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Thread: 7/31 Live Feed Transcripts

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    Feeds back up.

    Looks like Jase won POV.

    Feed 4
    Diane, Nik, & Will talking in the HOH room, discussing who to put up against Scott.
    Discussing either Marvin or Cowboy.

    Jase just popped in for a minute to ask Diane for a private talk later. Says they've totally earned each other's respect. He then leaves.

    Diane says she hates Scott, but doesn't want him to leave.
    Nik says Marvin is a threat to win the comps, but Scott is a threat because of his alliance with Jase.
    Diane says "We need to talk to everybody." She's going to go rally the troops.

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    Jase did win POV.

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    Jase saying he wished during the competition that he had totally dropped his pants. Marvin is egging him on. Jace hpping he gets some "props" from the Redskins.

    Jase does not hove POV thing around his neck.

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    Just heard A console Di about the "endurance challange". So sounds like it was another showdown between Di and Jase and Di lost.

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    F1&2 Mv and Jase outside.
    BB Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go to the living room and pull the indoor shade immediately.
    Mv: LR, that's new.

    Inside: Drew and Will eating Mac&Cheese. Karen making cookies with M&Ms instead of chocolate chips.

    Talking about the POV competition. Karen says they had to pull them inside, take hacksaw to Cowboy's then let them out again. (I think she meant the piggy bank slot.)

    Will says he was the last one to go.
    Ja: I was thinking, if the RULES take this long...

    They didn't seem to know what the other HG's did, so maybe it was bblindfoldd? Will says something like he heard others were pulled in the house and thought it meant they had to eat something. Also, no one knew how long the others had taken, but they think Cowboy took the longest.

    K it can't take too long to clear out, they just have to get the particles out
    Everyone else says there's a ton of "chips" out there
    Sco: he says don't hit anywhere there's a window and then you went ahead...

    Scott cut himself during the competition.

    Switching to F3.
    A: I'm not going to believe anything unless I hear it from y'all. I've heard so much ince yeterday.
    Di: I don't think Drew is very happy with that f'kin pack.
    Di: Last night, I told him he's not safe with those guys. During hte endurance competition, he was hiding behind Jase's thing and he quietly told me to stay up there and win.
    A: It's getting complicated.
    Di: I'm not stressed, we just have to get together and talk about it.
    A. Scott is really pressing me. When you're on the block you start thinking about everybody.
    Nak: Who will help you later.
    Di: I will not go to that side. I told Ja, that day when I was so depressed, I told Jase, you put me there.

    Adria talking about a conv with Scott: if you need a 3-1 veto, they are all saving jase.I asked why you wouldn't take yourself off? Scott said because he has 700,000 dollars at home.

    Scott is really pushing Marvin. He told A not to put up CB because he's weak and won't win any competitions. Marvin is powerful.

    Now A is talking about Scott was pushing that Marvin is sexually harassing to the girls. A says for her, Marvin really has never made her feel uncomfortable.

    Di: His vote is one vote.
    Nak points out that Scott must control more people than they realize, becuase otherwise why was it 7-1 against Holly.

    A: I want to make the best decisions for you guys. I want to hear the team's viewpoint. (my feeds crapping out, argh!)

    Di: Scott's a great player. From day 1, he's been talking about not needing to be here. He told me he wants Cowboy to win. I feel like he's here for a free vacation. If he really is on vacation, he would take the money and go on vacation. There's no way he has the money.

    Di really doesn't want to see Scott go. But she says the only two people she doesn't like inthe house is Scott and Jase, and they keep everybody on eggshells.

    Nak: if Dw gets HOH again, I think it would be Ja and Mv.

    A: I'm not going to tell you what to do, but be careful of Dw.
    Di: if Dw gets us HOH I swear to God we would be safe.
    A: I'm saying don't depend on it, because he has his boys, and you're not one of the boys.

    Feed froze.
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    Feed 3
    Di, Nik, Adria (Nat?) in HOH room. Lots of strategizing.

    A says Scott's already come to her, saying she's his tie-breaker. Scott told her that he's the reason she's still there, that he talked the others into voting off Holly instead. According to A, Scott also told her that they should put up Marv instead of Cowboy.

    Di says of course they want Marv up instead of Cowboy, cause CB is part of their group and Marv's not.

    Di says Scott told her he's not in it to win. That he would "bleed" for CB to win, it's just a vacation for Scott.

    Di thinks Karen is "a little weak". Says she's not talking "shit" with Drew. A tells her not to use Drew as her link to the boys.

    Nik thinks they need to watch how people act, especially Marv & how much Scott is scheming.

    A tells Di not to promise Scott anything, to be "generic" in her response to him.

    Di thinks they're using A to get them to put out someone they want to go anyway (i.e. Marvin).

    Will comes in.

    Di says she knows he wants Marv to go, but they've got reasons to get rid of Scott instead. Says there's only 2 people in this house that make her uncomfortable when they're talking: Scott & Jase.

    Will says that next HOH comp will be live -- maybe trivia -- and that Marv is more of a threat to win. Scott isn't.

    Di thinks putting up Marv is playing into their hands. Di & Nik talking about cutting a deal with Marv that, if he wins HOH, he put one of the Horsemen up.

    A mentions again that Scott told her that he thinks no one should put Cowboy up "cause he's dumb" and won't win anything, but that Marv is smart.

    Will keeps arguing to put Marv up & get rid of him and not Scott. He's 100% that Marv should go, that he'll go after them.

    A asks "And Jase or Scott won't?"

    Will says it's a matter of probability, that Marv has more of a possibility to win than Scott.

    Feed timing out. Posting.

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    Will joined the group in the HOH. It's A, Di, Nak, Di. They are leaning together on the bed and whispering/talking quietly.

    A: all you have to do is say yours was empty, I wouldn't worry about.
    W. I'm not worried about it.
    A: we have more people. If we worried and get all stressed about it.
    W. I'm not worried.
    A. Unless Nakomis gets HOH and puts us all up. (joking, Nak is sitting right next to her)
    Di: Bitch.
    FISH - why???

    W. next HOH competition, since they did that one and it wasn't live, they will go back to live. Probably 10 minutes, probably trivia. Scott's iq, he won't win. Marvin, good chance he'll win and he'll put one of us up for sure.

    Di But neither of them picked him to play.
    A: she asked how do you know if you're playing? (pointing out Marvin can't be that tight with them)
    Di is sure that they want Marvin up.
    W says no one has talked to him, Nak either. They talk about how stressed Cb is.
    Adria telling how Scott has been telling her stuff. Sc says Marvin is the gamer in the house, and accused Mv of touching the girls too much. None of the girls here have had Mv do anything like that. (He's got a foul mouth, but he keeps his hands to himself.)

    A: I don't even believe he's a freakin' NFL sideline benchwarmer!
    Di reiterates there's no way he has money at home.

    Jase and Scott and CB are a group. A-Di-Nak-k-W - we have the numbers.

    Will says to look at future HOH's, thenthe probability of the competitions, it will most like be Scott vs. Marv.

    A says Karen and Will are their best hopes for finding out what the boys are thinking.

    W. If Jase gets HOH next week, but Marvin is uncontrollable. After seeing Jase erupt, Marvin sees him in that position. Marvin will put Ja and Sco. Jase will win the veto as usual. Marvin knows we won't win the veto and we won't be in your face. I feel like Marvin will definitely come after us.

    A: what if Ja or Sc get HOH next week, they'll put up CB and Dw? (sarcastic)

    W: I know, everybody will come after us. I'm saying, who's most likely to win HOH. When Mv won the HOH competition, he told me how he did it. I added up 10 balls per player, subtracted a few per player, came up with a number, etc. Scott? No way.

    Di is talking about the competition and says she didn't know what she was thinking.

    A: they made you say it so you know the rules. You should have been thinking, who should we make sure has more so they are out of the competition.

    Diane has her head down on the bed now. A lot of talk about the POV comp and since I don't know what they did I can't really make sense of it, sorry.

    Nak Maybe he won't use the veto.
    They all laugh.
    A: you know he's using it.
    Nak: If we could convince him we're using it on Scott...
    No one thinks it will work.
    A: Production's loving this one.
    (talking about the cameras swiveling around behind the walls)
    Nak: talk with Scott that if he won he was willing to use it on Jase, so why should he ask for our votes now?
    A: If you don't want to stay, use it on another person.
    W: my suggestion is Mv. My thing for saying that is probability for next week.
    Nak: Cb won't get it. Jase won't. What does Ja know about any of us?
    W: Mv is smart is hell. Mv listens. I feel very strongly about that, he's a smart, smart man. (tells an anecdote about something Mv said. I have to say, Will is pretty convincing right now)
    Di: Scott promised he would not put me up.
    Nak: He promised me too.
    A: He promised me too. He's throwing a lot of promises out right now.

    BB : Lockdown is over. Please lift the solid, outside shades.

    Nak: the chances of him winning are null. He's played them all crap and I don't think he wants to win. (Not sure who she means)
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    Wi, Nak and A alone in the DR room now. Talking about the POV competition.

    Nak thinks Dw was trying to keep Jase and Scott from winning. It looks like the competition involved putting tokens in pigs, if you went too high, you were out of the game. Nak says Dw put one in Diane's, one in Will's, and a whole bunch in Jase's. Whatever Di did they are just shaking their heads, said she just got nervous and didn't understand the rules. Also, Jase flipped someone off during the comp but they're not sure who it was directed to, but they think it was Marvin. Afterwards, Jase jumped around and told Marvin he was going down. Oh, and A hosted it.

    Diane came back with ice cream (i think). Talking about DR confessions. Di says she doesn't care if they all say stuff about her. They all say they don't talk about her. FISH

    Comes back to DI saying, I know, I'm sorry I've said it a million times, but it makes me feel better to say it.

    [I have to cut out for a while.]
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    Just before hepcat's last post, there was an interesting tidbit:

    Di was on her way out to get some more food, when Nak asks "Where's the screen?"
    Nat/Adria says "It's behind the picture."
    Diane, in the doorway, says, "There's some twist in the HOH room, but I don't know what it is." Diane exits (apparently clueless about what they are talking about).

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    F4 - BY (They're in lockdown)

    Mv & Ja sitting and talking about strippers and such.... gonna switch feeds...

    F2 - also BY - Di & Dw lying on hammock

    Dw - did you keep any of your pig
    Di - Did you?
    Dw - No... I wanted to keep a coin, all they're gonna do is throw it away

    (This is part of the veto competition I guess... putting coins in their piggy banks that they made.)

    Dw - What's today Saturday?

    Ja&Mv talk about WWE and MTV's "Tough Enough", Di overhears, and mentions that a friend of hers wants to be a professional wrestler. Di met a whole bunch of them... she met 4 at the gravity games in Seattle (like the X games, only a little bit worse she says)

    Audio switches to Sc I think... no matter how much I try to listen to him, I can't make myself.

    Dw asks if they're all in the jury, Di explains that it has to be after this week, she says that in their contract, the jury could have started with Holly, they are allowed to change whatever they want.

    Di says she's gonna do what she thinks is right, and so Drew will have to kiss her butt, she says that he needs to go cause W can't think straight when he's in the room.

    Dw - You know what I was thinking? You woke up in the middle of the night with an evil laugh.
    Di- I think I caught myself, but I don't have an evil laugh... I would love to see those tapes.

    She mentions that if you cry when you're dreaming, then you're laughing in real life and whatever. She wonders if she does anything stupid in her sleep, cause no one has mentioned it.

    Di says it was a good game, Dw mentions that it was very fair, Di agrees, but she wishes she hadn't played cause she wanted the pig, they let her have last words with her pig, but Dw wanted final words with his pig. Di says she's the best finger pusher in the world.

    Sc stands in front of the camera holding a golf club behind his back... arrrrrghhhhh I HATE YOU!!!!! get out of the way!

    oh... fish... that's much better

    Posting now

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