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Thread: 7/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackshade
    Another good thing about Scott and Jase being up together is that it might cause some conflict within the 4 Jackasses.
    Hey, the only thing not good about it is that they both can't go !

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackshade
    I am guessing both will want Drew as their power of veto partner, and neither will want doofus Cowboy as he is dead weight. How is going to be decided within the jackasses who gets Drew as their partner and how will the other jackass feel about getting stuck with alliance's dork? If the one that ends up with doofus Cowboy was smart he would ditch him and go with Marvin and further crush the crying Cowboy's ego
    It's a no-win situation for them. I mean, if Drew wins it, does that mean he automatically has to veto whoever invited him into the competition ? No ! All being picked to compete means is that whoever picked you thinks you are the strongest player who would veto them. It doesn't obligate you. So, if you're Drew and you win POV, who do you veto ? If I'm Drew, I seriously consider throwing the competition just to keep out of that position.

    Between Cowboy and Marvin, I think Cowboy's loyalty is more easily secured, but Marvin is by far the stronger player. If I'm Scott or Jase, I've got problems picking either one of them. But who else is left ? Certainly no one who would veto either one of those jackasses !

    Diane - WTG, you kicked butt good !
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    Marvin and Adria

    Quote Originally Posted by Amy~Butterfly
    I'm wondering if Adria didn't do that on purpose?
    Of course she did. She knows how black men can't resist white ass, hahhahaha!

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