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Thread: 7/29/04 Recap - A Cuddlebunny Goes Home To Mom

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    She gives him some gifts in case she leaves. Her lucky cat, her pink hat, and a burning itch that will need a good long course of Penecillin to get rid of.

    Great recap, definitely tainted by the excitement over having Holly gone from the house!

    No more broken windows & television sets cause of her shrieking voice...yech.

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    Heheheheh. Nicely done. My favorites--and I also enjoyed that bit about Jase's mom's honesty--are below:
    Quote Originally Posted by john
    After cleaning up all the vomit on the HOH bedspread, his little pre-pubescent balls finally drop and he gets the nerve to confront the other Horsedudes.

    Holly enters the eviction room with Julie Chen, and the TV blanks out for a minute as the collective IQ calculator hits a "divide by zero" error.

    Scott isn't saying much, but I'm sure that's because he's wondering if it would be inappropriate to get naked during Drew's rant.

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    I believe Diane said "Thank god and good riddance!" but regardless, it's a great recap. Very funny, I laughed out loud a few times. Great job! I was pleased to see Holly go.

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    thanks for an awesome recap... the only thing better was the look on Holly's face when she saw the twins!! priceless

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    I know I'm a lil late but I forgot to check for a recap so I had to stick in my 2 cents! Great job on the recap. Oh well about missing 20 minutes, they weren't that exciting of 20 minutes anyway. Except for the part when Drew snapped on Jase, that was good!

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