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Thread: Casting and twists

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    Casting and twists

    Occasionally a houseguest does something that makes me cringe in their desparation to remain in the house.

    Similarly, the producers seem to be driven to the same sort of desparation in their attempt to stay on the air, considering the never ending twists they offer up.

    Speaking for myself, I believe they could cast a watchable show simply by pulling 12 names out of a revolving drum or hat. Once in the house, those chosen would act as housequests always do anyhow, without having to carefully craft twists to keep us interested. Survivor and TAR are the only other reality shows I follow, and I feel the same way in regards to Survivor, though handpicking contestants seems to make a bit more sense to me on the Amazing Race.

    Am I in the minority in that I would remain a viewer if the producers did away with the twists? The group dynamics that develop in the house seem as if they would make for interesting developments regardless of what the producers did or didn't do. Were it not for the fact that the shows producers have the real big brother in the form of CBS looking over their shoulder thinking they might pick up a few thousand more viewers if they went in a new direction and eliminated BB, do you think they would go to the lengths they do in order to artificially generate excitement?

    BB is just another victim of our current business climate, IMO, where it isn't good enough to simply be sucessful and make money, you always need to exceed what was done before. If BB was a cable show instead of a network program, it seems like it would have a far longer lifespan.

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    Uh....they already tried that. It was called BB1 and it was terribly boring. Instead of having "twists" they gave the houseguests (who were much less Hollywood than our current gang) activities trying to cash in on that group dynamic - but it didn't work out very well. Everyone pretty much got along really well and there wasn't much drama.

    Personally, I like the twists. It keeps the hamsters on edge and us guessing away for days. I mean, what good is sequestering 12 or 13 people for a few months without anything to do unless you can make them paranoid, angry, hateful people by keeping them guessing?!?

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    There needs to be twists in order to shake things up a bit from season to season... otherwise, things will get boring fast.

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    I disagree with the twists. The life as a hamster is weird enough without the extra behind-the-scenes-pulling-of-the-strings. The "Michael-Nakomis" twist really hasn't contributed much and I find, personally, the Adria & Natalie twist increasingly annoying. (And I wish CBS would realize that BB viewers do not need to be told 4 times per episode that ADRIA & NATALIE ARE EXCHANGING PLACES IN THE HOUSE!!!! - Come on CBS - play to the loyal viewers and not the "hit and miss" viewers). There is a certain boring sameness to each series - and yet, we still come back for more. And the more we look for is that infinite variety of personality clashes, back stabbing, lying and gamesmanship and once in a while, genuine comraderie.

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    I agree, as I just said in another thread, the "big" twists get old. Twists can, and should, be used, but in more discrete forms. For example, I thought the money thing during that first food competition was great. The screen in the HOH room is the same way. So is the changing POV rules. These are subtle twists that I think add far more to the game than someone switching places. And they can vary every week instead of just waiting for the one big twist to pay off.

    Just pick interesting people, how'd that be for a twist? This year's Big Brother twist is...non-homogonous, non-predictible casting! That's right, this year's cast will be interesting on their own merits, not because of an intense desire to construct a certain cast.

    They should pick thinkers, that would make the game more interesting. Someone to put Julie on the spot. Imagine how interesting the game would be if people tried to make a bargain with Julie?
    Say they offered up the $10k after the first competition and Julie said "Take the money and no one gets food, or don't take it and people get food," and the person thought for a second and said "How about this...how about I only take $2000 and only I give up my food?" They need people to ruffle the producers, nto each other, I think that would be fun.

    Or, here's another twist idea that you set in motion and let go. Give each cast member $5000 in cash walking in the front door and see what they do with it. Have competetions with "buy-ins" or have people pay off one another for spots in the house. The love of money is the root of all evil...why wait until the end of the season to get the cash involved? How much would not going up on the block be worth?

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