    there certainly BETTER be ... they keep saying on the ads that "this is the summer of twists" and another one says "the twists just keep on coming!"
    dont they say that every summer and then leave us disappointed?

    I would hope Diane would notice the guy she is sharing her bed with is changing every few days...

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    Seeing the multiple pictures of Drew and his twin.. there's just something about their eyes that make them honestly look different. Different enough that you could tell them apart even if they weren't side by side. There's the possibility that photos distinguish their eyes in a way that real life doesn't, however, so ???

    I, too, think that if Drew and his brother were switching.. they wouldn't be getting as close to Diane as they are.

    But... there's still the moles. Hmmm..

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    I would like to think that there is more of twist that we do not know about. However, I've been watching Big Brother since season 1 and I learned a long time ago that the folks at Big Brother are very good at making their twists sound a lot bigger than they actuall are. So much has changed since that first season. Some things have gone away after the first season that are not shown on TV anymore (i.e. the planes flying over the house with banners) but the one thing that has remained the same is that the twists are never anywhere close to being as big has they promote them to be. The other thing that seems to be going downhill fast is the casting of houseguests. I think everyone will agree that this has been the worst Big Brother season in respect to casting that we have seen yet. I'd love to hear everyones thought's on that.

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    No, you're not the only one who thinks there's more twists... there's tons of people all over the board that think there's more twists... I direct them to look at all the discussion last year about twists, and see that there was two "twists" that occurred halfway through the season (both lame)

    1. Jun was taken away from the house to watch the VMAs
    2. Jee chose to take the POV for a week of PB&J

    I don't think they could have another real twist, but they might do some lame "twists" later on...

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    You know what I'm thinking? Maybe Drew and Diane are both playing for their twins to enter the house too but they're just not switching. And maybe Adria/Natalie, Drew and his twin, and Diane and her twin all know about the other twins. That's why Adria/Drew, Adria/Diane, and Drew/Diane all have good, strong relationships. Or maybe they've got them because they just have a bond from all having twins, I'm not sure. I think it'd be neat when Natalie enters, Ben and Lindsay enter too though, so I'm hoping there are more twin twists.

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    I don't think there is anymore twin switching other than a/n. By now they would have announced it or at least alluded to it.

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    I agree that last year BB talked up big twists that never really happened. To me, getting rewards (like Jun going to the VMA's or watching that movie) aren't twists, they're just rewards.

    There's been a lot of talk about Arnold Shapiro saying in an interview that this season will have a "committed couple" in the house. I'm starting to think he was coyly referring to the twin sisters Adria and Natalie. I think if there were a couple pretending not to be a couple, they would have slipped up somewhere, somehow. I've watched a lot of very late night conversations, because it's the only time to safely talk strategy if you don't have access to the HOH room. Surely if my boyfriend were in the house we'd steal a few moments together after everyone else had gone to sleep.

    I thought for a while Jase & Holly could be a prior couple, but when they were alone talking to each other they didn't act like people who know a lot about each other. All that Johnny Creepy talk. *shudder*
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    I think that Drew and Diane are the "commited couple" that everyone is talking about. I also heard that Marvin has a twin and has been switching with him. Maybe Will and Jase are related. Who knows what's goin on.

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