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Thread: HG's Reactions to Adria/Natalie

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    For sure, they both will have HUGE targets on their backs with or without the immunity from nomination.
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    Things are going to change, and I don't expect a FIRM Girl Power alliance to last more than a week or so after Natalie enters, but even with that, Natalie and Adria ought to be able to sidestep retribution regarding their deceit in the near term.

    Two factors, that I see making the difference. "My enemy is your enemy" Dealing Jase and Scott (or perhaps Marvin) out of the game seems a no brainer. Sure, Natalie and Adria pulled the wool over their eyes, but they haven't been overbearing boors in doing so. Get rid of the main baggage, and THEN address the twist. If the other women get a hair up their collective butts and target Natalie and/or Adria instead of Jase, they deserve to lose as they surely will. NOW is the time to focus on JASE.

    Marvin coulda shoulda been making noises that could be interpreted as a come on to the women. He lost an opportunity in siding too prominently with the boors. Accordingly, I believe it may be too late for him to save himself. He ought to rightly be targeted immediately following Jase's departure, if he isn't already gone.

    One thing we can rely on from Jase and Scott, and that is over reaction instead of a reasoned response. Someone just said they are going to go ballistic. I agree, and that is why their plan to attack the women's alliance will fail. They ought to abandon, at least OPENLY the Horsemen gambit. But they don't have enough dimentions in the world they hail from to understand that a restrained response will be the one that yields results in this particular circumstance.

    Instead, they will go over the top and alienate the support they might otherwise have garnered in taking out Adria and Natalie instead of them. They like to imagine themselves as gamemeisters, but they are puppets born to be manipulated instead.

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    If tomorrow's vote goes 4-3 Scott out as expected, I think today's GPA bad feeling about A will be quickly forgotten as yesterday's drama of the moment, and they will all be glad to have another GPA ally, at least for another week or 2. The 4H will be upset that another girl is added (ignoring the fact that it all started with an extra guy), but won't really care about the twist. They might target one or both, but it would only be for thinking A betrayed them this week, not for the twist.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie
    For sure, they both will have HUGE targets on their backs with or without the immunity from nomination.
    . I can't wait to see how this plays out...

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    I can't wait!!!!!! Tonights the night!!!


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