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Thread: Am I the only one who thinks there's more of a twist?

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    this haircut is WAY different then his old ane and there is no way they could duplicate it in the diary room inthe 5 minutes that they get.
    Okay, I'll play stupid and bite. Why wouldn't the BB elves be able to give Ben the same haircut as Drew BEFORE they make the switch? They obviously have plenty of tape of what the haircut looks like, it shouldn't be that hard to duplicate, with plenty of time before switching.

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    I doubt they would make them shave in the DR if they are switching B&D. I'm sure A or Nat get some sort of hint, like make sure you don't wear makeup today. They don't want A sneaking into the DR with a big makeup bag. BB is helping somewhat to keep the twins a secret so their big twist isn't a big washout.

    Having said that, I still say: no way are they switching. I've been watching the feeds pretty darn closely. A and Nat have slipped up, but if D/B are switching they have not made a single mistake.

    The other thing is the others call A the "queen of the DR" because she's called in more than anyone else.

    I'm not saying that their twins might not show up later as another twist, i.e., knock knock, guess who's your new houseguest.
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